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Studying in Australia : What to Expect
Kangaroos, koalas, the Sydney Opera House, the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, pristine beaches, sunshine, barbeques, and pavlovas.

When you think of Australia, these are surely some of the images that come to mind.

And rightfully so, but Australia is so much more than that. It’s also at the forefront of higher education, making it popular with students who wish to study abroad.

Universities and Tertiary Life
Despite its small population of around 23 million people, Australia is
currently the third most popular student destination in the world. And with 22,000 courses offered in 1,100 universities, there is plenty of choice about what and where to study.

What’s more, there are 14 Australian universities ranked amongst the global top 100 universities. That’s not bad for such a small population, and it really demonstrates Australia’s commitment to academic achievement and

All universities must be registered with the Australian Government, having met strict requirements about the standard of courses they offer. This gives students access to high quality education, and in turn helps with employment opportunities upon graduation.

Student life
In 2015, six Australian cities were ranked in the 50 Best Student Cities by Top Universities. Melbourne was ranked at number two and Sydney was ranked at number four.

Australia’s small population is one of the reasons why it is so popular with international students. Combined with its expansive land mass, Australia’s cities have enough room to house people with far more living space than places like Tokyo and New York.

In recent years, there has also been a growth in student accommodation, with student apartment buildings being built close to universities. Many universities are located in inner-city areas, so students can have the convenience of being close to study, night life and cultural events, with public transport often close by and easy to use.

Australian cities are also regarded as fairly safe, and tuition costs are generally much lower than other countries, particularly the United States and United Kingdom.

With a rich multicultural tapestry, an abundance of great food, celebration of sports and technical achievements and great support for the arts, Australian cities provide an enviable standard of living. There are also plenty of support services offered within universities and at local government level to assist international students adjust to Australian life.

Being a student offers a wealth of opportunities that can have lifelong impact. Studying in Australia will not only provide a world-class education, but also a great standard of living in a culturally diverse environment. An experienced migration agent can help you get there with a student visa for Australia.

Student Visa Australia Immigration Requirements
To be eligible for a 500 visa, you must satisfy (among other things) a range of criteria such as:

  • applied for and been accepted to study in a registered full-time course at an educational institution in Australia
  • be a genuine temporary entrant
  • meet the English requirements for your enrolled course
  • have enough finances available to you to pay for your fees and living expenses
  • have adequate health insurance

If you wish to study in Australia, you must first apply for university admission. If successful, you will then need an Australian student visa. The length of the visa is usually the same as the length of the course. For example, if you are undertaking a three-year bachelor degree, the visa will be for three years.

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