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So everybody speaks good English these days, right? Wrong. English is actually the third most commonly spoken first language in the world, according to Ethnologue. If English is your second language or you’re not completely confident in your understanding, a reputable translation service can be invaluable when applying for your Australian visa. Here are three reasons why, and where you can find translation services in Sydney.


  1. Know what you are applying for!

Making sure that you are applying for a visa that you are eligible for and meet the conditions of can be particularly difficult if your English skills are not all that advanced.

A good translation service, along with your migration agent, can assist you with determining which visa type is the best fit for your particular circumstances. Getting help to make sure you understand your options from the very beginning can save a lot of time, expense and stress down the track.


  1. Providing clear documentation

The Department for Immigration and Border Protection requires a lot of documents to support your visa application for entry into Australia. For example, if you are applying for a skilled migrant visa, the department will need to see evidence of your employment history, and evidence of your educational qualifications and courses you have completed. This information will need to be translated into English and certified by an accredited translator before it is accepted by the department.

Another important aspect of most visa applications is a written Expression of Interest  which sets out exactly why you are interested in migrating to Australia and why you have selected the visa type you are applying for. Although it is only necessary for most visa types to have a basic threshold level of English skills, your application still needs to be written coherently in English and, as with any job application, needs to put the best case forward about why you should be permitted entry into Australia. A good translation service can assist you with translating your Expression of Interest from your native tongue into English, without losing any of the meaning.


  1. The interview process

Finally, perhaps the most daunting part of any visa application is the interview process. While a translator works with the written word, you can hire an interpreter to attend your interview and translate for you. This helps make sure you understand what is happening, and can answer questions without risk of being misinterpreted. If you can’t bring an interpreter to your interview, the Department of Immigration may provide one for you. It may also be possible to draft a series of written questions and answers in conjunction with your migration agent, and run these past your translator for some language tips prior to the interview.


Finding a translation service in Sydney

Applying for a visa can be stressful and daunting, particularly if English is not your first language. You can find qualified translators to assist you through the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters (NAATI). Move Migration can also help. Our specialist migration agents can guide you through the visa application process, and recommend an accredited translator to assist with your documents.

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