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Australia has long been thought of as a promised land by those from overseas who are looking for a better way of life  – a beautiful country with a strong social security system, high standards of living, a prosperous economy and excellent education opportunities. Small wonder that so many people dream of obtaining a permanent residence visa to Australia. So what are some of the key benefits of obtaining permanent residency?



Once you are a permanent resident of Australia, you can travel overseas and return with relative impunity (as long as your visa hasn’t expired, after which you can remain inside Australia but not leave and then return). You can also be a sponsor for other relatives who may wish to move to Australia.

If you are overseas and require consular assistance, you can access this even if you are “only” an Australian permanent resident and not a citizen.

You can also work as much as you like and for whoever you like, apart from a few limited entities such as the Australian Defence Force and the Public Service (both of which are restricted to Australian citizens). You can also claim worker’s compensation entitlements if you are injured while at work, and access membership to trade unions.


Social assistance

Living in Australia entitles you to access the very generous Medicare program, which covers most basic health needs, including free treatment at public hospitals and most medications at a subsidised level, and Centrelink social security payments (subject to a two-year waiting period) which assist students, unemployed or lower income residents, those with disabilities and those in lesser financial circumstances.

Your children will be able to attend free public primary and high schools, and will also be entitled to tertiary education for the same price as Australian citizens. Further, one of the benefits of a PR visa is the entitlement to various education and study loans. Once you become a citizen, you can also access the Higher Education Loans Program (HELP), which makes up-front payment of university fees and does not require repayments until the recipient earns over a threshold level.


Citizenship eligibility

If you meet the requirements for citizenship (namely, already holding permanent residency, being of good character, having a basic knowledge of English, and intending to reside in or maintain a close and continuing association with Australia) you can apply to convert your residency status. Any children you have that are born in Australia are automatically citizens.

Migrating to Australia, under any visa arrangement, can be enormously advantageous for you, your family, your career prospects and your general daily living experience. However, most of the advantages listed above are only available to permanent residents or citizens. Why cut yourself off from so many of the unique benefits of being an Australian, when you may be eligible for permanent residency and ultimately citizenship? Consult with a registered migration agent today to find out how to apply for and obtain permanent residency of Australia.

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