Australia is one of the fastest developing nations in the world and has been on a path of continuous growth for the last 22 years. It is rated as the top most resilient economy since 2008. It has strong business and trade ties with America, Asia, and Europe.The country has increasing demand for investments and is considered to have the best markets to invest in. It is regarded as the fourth happiest nation in the world only behind Norway, Denmark, and Switzerland.

Because of Australia’s consistent economic growth, the investment market has been expanding exponentially. Due to this, business people and companies from around the globe are coming to Australia to invest, stimulate the economy and increase jobs. The Australian Government facilitates such skilled business individuals and companies, and encourages them to apply for an Australian investor visa.

Business individuals most commonly apply for either the 188 Business and Investment (tentative) visa or the 190 Skilled Nominated Visa. Both visas require you to benominated and invited to apply by agovernment or state agency.

188 Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa

This visa is part of the Australian Business Innovation and Investment Program. To be invited in this program, you have to submit an expression of interest through the skill select option. After you have been invited, you can apply for this visa. This category is divided into three streams.

Business Innovation Stream

To be eligible to apply for this stream of visa, you must at least score 65on the points test, must have had an ownership interest of at least AUD $500,000 in a business previously, and own at least 51% of your nominated business. You must also havenet assets worth AUD $800,000 at the time of invitation.

Investor Stream

To be eligible to apply for this stream of visa, you mustscore at least 65 on the points test, musthave at least 3 years of experience in managing a business, must have managed a business with ownership of at least 10% or AUD $1.5 million in investment previously, and have legally acquired net assets worth AUD $2.5 million. You are also obliged to invest AUD $1.5 million in state or government securities and hold it for at least four years.

Significant Investor Stream

To be eligible to apply for this stream of visa, you must invest AUD $5 million in government securities, eligible managed funds, or Australian private companies in which you have ownership. You can invest this money in either of the options and in any proportion. You must hold this investment for at least 4 consecutive years. You must also have legally acquired net assets worth AUD $5 million.

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