Further updates regarding the NSW State Nomination October Application round:

NSW Trade and Investment has explained that the October 2014 sponsorship round has expanded from 600 places in 2011-2012 to the present cap of 4,000 places (as negotiated with the Commonwealth government). The NSW sponsorship program aims to meet the economic and skills needs of the state of NSW and is therefore managed in a way so as to meet this need. The NSW sponsorship program is the largest one amongst all the states due to its popularity. Even with 4,000 places, not all applicants will be able to obtain nomination, especially for those who were not within the cap.

For the effective management and efficient processing of applications to deliver on the needs of NSW, the first two intakes for the 2014-2015 year were staggered, with 1,000 places in July, and another 1,000 places in October. The intake method was explained on the NSW Trade and Investment website prior to the opening of the sponsorship program. As the 1,000 places allocated for the October intake have been received, applications are now closed.

Before the opening of each intake, the online application system was tested considerably with the migration community. Both clients and agents feedback was sought out and received, which helps to improve the system.

Since the July intake, measures were put into place by our technical team to manage the predicted high volumes of application. However, the extremely high volume in the October intake resulted in applicants being unable to make payments or attach their documentation. The applicants who have successfully lodged an application will be contacted to process payments, attach documents or provide any other required information.

The July and October intakes will be reviewed and the next application will open in February 2015. The approach to the next intake will be further advised and posted on our website in January 2015.

Source: MIA


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