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The Land Down Under, the Lucky Country, the Antipodes… whatever you call Australia, it is undeniably a popular place, with a wonderful reputation for liveability.

Australians are known for an unusual sense of humour, a relaxed approach towards life generally, and a penchant for fun, sun and surf.

If you are thinking about migrating to Australia, it might be helpful to have some more information about what it means to live here.

In part two of our series on the rich tapestry of life Down Under, we take a look at the Aussie culture of barbecues, the great Australian dream of home ownership, and the meaning of mateship.


Throw another shrimp on the barbie

One of the most Australian of pastimes is the barbecue. Families and groups of friends often meet in somebody’s backyard or at the local beach or park, throwing juicy lamb, sausages or fresh local seafood on the barbie and enjoying the spectacular Aussie weather.

A game of cricket is sure to break out, with a line drawn in the sand or dirt marking the crease, a hastily built wicket fashioned out of empty drink cans, and anybody who is not actively batting or bowling standing around acting as fielders or just sledging the opposing team!

Australians love the barbecue lifestyle, especially in summer when it’s often just too hot to cook indoors, and the balmy evening beckons.

The Australian obsession with the barbecue is similar to our obsession with the beach. With almost every major city located close to an array of beautiful, sandy beaches, there are plenty of places to splash in the water, go surfing, build sandcastles or just relax with a good book and hopes of a suntan. Until you have run across the hot sand of a beach to find a nice spot to eat your takeaway fish and chips, you haven’t experienced the true meaning of the Aussie lifestyle!


The great Australian dream

The great Australian dream of home ownership has been culturally entrenched for decades. Owning your home is seen as a measure of success and security, and is something many Aussies aspire to.

While there’s no denying that prices have increased rapidly over the past few years, there is still scope to enter the property market, especially if you’re going to be living in a regional area when you arrive.

As the classic movie The Castle will tell you, all you need to be happy in Australia is to have your own home – well perhaps along with a pool room.


Help a mate out

Australians have long been renowned for our sense of mateship, whether as soldiers in battle, sportsmen and women on the playing field or in everyday life. Australia is a country with a superior social welfare system, and the average Australian is also happy to lend a hand.

Many Aussies support others in the community by giving back – volunteering time to charities, donating money, participating in community groups and supporting worthy causes.

If living in a country made up of mainly relaxed, community-minded and hard-working Australians sounds attractive to you, speak with a migration agent in Sydney for information and assistance on how to start the process for immigration to Australia.  But hurry up – the sausages are getting cold!

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