Confused with the Australian visa process? Our Ebook explains some CRITICALLY IMPORTANT concepts.


We are proud to bring this book to the market and to fill an important gap in the visa domain. We at Move Migration believe that people seeking a visa in order to migrate to Australia should have every opportunity to make an application in the most cost-effective manner.

Whether you are a professional looking at building a meaningful career and earning an Australian wage or parents searching for a world class education and family home for their children; or a couple wanting to be able to live together freely in Australia, this eBook will be of value to you.

It is intended to compliment our full-service migration services covering the scope of visas available for suitably qualified people and to give people the opportunity to be better educated in their visa application process.

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  1. riya

    Hi, I am from India.My case is::
    SOL:Agricultural engineer (233912)
    assessment from engineers Australia::done positive
    Work exp::6 years in german MNC
    IELTS:Overall:7.5, L=8,R=7.5,S=7.5,W=6.5
    Overall points=55
    should I apply for SS in NSW as my occupation is listed in SOL?
    Or any other option? I don’t want to give IELTS again..Please suggest.

    • Hi Riya,

      The options really depends on your personal circumstances and the likelihood of being able to meet the requirements.
      I would say that putting the effort in for the IELTS is ALWAYS better than leaving it up for State Sponsorship.
      I have emailed you to further discuss this.

  2. Armand Mendoza

    HI, I’m from Philippines but currently working here in Saudi Arabia. My case is :
    SOL : Electrical Engineer
    already received favorable response from Engineers Australia
    IELTS : overall 6.5, L=7, W=6.5, R & S=6.0
    Overall points 55, but in Nov 1st, I’ll be able to get 60points as my work experience will be 8 years so I can have 15points.
    what are the chances of being nominated in nsw if i apply for state nomination? or it will be advisable to wait until nov 1st so i’ll have 60points thus can apply to 189.
    Please suggest. Thank you.

    • Hi Armand,

      This will really depend on the details of your application. I have emailed you separately to discuss your case.

  3. Glenda

    Hi, I am from Malaysia.
    My case is:
    SOL:Petroleum engineer (233612). My occupation is listed in the PSOL.
    Assessment from engineers Australia::done positive
    Work exp:11 years in Malaysia and overseas
    IELTS:Overall:7, L=7,R=6.5,W=6.5,S=7
    Overall points=55
    I have submitted my EOI since 13 Jul 2015. What are the chances of being nominated in NSW?

    • You need a minimum of 60 points to be eligible. If your EOI states 55 points, you will not be selected.
      I’d suggest that we do an eligibility assessment for you.

  4. Roji Pant

    Hi, We had submitted our EOI in feb 2015 with 60 point in Accounting. In june 30 we updated out eoi with 65 points as i had worked for accounting company. Still waiting for invitation.Would like to know about the possibility of getting invitation please.

    Thank you

    • I haven’t seen any below 70 points so far.

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