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The Benefits of Australian Permanent Residence

The 9 rights and privileges you enjoy once you become a permanent resident in Australia
Being one of the best places to live in the world, Australia is considered ideal to settle in by most. If you are already in Australia on a temporary visa and desire Australian permanent residence, consider applying for permanent residency to get many of the benefits that Australian
citizens are entitled to.

With its strong economy, this country has attracted hundreds of
thousands of migrants over the past few years, and continues to do so today. Due also to its spectacular natural wonders and most liveable cities in the world, many people from all walks of life are making their way Down Under.

If you are wondering what permanent residency is about, here is a
summarized list of the rights and privileges you will have once you gain Australian permanent residence.

Unlimited freedom to pursue higher education.
One of the perks of having a permanent visa is you can apply for a student loan for higher education. This means, aside from the great employment opportunities you can have in the country, you can also advance your career by improving your English, getting a Masters or Ph.D.
Access to healthcare.
Under the government’s healthcare scheme Medicare, you get to have free health care in public hospitals plus subsidized medicine.
Your Australian-born children will automatically be Australian Citizens.
When you’re an Australian permanent resident, your Australian born children will automatically become citizens.
Access to social security.
Though you have to wait for 2 years before you can enjoy the benefits of the Australian social security system, sickness, unemployment, and student benefits become available after that.
Unlimited travel to and from Australia
The initial stage of your Australian permanent residence is for 5 years, wherein you can go in and out of the country any time you want. You can vacation in your home country and return without having to apply for an entry visa or go through any other process.
Research more about the company.
You can learn much about a company through their website. So before you actually contact them or head to their office for a consultation, read up about whom the people are, how long they’ve been in the business, and their Migration Agent Sydney Reviews.

Migration agent websites usually have a section for customer feedback but you can also use any search engine to look for any comments people make about a certain migration agent company.

Work in any occupation.
You can also work in any industry that you want, except for public service and the Armed Forces.
Sponsor relatives.
You also have the privilege to sponsor your partner/spouse into the country for a permanent resident visa.
Right to apply for citizenship.
You can become eligible to apply for an Australian citizenship, whereupon you get to enjoy more benefits compared to the permanent resident visa, such as voting rights and a right to the land.
Right to travel to New Zealand.
You also get to have the rights and privilege to visit, work and live in New Zealand any time you want.
Becoming a permanent resident in Australia has more benefits than those mentioned in this list. If you’re thinking about enjoying a better life for you and your family, then obtaining your Australian permanent residence may just be the answer you’re looking for.


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