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What Visa should I lodge?

This depends on your circumstances and a consultation will be needed to determine what your options are. You may have various options, or none at all. Many people may also not yet qualify but can take certain actions to become eligible.Our online eligibility check and our online migration agent consultation will help you figure out what you should do.

Can I apply from overseas?

Yes, we assist many overseas clients everyday and your entire application can be coordinated and managed offshore.

Should I use an Australian-based agent or an agent in my own country?

Australian based registered migration agents are the better choice as they are regulated by MARA and have to abide by Australia’s consumer protection laws. Trust accounts are also used for client monies, which are subject to audits and other regulations.
Overseas agents may not be registered and may not be up to date with the in-country changes.

Can I book a Face to Face Migration Agent consultation?

We offer an online migration agent consultation service with a MARA agent which offers you the same value of a face to face meeting at a fraction of the cost. if you would still like to meet with one of our experts, please contact us to book a consultation.

Is there a fee for the initial Migration Agent consultation?

Our initial Migration Agent consultation Fee is very competitive. This minimal fee allows us to commit the time and effort into performing the proper research needed for each individual case. The Migration Agent consultation Fee allows you to be confident that our initial advice has taken into consideration all of your crucial details.

What is included in the Migration Agent consultation?

Migration Agent Consultations will provide you with:

  • an eligibility check to calculate and confirm your migration points score
  • an occupation check on which is the most appropriate occupation for you to nominate
  • an explanation of the visa application process, fees and timeframe
  • AND we set out what your best options are, and the actions you need to take!

What happens after I have ordered the initial Migration Agent consultation?

Once you have booked a Migration Agent consultation we will send a consultation questionnaire for you to complete and return to us. This will allow us to perform the necessary research and preparation needed to provide you with the correct guidance.

I have a general Visa Enquiry, and don’t want a Migration Agent consultation.

Please use our website along with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s website to research into your query. Please note that forums and internet research are not reliable sources of information. A migration agent consultation will help you best in your search for answers.

How much is the visa application?

Prices will vary dependent on visa type and timing. An online Migration Agent consultation will provide you with the cost of our fees as well as the relevant visa application charge. The Migration Agent Sydney fees for each of our services can be found on our Services page.

How many questions can I ask in the online Migration Agent consultation?

You will receive enough email responses in our online consultation to ensure you fully understand your options.

What if I’m not eligible? Do I still pay for the Migration Agent consultation?

Our migration agent consultations comprise of research into your personal circumstances and the provision of our expertise so that you may understand what your options are and what actions you may take to become eligible. The work done to provide you with a consultation comes with a very reasonable Migration Agent Sydney service fee.

Why should I choose Move Migration and not another agent?

Because of our unique product line up and our online business model, we are able to offer you the expert help you need at very reasonable costs. We minimize all unnecessary costs in our business structure so that all expenditure goes into providing you with quality services. We do not use a sales or marketing staff and we also run a paperless office!

Our time and cost saving strategies paired with our unique products present to you the Best value you will find in the market. We have Your best interests at heart.

Can you find me a Job?

We understand that an important part of the migration process is finding a job. Unfortunately, we are unable to help with this aspect at this point in time. A quick tip would be to search “457 job title” in seek.com.au!

Can you check my documents before I apply for my own visa application?

Yes, we are able to charge an adhoc rate..

What course should I study in Australia?

That is a question best answered by yourself. You will have to attend the classes and take those exams after all! To qualify for a student visa however, your course must be registered at http://cricos.deewr.gov.au.

If you are interested in studying English, please refer to our Learn English Package.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept payment via paypal, credit cards or bank transfers. Please note that international bank transfers incur an AUD $25 fee which will need to be added on.



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