Upcoming health matrix changes

The department will shortly be updating its “health matrix”, which outlines which health examinations visa applicants are required to complete as part of the visa application process. These amendments are being made to reflect changes to the tuberculosis risk ratings for 21 countries. The new Form 1163i and Supplement to Form 1163i will be available from 23 November 2013 at http://www.immi.gov.au/allforms/health-requirements/health-exam.htm. Changes have also been made to the department’s systems to reflect these changes.

Changes to health processing arrangements

As flagged previously, from 7 December 2013, the department will be expanding its 100% electronic health processing arrangements as outlined in the attached revised eMedical coverage document.

Changes to My Health Declarations

From 7 December 2013, clients and agents will be required to access My Health Declarations via the new ImmiAccount service. That is, after logging in to your ImmiAccount you will be able to select My Health Declarations from the list of visa applications. If you need to access a My Health Declarations form that was started/completed prior to 7 December 2013, please follow the instructions within ImmiAccount to import this existing form into your account where required.

Website changes

Please note that we have made some further changes to the department website which will go live on 7 December 2013 as well. We would encourage you to check out this information and ensure that you are aware of current arrangements in terms of eMedical processing in particular. The following are the key web pages that will be updated in December:




Health Strategies and Coordination Section
Strategic Business Solutions Division
Department of Immigration and Border Protection

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