Australia’s population of undocumented immigrant workers lives in constant fear of detection, detention and deportation. Without rights to thewages and conditions enjoyed by the rest of theworkforce, they are exploited by unscrupulous employers. And yet their number is growing, representing a major challenge for immigration authorities.

Driving this mounting social, political and economic dilemma is a vast gap at the point where our immigration and employment laws are meant to meet. This problem can, and should, be remedied and the current Productivity Commission inquiryinto workplace relations has the opportunity to do so.

Australia is host to a large population of undocumented immigrant workers. They are here without visas, have overstayed valid visas, or are working contrary to visa conditions. The number of undocumented workers in Australia is estimated to be in excess of 100,000. The potential pool of visa holders with no or limited work rights is huge, including millions of visitors and students.

Read more… by Stephen Clibborn – Associate Lecturer, The University of Sydney Business School at University of Sydney.

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    I am Rakhi (Post graduate Nurse) A Registered Nurse from India, about to file my EOI in the coming April/May 2016 for 190 visa.

    just a few queries in moving forward

    1) Going by the current scenario; me having 60 points (included state sponsored 5 points). How long should i wait for the EOI to be accepted and then nomination (NSW state sponsored in April) ?

    2) However late in picking up EOI could we presume somehow we will get an acceptance (even if delayed) ?
    awaiting a response

    • Hi Rakhi,
      I had replied to your previous post. Please refer to that.

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