The sheer number of migration agents in Australia is so staggering that many people don’t know which agency to choose. However, there are certain qualities that one should look for in order to select a reliable migration agent.

To begin with, try to find out if the migration agency has an area of specialisation. There are many different types of Australian visas. Some migration firms support applicants that want to apply for all types of visas while others choose to specialize. In the latter case, it only makes sense to select a visa agency that supports the type of application that you want to pursue.

Once you have found an agency that can assist with your particular visa application, the next step is to analyse its packages and fees. A good migration agency should not only have reasonable fee structures, but should also comply with the average charges that the Migration Agents Registration Authority recommends. So, when asking for a quotation from a potential migration agency, ensure to compare with MARA published fees.

Apart from finding a reasonably priced migration service provider who can support you with your specific visa application, ensure you do a little background check on the company. What are other customers saying about the migration agency in testimonials? How long has the firm been offering their services? Ideally, it is best to settle for an experienced migration agency that has a high success rate with Australian visa applications.

Lastly, only consider hiring a registered migration agent. In Australia, it is illegal for any agency to provide migration assistance if it is not registered withthe Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).


  1. Joel sales

    Hi, I want to ask if possible to do the applying permanent residency without nomination of the company which is I work many company here in australia but before I’m not interested to apply my PR but now I change my mind I really liked to stay in australia. Because for the past few years I been working since 2005 until to the present still working as a 457 visa holder. So, please give me your best advice to me.

    Joel sales

    • Hi Joel,

      Yes it may be possible to apply for PR without an employer nominating you if you qualify for one of the other skilled visas.
      Please order an online eligibility check and we will be able to identify which visas you qualify for.

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