As Australia’s most popular destination, largest city, and gateway to the world, Sydney is the most sought after place to live in by new migrants.

And being located in the State of New South Wales, it also makes this State’s Nomination program the most in demand.

Starting today, the NSW State Nomination program reopens for the 2014-2015 year. There are a few changes to take note of:

No Removal of Occupations 

All the occupations on the 2013-2014 NSW Skilled Occupation List will remain on this year’s list, with the addition of a few occupations which were also added to the SOL list from 1st July.

NSW Eligibility Requirements

  1. Occupation on the NSW Skilled Occupation List
  2. Under 50 years of age
  3. Valid positive Skills Assessment
  4. Competent English

4 Intakes This Year

Only 4 intakes of 1000 applications each are to be opened. Each intake will be open for 4 – 6 weeks and opening dates fall on the:

  • 14 July 2014;
  • 14 October 2014;
  • 19 January 2015; and
  • 14 April 2015

A New Online Application System

The old process was to submit the NSW State Nomination application via paper. A new online application system is now being used to link with your existing EOI, the uploading of documents, and payment of the application fee.

Subsequent to a valid application, a receipt, further documentary requests and finally the NSW State Nomination outcome will be received via email.

An approximate time of 12 weeks is needed for processing.


Please refer to for more information.

  1. The Nomination program managed to sort out a few technical issues this morning and was functioning at 10AM. By around 2pm today, the program was closed again due to the high number of applications received. The quota for this intake was 1000 applications.

    The full intake of 1000 applications for the first application quarter was quickly generated and applications for the first intake are now closed.” – NSW Government

  2. Michael

    In a matter of minutes the online application was closed. Definitely the quota for 1000 applicants is too small and very general. A better way that the NSW government could implement this is by giving a specific number of applications for each specific skilled occupations and not for all the occupations. I am one of the many that was not able to successfully pass an application online because of of how quickly it was filled up. I am hoping that the NSW government can be made aware of this problem and reopen online applications to be more fair to all skilled professionals.

    • Hi Michael, there will be 3 more intakes throughout the year. You have a good point but I suspect the overall quota is decided based on combined industry numbers.
      You will have to ensure that you are ready for the next intake to ensure that you get your application in.

      But I believe the NSW Government was not expecting the quota to fill up so quickly as they had initially planned to leave the intake open for 4 – 6 weeks.

  3. Ranjan Bhattacharyya

    Are you aware of when nomination programs of the other states are likely to open ?

    • They are already all open. Only NSW has this intake structure as the state is extremely popular. Please refer to our online eligibility check if you wish to search for open nominations for your occupation.

    • The online application link was only available while the department was accepting nominations. If you do not know the process for application, I suggest that you get a consultation to ensure you are on the right path.

  4. Parvinder

    On which page the online application link is available.

    • Hi Parvinder, the link is not available currently, and will not be visible until the applications open again in October. If you are unfamiliar with the process I highly recommend that you use our contact form to seek our professional advice.

  5. Parvinder

    Hi Eugene,

    I am done with ACS and my IELTS score is L-8.5, R -6, S-7 and W-7.5. My total score will be 60 if i avail State Sponsorship for NSW. I need to avail your services for only filing EOI and state sponsorship. I want you to file my EOI and state sponsorship on my behalf.

    Can you kindly let me know how much it will cost as i don’t to miss the October 14,2014 quota.

    Parvinder Singh

    • Hi Parvinder,

      I have sent you an email regarding this.

  6. ajithkumar

    Hi Eugene,

    I have my ACS positive and my IELTS score is L-7.5, R -7, S-7 and W-6. My total score will be 60 if i avail State Sponsorship for NSW. I want you to file my EOI and state sponsorship.What is the exact time in october 14 they start issuing the application online.Whether we have to file with in 10 minutes when it opens as there are only 1000 applications and what is the webpage link.Please clarify on this it is very urgent.

    i don’t want to miss on October 14,2014 .


    • Hi Ajithkumar,

      Please check your inbox, I have written you an email regarding the above.

  7. harry

    Hello Eugene,

    I have got my skills assessed by ACS(positive). My IELTS score is overall 8(L-8.5, R-7.5,W-8,S-7.5).My total score will become if will get NSW state nomination. I would like to engage your services for applying the state nomination.Can you please give me some information regarding this.

    • Hi Harry,

      I have sent you an email regarding this. Please check your inbox.

  8. gayathri

    Hi Eugene,

    I have my ACS positive and my IELTS score is L-7, R -7, S-6.5 and W-6.5. My total score will be 60 if i avail State Sponsorship for NSW. I want you to file my EOI and state sponsorship.What is the exact time in october 14 they start issuing the application online.Whether we have to file with in 10 minutes when it opens as there are only 1000 applications and what is the webpage link.Please clarify on this.

    • Hi Gayathri,

      I have emailed you regarding this.

    • Aniruddha

      Hi Gayathri,

      Were you able to file PR under 190 ? Mine is the same case as of you.


  9. rajiv

    Hi please email me a test on so that i can discuss my case with you. Regards,

    • Hi Rajiv,

      I have sent you an email. Please check your inbox.

  10. Rani


    I am ddone with ACS results. My IELTS score is 6. I will score 60 points through state Nomaination in NSW.
    My skill is listed in SOL, but my partner skill is in CSOL. Will I be able to score 5 points for my partner skills?

  11. krishnapradeep


    The NSW website says the occupation will be updated in mid May application will be open in late May any estimated date on the above. Last time it got closed with in few hours .

    Please advice

    • Hi Krishna,

      I have written to you via email.

  12. Chris

    Hi Eugene,

    I have my ACS positive and my IELTS score is L-7.5, R -7, S-7.5 and W-6.5. My total score will be 60 if I get State Sponsorship for NSW. I want you to file my EOI and state sponsorship.Whether we have to file with in 10 minutes when it opens as there are only 1000 applications and what is the webpage link.Please clarify on this it is very urgent.

    i don’t want to miss on October 14,2014 .


    • Hi Chris,

      I’ve written an email to you. Please check your inbox.

  13. Sujith

    Hi Eugene,

    I have my ACS positive and my IELTS score is L-8.5, R -7.5, S-7.0 and W-7.0. My total score will be 60 if I get State Sponsorship for NSW. I want to file my EOI and state sponsorship.

    Can you send me an email as well. Thanks in advance.


    • Dear Sujith,

      Please check your inbox, I have sent you an email.

  14. naveen

    Dear Eugene LIU.
    I am planning to apply for nsw state sponsorship in April. i am running short of a months experience to apply for the February intake. Any prediction what qualification will be removed. I am a civil engineer btw.

    • Hi Naveen,

      Currently NSW has suspended Accounting and ICT occupations. These may or may not open again in the Feb intake. There is no point in speculating what may be taken off the list. The best strategy is to apply as soon as you are eligible. If you need help with this, please email us at or send in a request on our enquiry form

  15. Swaroop Behera

    When NSW will open their 2015 Feb Intake. Still no information is published in the website. They will continue the same intake process like Oct’14 or changing…..

    • Hi Indika,

      To determine if you are eligible to apply for the 489 will depend on many factors, not just your IELTS and ACS skills assessment.
      Please order an online eligibility check so that we can go through your eligibility properly.

  16. Mandeep Singh

    Hi, I went australia in 2008 as a student. I’ve diploma in hospitality and certificate iv in commercial cookery. I accessed my TRA dec 2009. I worked in a restaurant as a cook.After that I applied for P.R which is rejected because I didn’t get 6 in each module. Then I put my file to MRT they rejected too. They gave me 28 days to leave the country. I left that within 28 days. Now I got 6 in each module so I’m eligible to P.R again or not nd my TRA has been expired, I’ve 3yr experience but not full time it’s part time.Plz tell me which visa can I apply for P.R thanx

  17. Wunna

    Hi. Dear Eugene Liu..

    Good day to you.

    I had just submitted EOI for NSW nomination subclass 190 visa 1st week of February 2015. My total score will be ( my age 33= 25 + my working experience 8.5 yrs= 20+ IELTS 6.5 =0 +my Master engineer degree =15)= 60. Could I be a possible candidate to be invited ? Thank you so much for your kindness and help.

    With regards,

  18. Vladimir

    Hi Eugene,

    Currently I have 55 points for External Auditor if my skills assessment with CPA is successful. I need additional 5 points to apply. The thing is that I am not sure about my working experience. I had been working with Big-4 accounting firm as an auditor for 3+ years. However, I realized that the tasks and responsibilities for ANZSCO code 221213 are considerably diffirent with those I (and 90% of my colleages) had back at my job. Therefore, the fact that I worked as an external auditor in the reputable firm can not 100% guarantee that I will be rewarded 5 points for my work experience…

    My question: Is it necessary to comply with all or majority of tasks and responsibilities indicated for this occupation to receive positive work experience assessment result?

    • Hi Vladimir,

      The answer to your question very much depends on the specifics of the work you actually performed vs those listed in the ANZSCO classification. I will need to analyze the details of your work and form an opinion on whether you are able to claim those further points. I have emailed you separately to get this done.

  19. Ara fer

    Hi Eugene,
    I’m a qualified mechanical engineer with 12 years relevant experience, having skill assessment completed and IELTS, 7 in each band. I’m expecting NSW sponsorship to complete 60points ( Bse already have 55 ). Already have lodged EOI and hopefully waiting for their favorable reply.
    Could you pls. comment about the prevailing situation and probability of getting sponsorship from them.

    Thanking You inadvance,
    Ara fer

    • Hi Ara. The NSW sponsorship is a competitive process and therefore your probability of getting sponsorship will depend greatly upon the other applicants and their points score as compared with yourself.

  20. Vyaksy

    Hi Eugene,
    I have applied to NSW by submitted my EOI on 6th March. ANZSCO: system analyst.
    Points breakdown:30:Age,15:Degree,20:English,5:Partner points,5:NSW state sponsored.
    Total=75points. What are the chances of getting invite and when can i expect to get an invite.


    • Hi Vyaksy,

      If you do actually score 75 points, your chances are good. However it is quite rare that I see an applicant with a score of 75. Most of the time applicants who think they score 75 will have calculated their points incorrectly. If this is done incorrectly, you may end up paying for a visa which will be rejected. I suggest we do an eligibility check to ensure you have done this correctly.

  21. Dipana Pyakurel

    Hi! I am completed my MPA from UTS and also have Master certificate from back home.I have submitted my EOI with 60 points with state sponsership in february and waiting for the invitation. I am writing this email as i am wondering for the date and probability of getting invitation for 190 visa.I have heard that anyone with 60 points can apply from January till July.If It is so how long does it take to publish First invitation for EOI. Thank you.

    • Hi Dipana,

      The NSW state nomination is an extremely competitive application with very limited invites to give out. I have not yet heard of anyone receiving an invite as of this date. I would highly suggest that anyone relying on this to take actions to improve their point score instead. Specialized IELTS English classes are able to improve your IELTS test scores significantly in a rather short time. Contact me if you need help with this.

  22. Mitesh Patel


    I have applied for NSW sub class 190. With 60 points including 5 points for state sponsorship.

    My IELTS Score is L-6, w-7.0, S-6.5, R-6.5,

    I have applied on 10Feb2015,
    Can you please let me know chances of invitation in APRIL15 intake..

    Also if you can let me know which other state I can apply for?


      • Mitesh

        Any one receiving invitation with 60 point for NSW,
        I just got the news that Candidate with 60 points are getting
        invitation for NSW.

        • anand

          yes i got it for 233211

          • KB

            Congratulations Anand.. Can please let us know when did you filed your EOI in the system?

          • Srinivas

            Congrats Anand May I know when did you file you EOI

  23. Hemal

    As per nsw 190 selection criteria if both applicants have same score then at last they will consider date and time the EOI submitted. My question is so many people created eoi to apply this visa in 2014 October intake so obviously they will have benifit over people who even submitted on 6th feb ( first day of feb) intake is it true ?

    • Hi Hemal,

      NSW has already contacted all applicants who successfully submitted an application in October. Over 90% of these applications have been assessed.
      If you haven’t been contacted, you would not have been successful.

  24. Amit Rathi


    I have applied for NSW sub class 190. With 60 points including 5 points for state sponsorship.

    My PTE Score is above 50 in each module.

    I have applied on 2 Apr 2015,
    Can you please let me know by when we get the invitation.

    • NSW has begun issuing invites. However, applicants are given priority firstly by points, and then by time.
      There are likely to be thousands who have applied earlier than you.

  25. Amit Rathi

    Anybody can let me know, When is next intake of NSW Subclass 190 State Nomination?

    • Hi Amit,

      The NSW State Nominations are open. However, the NSW government will issue invites to the applicants they are interested in.

  26. Alisha


    Will they notify even if they reject the application or they only email successful applicants?

    Till what date can we expect a reply during this opening time


    • Your EOI stays in the system for up to 2 years.
      Nomination is by invite only. Therefore if you do not receive an invite, you have not been selected.

  27. hawi

    anybody can let me know what’s the chance to be nominated by NSW if we receive the invitation to apply for nomination by NSW?
    is it guaranty to be nominated or they will do again some filtering?
    thank you

    • If you receive an invitation to apply, you then have to go about the nomination application process properly.
      If you can prove that you are eligible and have followed the procedure correctly, as well as paying the proper fees, you should be able to obtain that nomination.

      • anand

        i got an invite and applied for on 25th May, when am i likely to be nominated?

        • Srini

          Hi Anand,

          When did u appllied for 190? Did u get PR under 190? I applied with 55+5 in sep 2015 as SW eng for NSW. Any chance to get PR. PLease help me in information


  28. Himanshu

    I have submitted EOI in October 2014 for NSW state sponsorship. I have total 60 Points can you please let me know if I would receive the NSW state sponsorship.


    • Hi Himanshu,

      NSW is fully in charge of who they invite. Just because you get a certain number of points does not mean that they will definitely give you an invite.
      Please also note that the EOI has to indicate the appropriate visa class, else you will not be included in the pool for invitations.

      • Himanshu

        Thanks Eugene for the reply.
        I have expresed interest in Skilled – Nominated (Subclass 190) .
        Have anybody got invite on 60 point for Software Engineer – 261313 ?

        • Srini

          Hi Himanshu,

          When did u appllied for 190? Did u get PR under 190? I applied with 55+5 in sep 2015 as SW eng for NSW. Any chance to get PR. PLease help me in information. How long u r waiting for invitation


  29. Karan

    Can anyone let me know if any invitation has been sent for occupation “System Analyst” with 60 points. in NSW state sponsorship 2015.

    I have applied on 6/2/2015 with 60 points, and my visa is going to expire soon.

  30. raji

    Hi..I would like to know if there would be any increase in the fees by the government for 190 visas..

    • Hi Raji,

      There will be a 2.3% increase for GSM visas on July 1st.

  31. avi

    hi i have applied my state nomination in may 2015,could anyone advise me regarding intakes,i am kind of confused by reading comments, that invitation will be issued during intake month or it can be issued any time,if it can be issued any time then what is exact purpose of intakes of application.i am wondering that if my state nomination is successful it will issued during intake time or it can be any time

  32. Amit

    Is there anyone with 60 points including NSW sponsorship 5 points who has got invite from NSW?

    • Srini

      Hi Amit,

      When did u appllied for 190? Did u get PR under 190? I applied with 55+5 in sep 2015 as SW eng for NSW. Any chance to get PR. PLease help me in information. How long u r waiting for invitation


  33. syed

    Hi, I am an MPA graduate from Melbourne and i nominated my occupation as an external auditor with 60 points including nsw state sponsorship points on 27th march. The point is that they have given invitations to accountants who applied even one month after me and with exactly the same score as mine but i am still waiting for invitation. They haven’t issued invitation to external auditors. Then why did they include it in their list.

  34. Vivek


    I have lodged my EOI on 11th June,2015 with 60 points including 5 points fr sponsorship as a electronics Engineer.
    My breakdown is
    Qualification: 15
    English: 10
    Sponsorship: 5

    When can i probably be invited for applying?

    • Hi Vivek,
      This really depends on the state you applied to. If you applied for NSW, it is very competitive and it really depends on their needs. They will be prioritizing the highest scoring applicants in occupations they need.

    • Deepak

      Hi vivek,

      did you received invitation for state nomination from any state.

    • Srini

      Hi Vivek,

      When did u appllied for 190? Did u get PR under 190? I applied with 55+5 in sep 2015 as SW eng for NSW. Any chance to get PR. PLease help me in information. How long u r waiting for invitation


  35. Andy


    I am Civil Engineer by trade and I am an UK citizen. I have submitted my EOI for subclass 190. Based on my age, qualification and work experience i have 55 points. I am asking for NSW sponsorship in order to get me to the minimum 60 points required. I have not achieved an IELTS test band of 7 or over in all elements to date.

    It is understood that a ranking system is used to determine whether they will invite you to apply for your visa. But i am just wondering would it be an advantage for me for being an UK citizen over the other applicants from non-english speaking countries (with an IELTS score of 6)?

    Furthermore, if they only take into account of what score you have achieved from IELTS test or equivalent, will they compare the scores from individual elements (writing, speaking, listening and reading) to determine ranking of an individual, or will they just look at what minimum score you have achieve from these elements?

    Thanks and regards


    • Hi Andy,

      As a UK passport holder, you will be assumed to have Competent English if you do not provide test results. However, this level of English does not get you any points. Therefore you don’t get any real advantage other than convenience (assuming you meet the minimum point score).

      Also, only your minimum score in any band is used. So, if you get 7,7,7,6…it is taken that you scored 6.

  36. Archie

    hi… I submitted EOI for 190 NSW with 60+5 on July 8, 2015 as systems analyst. Is there any chance I can get invite before November as my visa expires in November n my skills assessment expires in February. Kindly reply if any one of them in this forum knows about the length of process please.

    Appreciate your help in advance

    In anticipation :)

    • Hi Archie,
      NSW had issued only 75 invitations by the end of July. We are expecting them to open up the program a lot more soon (refer to: NSW to increase SC190 nominations). However, further news is pending on this issue. No one will be able to predict if you will receive an invite by November. I’d suggest that you be prepared to take alternative action.

  37. irfan

    Hi, I hv completed Accounting degree and I have 60 (age 25+edu 20+ielts 10) points including 5 points given by NWS state, But i am not sure will i be able to any invitation from NWS as situation has become tough. Is there any chance to get invitation? under current situation and is there any way to be eligible for PR. Thanks

    • I would suggest that you look at increasing the number of points you can score.
      Please order an eligibility assessment and we can go through your details and plan out specific actions.

  38. Srinivas

    Hi Li,
    I have submitted NSW 190 vissa in month of Aug 2015 and wiaitng for vissa invitation. Could you please let me know so far how many applications had been processed for the year 2015-16 and how many are left with govt. Is it possible to know the processed applications are of till which date?

    Thanks in advance


  39. Sea

    Hi Li,
    I have submitted EOI today, my occupation is Graphic Designer, point is 65 (60+5), Ielts 8 ( all bands above 7), no work exp. Do you think there is any chance I can het the NSW invitation soon?

  40. PSreddy

    Hi, I applied 190 with (55+5 points for state sponser ship) under 261313 (Software Engineer) on Sep 17 2015.
    1) Could you please let me know what are intakes available for 2015-16.
    2) What is cap of 190 from NSW for the year 2015-16

    Thanks in advance

  41. Chaithanya

    I aplied EOI for NSW with 55+5 point as SW engineer in sep 2015. I found processing time is 12 weeks for NSW in web site. If I didnt recive invitation with in 12 weeks shll I conclude that my application rejected?


    • No. Your EOI stays up for 2 years. The 12 week processing time is referring to the process after the nomination application has been submitted.

  42. Amit

    Hi Eugene,

    I also applied for NSW EOI with 55+5 points on 12 Feb 2016 under 2613 category. My points break down are as under:-
    1.) Age-30 Points
    2.) PTE =10 points as 70+ in each
    3.) ACS-15 points

    How much time do you think it will take for me to get invited.Is there anything to be worried as i have seen people waiting for a lot of time.Also from one website i get to know the following thing :-
    Skill Select round 3rd of February 2016.

    2613 ** – cut off 10/10/2015 – 60 points (moved almost 2 months)

    261111/2 – cut off 10/01/2016 – 65 points (next round 60 pointers might see some invites)

    221111 – cut off 18/01/2016 – 70 points (next round invites will reach 65 pointers)

    Non pro-rata – cut off CURRENT (seems to be) – 60 points

    This information is based on the data from the Tracker

    could you help me in understanding what it means in 2613 category.

    • 2613** means all the ICT occupation within that class.

  43. priya

    Hi Eugene,

    I have submitted my EOI (Analyst Programmer – 261311)with 55+5 for NSW nomination on 19/sep/15.
    IELTS Results (L-8.5, R-7.5, W-6, S-6.5 )
    Any chance of receiving invite with this score or should try increasing it?

    • Depends on how much time you have to wait it out. Lower scores are fine if you have lots of time.

  44. Vyk

    Plz suggest me when i get the nomination result i applied eoi on 25nov16. Till date i dont get eoi result or not nominate.

    • Vyk

      Eoi date is 25 nov2015

    • No one will be able to predict how long it takes, especially with no information.

  45. Sohail

    EOI submitted 15.03.2016 for mechanical engineer 233512
    Points 55+5 for PR, under ss 190.
    IELTS 7 OVERALL ( L7.5, R7, W6.5, S6.5 )
    AGE 36 = 25 POINTS
    WHAT are chances of getting invitation from NSW and how much time is required

  46. Albert Joseph

    Hi Eugene,

    I have submitted my EOI (ICT Business Analyst – 261111)with 60+5 for NSW on 21/March/16.
    PTE Results (L-7, R-7, W-7, S-7 )
    can i expect an invite in a month time from the time i submitted the EOI ?
    if you have any other option please advise .

  47. Cyk

    How much the possibility of get nominated ? Occupation in demand engg technologist ? Would they nominate or not ????

  48. Vyk

    Can i get result ? My occupation is in demand engg technologist point are 55+5 ? Please let me know ??

    • It really depends on many factors. The EOI and invitation are the smallest part of the application process.
      I’d suggest a eligibility assessment to figure out your case.

  49. RKM

    I have got my skill assessed. Post that I have 55 points. Need 5 more points from State sponsorship to reach 60 Points. This is for 221111 (accountant general).

    Would like to know – when is the right time to apply and how much time it approx. takes to get the sponsorship. Are there any risks with this application of not getting the sponsorship?

    Also if possible can share your details and how can you help on application.

    • The best time is always as soon as possible. Accountants are highly competed. We’d also have to check which state to select and if you are eligible. Please order the eligibility assessment.

  50. Hhs


    I have done my skill assessment of civil engineer but my point are 55 with NSW state sponsorship it becomes 60 Points submitted my eoi 2nd April 2016.
    What are my chances and how long it may take?

    • 60 points is the minimum. It may take some time. However, there is still demand for this occupation with only around half the cap filled.

  51. hamidreza

    Dear sir/madam Here it is my current situation I submitted my EOI in 09 Feb 2016 with 55 points for 190 subclass visa. My occupation is Computer network and system engineer,my IELTS bands are(S:7,R:7,L:6.5,W:6),I’d like to know how much time it will takes until i receive an invitation? May i never be invited?

    • 55 points would not be eligible for the 190. You must mean that you got 55 + 5 for state nomination.
      It is possible to never be invited as the EOI will expire in 2 years. I’d suggest improving your score rather than just waiting around.

  52. Haripradeep

    Hi Eugene,

    I am planning to apply for NSW State Sponsor with 55+5 points, under Analyst Programmer category. My points break down are as under:-
    1.) Age-30 Points
    2.) PTE = 0 Points (Overall Score 60)
    3.) ACS-10 points (3 Years Australian experience)
    4.) Degree = 15 Points

    How much time do you think it will take for me to get invited.Is there anything to be worried as i have seen people waiting for a lot of time.Also from one website i get to know the following thing :-

    Really it’s possible to get the Visa 190 for Analyst programmer ? Do i need to improve my points

    • Yes you should improve your points.

  53. Vyas T

    Dear Eugene

    I applied for EOI for 489 on 09 May 2016 for New South Wales for 132111 (Corporate Services Manager). When shall I get the positive outcome? Sincere regards.

    • It depends on the other applicants for NSW, and whether the State needs your occupation.

    • Depends on the demand for your occupation in the region which you applied for.

  54. Gaya

    I updated my eoi as a general accountant with 60+5 (65) points for 190 category in April 2016.Will receive an invitation before august or when is it expected to receive an invitation for 190.and are the going to close sending invitation in nsw for accountants.Thank you

    • The cap for Accountants has been slightly decreased from 1st July, so it will remain highly competitive and may take some time.

      • Hamid

        Eugene Liu

        What about 65+5 = 70 Points for Accountant in NSW 190 with 5 years work experience+ 7 bands each.

  55. Sandhu

    Hi Eugene, I have submitted my eoi, I have selected 190 visa and state is NSW. My occupation is cook. I have an Australian study and 3 year work experience. It has almost 4 months to submit the eoi, I am still waiting, is there any chance to get an invitation?

  56. Hamid

    General Accountant
    EOI 04-June-2016
    Points 65+5 = 70 NSW 190

    When Invitation Expected ? As NSW will issue invitation from end of July 2016
    My English is proficient 7 bands each.
    Some people have told me that NSW will only issue invitations to superior English Accountants. Is this correct information..

    What is the frequency of NSW invitation for Accountants of 70 points?

    • Hamid

      Eugene Liu

      Please Reply to my post…..

    • rohit

      hey hamid!!! did u got invited yet??

      • Hamid

        Rohit Not Yet……
        What about your?

  57. Anil

    Any idea for cook nsw 190 invitation for 55+5 =60 point
    It’s 3 month no invitation
    Please share any idea you have about cook 190 nsw

    • 60 points is low especially for nsw state nomination. You can expect a long wait.

  58. Kumari

    Hi Eugene ,

    I have received pre-invite from NSW and its been 11th week but have not received the nomination.
    Any idea how long it will take .


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