Each year, as the migration program approaches the end of it’s program year (end of June), the rumours start flying as to which occupations will be taken off the Skilled Occupation Lists.

No matter what anyone says, only when the DIBP makes and announcement, rumours are exactly just that, rumours. The DIBP may announce changes to the Occupational lists at any time but usually will let the public know around May.

However, the DIBP takes into consideration the advice of the Australian Workforce and Productivity Agency in deciding which occupations do get taken off the list. The occupations flagged by the AWPA can be found here.

Keep in mind that some of these occupations have been flagged for many years and yet still remains on the occupation lists (as of the date of this post). The best advice however is to always apply for your visa as soon as you are eligible for it. This remains the best strategy for reducing your risk and keeping costs low.

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