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How to Calculate your Australian Skilled Visa Eligibility

If you are considering applying for a skilled visa, you will need to determine if you are eligible to apply. Here’s how to Calculate Your Australian Skilled Visa Eligibility

This seems like a fairly basic question – but remember that the migration process is becoming increasingly complex. The existing rules are constantly being updated in line with Australian policy requirements, and new rules are being introduced, so application processes can quickly become confusing.

This page provides general recommendations on how eligibility is assessed at a basic level for Australian Skill Select visas. However, in order to maximise your chances of a successful application, you should obtain a personalised eligibility assessment from a registered migration agent.


How the Skill Select program works

The Australian Skill Select migration scheme is an “invitation only” program – meaning that you must be invited by the Department of Home Affairs (former DIBP) before you can apply for a visa.

The first step is to register your interest by submitting an expression of interest (EOI). Part of that EOI requires you to calculate how many points you may be entitled to on the Skill Select point scoring system.

Although you are not required to provide any evidence supporting your self-assessed point score at the EOI stage, if you get an invitation to apply, you will need to provide the documents to support your EOI points claim. The invitation to apply has a 60 day validity, and you will need to demonstrate that at the time of application, you meet all the visa criteria, as well as meeting your EOI points score.

Therefore, if you do get an invitation to apply, but are unable to obtain all the required evidence within 60 days, you will either run out of time and miss your opportunity to apply, or you will submit an application which will fail due to the lack of evidence.

As you can see, this means that it is essential to get the entire case prepared prior to the EOI process. The first step in preparing your Australian Skilled Visa Eligibility would be to nominate a suitable skilled occupation, and calculate your points score.


Determining your eligibility – what is your occupation?

The first determinant of your Australian Skilled Visa Eligibility is your occupation – specifically, whether your occupation is considered to be in demand. Your occupation needs to be on either the Regional Occupation List (ROL), Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL), or the Medium and Long Term Strategic Smigration agent sydneymovekills List (MLTSSL). You can refer to the updated table of occupations here. If your occupation is on an appropriate list, you can then move on to calculating your point score.


How the point score is calculated

Your Australian Skilled Visa Eligibility points score is determined according to various criteria including;

  • Your age;
  • Your English ability;
  • Your work experience;
  • Your educational qualifications;
  • Specialist Qualification;
  • Study in Australia;
  • Miscellaneous factors.


Calculating your Skill Select Score

1. Age

Your age is counted from the day you receive your invitation to apply for a visa, and not at the time of EOI. You will receive a score between 0 to 30. That age range is calculated as follows:

  • 18 – 24: 25 points
  • 25 – 32: 30 points
  • 33 – 39: 25 points
  • 40 – 44: 15 points
  • 45 and over: not eligible for a Skill Select Visa

So for example If you are 39 years old and entitled to 25 points when you submit your EOI, but only receive your invitation to apply after turning 40 years old , you will score only 15 points.


2. English skills

This subsection can result in the award of up to 20 points for superior English skills. You may otherwise be awarded 10 points for proficient English, or zero points for competent English skills. If you are a citizen of Canada, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom or the United States, you will be assumed to have competent English skills.

You can demonstrate your English skills by participating in IELTS or OET tests.

Competent English is defined as obtaining an IELTS score of six in each of the four bands; or an OET score of at least B in each of the four components; or 12 for listening, 13 for reading, 21 for writing and 18 for speaking, in a Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based test (TOEFL iBT).

A ranking of Proficient English requires an IELTS score of seven in each of the four bands; or an OET score of at least B in each of the four components; or 24 for listening , 24 for reading, 27 for writing and 23 for speaking, in a Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based test (TOEFL iBT).

Superior English requires an IELTS score of eight in each of the four bands; or an OET score of A in each of the four components; or 28 for listening, 29 for reading, 30 for writing and 26 for speaking, in a Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based test (TOEFL iBT).

Refer here for the summary of scores for all English tests (including CAE and PTE). All English test scores are valid for a period of 3 years prior to the submission of the Skilled Visa application.


3. Work experience

This section accounts for up to 20 points on the skills assessment.

Work experience gained both inside and outside Australia is assessed, as long as it is relevant to your nominated occupation. So if you are seeking to gain entry as an engineer, your work experience as a bartender will not be counted.

Your work experience must have been obtained within the ten years immediately prior to your invitation to apply, and must have been undertaken for at least 20 hours per week. Your work experience will need to be assessed and recognised by a relevant Skills Assessment body.

Points will be awarded as follows:

Work within Australia

  • 1 to 2 years – 5 points
  • 3 to 4 years – 10 points
  • 5 to 7 years – 15 points
  • 8 to 10 years – 20 points

Work outside Australia

  • 3 to 4 years – 5 points
  • 5 to 7 years – 10 points
  • 8 to 10 years – 15 points

4. Education

Up to 20 points can be awarded for your educational qualifications. That qualification must meet the requisite Australian standard, as determined by a relevant Skills Assessment body.

Points are assessed as follows:

  • Diploma or trade qualification – 10 points
  • Bachelor degree – 15 points
  • Doctorate – 20 points


5. Specialist Education Qualification

A further 5 points can be counted if you have a Masters degree by research or a Doctorate degree from an Australian educational institution which included at least two academic years in the following fields:

  • biological sciences
  • chemical sciences
  • earth sciences
  • mathematical sciences
  • natural and physical sciences
  • other natural and physical sciences
  • physics and astronomy
  • computer science
  • information systems
  • information technology
  • other information technology
  • aerospace engineering and technology
  • civil engineering
  • electrical and electronic engineering and technology
  • engineering and related technologies
  • geomatics engineering
  • manufacturing engineering and technology
  • maritime engineering and technology
  • mechanical and industrial engineering and technology
  • other engineering and related technologies
  • process and resources engineering.


6. Australian study

In addition, 5 points may be gained if you have studied and achieved at least one degree, diploma or trade qualification from an approved Australian educational institution.

The Australian study undertaken must meet the Australian Study Requirement.

In brief;

  • The course must be registered in CRICOS.
  • The study must have taken place over at least 16 calendar months.
  • The course must have required at least 2 academic years / 92 weeks of study to complete.
  • The study must have taken place in English and within Australia.
  • Failed courses or course exemptions will not be taken into account.

An additional five points may be available if those studies took place in regional Australia or a low population area. Eligible post codes are listed on the Department’s website.


7. Miscellaneous Factors

Community Language Skills

You may be able to claim up to five further points if you have accreditation by a National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters in a Credentialled Community Language.

 Partner Skills Qualification

If your application includes your partner and he/she meets the criteria for the visa application as well as having an occupation which falls within the same Skill list as yours, you may be able to claim a further five points.

Professional year courses in Australia

If you completed a professional year-long course in Australia within four years of your invitation to apply, you can claim five points.

Eligible courses include those through:

  • The Australian Computer Society.
  • CPA Australia.
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia.
  • The Institute of Public Accountants (formerly National Institute of Accountants).
  • Engineers Australia.


Additional Criteria

Nomination by a state, or family sponsorship

This category only applies for applicants seeking a subclass 190 (skilled nominated) or a subclass 489 (skilled regional) visa. If you are nominated by a state or territory you may be able to claim up to five points on the skills test. If you are sponsored by an eligible family to live and work in a designed regional area, you may be entitled to up to 10 points. Further criteria will apply depending on the Nominating State.


Why you need expert help with your application

Remember that in addition to the criteria set out above, prospective visa applicants must also meet health, character and other requirements which may differ depending on your individual circumstances.

It is important to obtain advice from a registered migration agent to avoid submitting an invalid application. Order our eligibility assessment to get help on calculating your Australian Skilled Visa Eligibility.


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    • Janele

      My partner intends to apply for NSW SS under General Accounting 22111. He currently has 65 points including 5 points awarded from SS. Can he also claim 5 points extra from partner qualification as I currently hold a positive skill assessment for Graduate Visa 485 under Marketing Specialist from CSOL? Or do I need full skill assessment from my nominated occupation so that my partner can claim 5 extra points? Thanks

      • Hi Janele,

        You will need a full skills assessment. The 485 specific skills assessments can only be used for the 485 visa.
        Please make an enquiry if you need help with the skills assessment or visa process.

  1. Mohammed Moniruzzaman Miah

    My certificate has been assessed By VETASSESS as a construction project manager.Now I got a full time job as a junior architect.My PTE score Is 57.Age is 35.can i apply for 186 visa in Australia.I have already submitted my EOI at sydney & apply to state for 190.

    • Hi Mohammed, I have sent you an email. Please check your inbox.

  2. Birendra Jung Rayamajhi

    I have more than 10 years experience in management field and I had also studied in Australia one year Diploma, Now I want to apply for skill or 457 visa. Please suggest.


    • Hi Birendra,

      Eligibility depends on more than just a few factors. I’ve sent you an email to continue our conversation.

  3. Gayathri

    Hello Eugene
    I have worked in Melbourne, Australia from 07-Nov-2012 to 31-Oct-2013; there is a shortfall of 7 days for one year.
    My clarification here is can I claim 5 points in this case? Even though there is a shortfall of 7 days?
    Please find below is experience given in ACS skill assessment; total period is onshore+offshore involvement.

    Dates: 09/12 – 02/14 (1yrs 5mths)
    Position: Functional Test Consultant (Assistant Consultant)
    Employer: TATA Consultancy Services Ltd
    Country: AUSTRALIA
    Thanks in advance for quick response.

    • Hi Gayathri,

      If there is a shortfall, you cannot claim the full year.
      However, your ACS skills assessment states you have 1yr and 5 months experience in Australia? Is this a mistake on their part?

  4. Sudhakar

    I am getting bit confused how to arrive at my age. My dob is 8th Oct 1976. Until when I can claim 25 points ?

    • Hi Sudhakar,

      You will be able to claim 25 points when your age is 33 to 39 years (inclusive). You will therefore need to receive an invite for a visa by 7th Oct 2016,before you turn 40.

  5. Marija

    I am 25 years old, I have got Ielts 7, I am working almost 1 year in child care center in Australia, I did Diploma in Early childhood education and care, my qualifications are awarded from an Australian educational institution, and I had been volunteering in my country in child care center for 4 years. Do you reckon that I can count that volunteering time as overseas experience?
    And do you think that I am eligible for permanent resident?
    Thank you,

  6. Sudip

    Hi, I have a toefl marks of 109, which keeps my level of Englsih in Proficient, I have a professional experience of over 3 years, I think my point adds upto around 65. I have a cousin in Perth who has a permanent residency . Can that be an added advantage. I am an Industrial Engineer

    • Hi Sudip,

      We will need to go through all your details to confirm your eligibility. There will be further requirements by the skills assessment, state nomination and occupation code. Please check your email to continue the discussion.

  7. Thomas

    Will ACS deduct my 2 years experience if I worked more than 15 years after my degree granted?

  8. Deepak

    Hi, I have 60 points at the moment for 189 visa.(age-30,degree-15,English Ability- 10, Australian Exp- 5), I wish to claim partner points too, but having few question about it. My partner has 2 years experience as software engineer(not employed now), which is not enough to get positive assessment from ACS. So I will like to know if she can get a positive assessment from EA for her bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication.

    • Hi Deepak,
      This will depend on her skills as an engineer. We can do an assessment of her details. Please order the eligibility assessment.

  9. Mohd Imtiyazuddin

    I’ve 7 years experience as Network administrator. I’ve a bachelor degree(3years) in computers and I got 6 bands in each module of IELTS. Can I apply for NSW state sponsorship visa category 190? Am I eligible to apply as per my IELTS score?

    • Mohd Imtiyazuddin

      And my age is 27 years…


  10. Kay

    Hi Eugene,

    I am from India. I completed my graduation into Philosophy in 2012. I worked for the next three years into customer service. Now I am applying for my masters. According to the SOL I found Master of Social Work to be the only course that I stand eligible to be apply for.

    My basic query is that in the long run I would want to apply for an Australian PR after I complete my masters and work there for some years after my masters. If things go as planned.

    My doubt revolves around the fact that what if I select a course for my masters that is not a part of the SOL, would that mean that I cannot apply for a PR as I would then not have a skilled occupation?

    What if I complete my masters into Social Work and then take up a different job while I have my two years of work right after my post graduation?

    Guidance required as I am currently in process of my applications and would also like to look for a course that I seem more interested in ie Master of Communication. However, a PR is also my priority in the long run.

    • Hi Kay,
      Good questions and forward planning. Many students need to learn from you.
      We will have to chart out a plan for your migration. Please order an online consultation.

  11. dhawal

    i am applying for the 189 under the ship’s master’s skill. AMSA has already assessed me with an advanced diploma. However, I do have an MSc (maritime studies) from NTU-Singapore, the enrty into which i got based on my Master Mariner certificate of competence. Generally non seafaring candidates get into this PG after getting their bachelors. The assessment of this degree is beyond the scope of AMSA, so I am confused if i can claim 15 points for this degree as technically it is without a bachelors, but rather based on my 8plus years of work experience. How do i justify this degree is at least equivalent to an australian bachelors.
    Your advcie is much appreciated.

  12. Viru

    I am having 8 years experience. However my first year of experience is apprentice and I have been paid stipend from my company. I m working full time.

    Can I claim 8 years of work experience

  13. Mark

    I need max points in Job experience and have a question on how the 8 yrs are counted. ACS assessed my experience After March 2008. I have been working in the assessed job eversince but due to problems with a former employer, I wasn’t able provide a job reference for these 3 months. Also my ACS assessment ist missing the ongoing experience with my current employer.
    I would like to know how the 8yrs experience are counted. Do only the ACS assessed months count? Or does the deadline “after March 2008” mean, that I’ll have my 8yrs full anyway on March 1st.?

    Many thanks!

  14. Akash

    Hi Eugene,
    Currently studying Master of Information technology from RMIT but I am finding difficult to study and thinking of withdrawing from studying and applying for a PR(189 & 190), I have 3.5 years of overseas experience(System Administrator listed in SOL & CSOL) and I want to change my visa from current student visa to work visa, Can you please suggest what are my options?

    • Hi Akash,

      We will need to do an eligibility assessment so that I can go through all your details. Only then will I be able to point out any options you have.

  15. Rawal Abbasi

    Hi there,
    I just wanted to know at what stage the experience is counted, if someone has certificate iii and is still continuing the studies further ahead with advanced diploma and in the meanwhile is also working, will that experience be counted.
    Looking forward to hear from you soon mate.

  16. Deepak

    I have total 4.5 year of experience in IT (3 years in India and 1.5 years in Australia). I have Bachelor Degree (electronics and communication) with an ICT major which is NOT closely related to your my nominated occupation. I have received information that I will require 4 years of relevant work experience completed anytime in my past work history (I am meeting this criteria).
    Now my question is that, will I get 5 points for my Australian work experience or not? because I left with only 6 months of experience, after deducting 4 years of my experience.

    • Hi Deepak,

      We will have to do an assessment for you. Please order here.

  17. soubhy


    My age now is 39 years and 3 months.
    How many point can I get under the AGE factor?
    is it 25 points or 15 points?
    Could you please help as I am confused


    • Your age is calculated at the time of Invite. If you receive the invite before you turn 40, you will get 25 points.
      I would suggest that we do an assessment for you as it seems you may have other doubts in the calculation of your score.

  18. Georgie

    Please I would like to know if I’m eligible for PR in Australia. I graduated with Uni Degree in Philosophy back in Nigeria 2008 and worked in teaching industry for 3yrs before coming to Australia to study Diploma of Early childhood care and education in Adelaide. I will round up the program next year march. I’ve my ILETS exam ready, please what is best option to apply for 189visa combined with my degree and Diploma? I will wait for your reply

  19. Harshini

    Hi.. My dob is 04-06-1992.. Can u please tell me wen I will get my age of 25 years to get 30 points for my age to apply Australian PR..

    • You will get 30 points when you turn 25.

      • Hemanth

        My situation is similar. Planning to apply for PR in the next 2-3 months. My DOB is 22 Jan 1992. Will i be eligible for 30 points ?

  20. aradh

    I had recd PR under 136 visa & stayed in Aus for one month only in year 2008 due to some uavoidable circumstances. Now I want to apply again for PR visa 190
    Is it possible that I can apply again & prior visa expire can go against a positive decision.

  21. Victor

    Hi Eugene.

    I had my skill assessed last year, but now I can claim for more points since my experience now qualify for more points, I am working in same profile and role but my employer has been changed (all Australian employer), Do I need to re asses my skills for extra year that I want to claim even though I am working in same role and profile? Can you please help me on this?

    Thanks a lot

    • Yes, if you wish to claim more points.

      • Sam Main

        Hi Eugene.

        I have a 22-month work experience in London-UK with 37.5 hours per week. Considering I need minimum 3 years of overseas experience and the requirement is 20 hours per week, do you think I qualify? I have almost 3300 hours in totals compared to about 2880 hours required by DIBP, would that be acceptable?

        Thanks a lot

  22. Farhan

    Thanks Eugene Liu for all yours information. Appreciated.
    I just need too know how does this 5 points for onshore work experience works. I mean I have managed to get a job in my field that is accoutning, but it can only give me 20 hours per week. I have heard that currently I will need to have a 1 year full time work experience to get those 5 points. Is it right ? Or can I still get claim 5 points with my current job.

    • You need 1 year of full time work experience in the relevant field, and at an appropriate level, inside Australia to get those 5 points.

  23. dimitra

    hello my name is dimitra i am 32 years old I am studying accounting 1 year and I am going to take my certificate IV soon I ve got also ielts test 6 with 2 kids and married may i have some information for my situation I have any good options thank you ?

  24. James

    I am going to apply for Subclass 489 this July as I will complete my 2 years master from 06/2014-06/2016 for 12 subjects and I checked the Crisco of my course with 104 weeks. However, for my summer intake, I failed one subject and I can have exemption from my previous RMIT Bachelor in Singapore which has been accessed qualified by VETASSESS. So in this July I am going to finish with 2 years course and 11 subjects. Due to this I wonder:

    – Can I qualify for 2 years with 5 points study in Australia in this case? Although my Master is not involved to my nominate skill. I am applying for Finance (based on my experience which has been accessed by Vetassess) and my Master currently is Master of commerce (Specialization in International Management).

    – In case of my expire student visa, I have to lodge subclass 485 first, and is it possible to lodge with my case with master of commerce 11 subjects within 2 years?

    Thanks and I am looking forward your response.

  25. Hi,
    I have 60 points 55+5 NSW state sponshorship. I have applied for EOI on February 22, 2016 for 190 subclass. Could you please let me know when I will get the invite for applying for visa.


    • No one will be able to predict this for you, when you don’t include any information about your occupation.

  26. Yogesh Singla

    Hi, I am Yogesh Singla from India. I am 25 year’s old. I did my Bachelor degree in (Bachelor in commerce) and professional degree ( Cost and Management Accountant). I have 3 years work experience in “Finance & Accounting” field. I want go Australia with PR . I got 7 bands in PTE. Can I apply for that for on the basis of above factors? Plz suggest. Thanks.

  27. Quoc Van Nguyen

    Hi all,

    I have some questions

    Question 1 about age

    I was born on 15 March 1977, but I went to school earlier 1 year as my village in Vietnam usually combined some children to 1 class at that time, then I change my day of birth become 15 March 1976 by myself since I study high school and all my document would go with new birthday including High school degree, Bachelor degree, visa, passport and all relevant documents.

    Now I still have the original birth certificate (15/03/1977) and the local government can issue the confirmation of this. Can I provide you this birth certificate and claim 25 points of age within next month.

    Question 2: Degree

    I have Master degree by research course of 2 years in Toowoomba, QLD.
    I want to claim:

    15 points from Master degree,
    5 points from Australia study
    5 points from regional (Toowoomba, QLD)

    Question 3: English

    I have tested twice and the result are bellow
    23 Jan 2016: Listening 5.5, Reading 5.5, Writing 6.0, Speaking 6.0, Overall: 6.0
    20 Feb 2016: Listening 7.5, Reading 6.0, Writing 6.5, Speaking 5.0, Overall: 6.5

    Can I claim band 6 in each module?

    Kind regards

  28. arpita

    Hi, are secondary teachers in demand in australia. My Husband and me both are qualified he is an accountant and both are getting 60 points who should be the primary applicant ?
    My second question is I have 5 months of school teaching experience on Skype classes , if i add these five months i can get better score . Am i eligible to include that in my EOI. I have proper experience certificate from school and was in there payrolls also.


    • It depends on which State you are applying to. Market conditions vary between States.
      We will be able to address your questions with an online assessment.

  29. Nana

    I studied bachelor of nursing at Curtin uni.
    I have 55 points…trying so hard to get 60 but somehow I keep getting 1 band score under 7 in ielts. ..can I claim points as assistant in nursing (carer for aged) as related to RN. .As am now registered? Of do I need an equivalent degree relationship work experience. .

    • We will have to go through your work experience and other factors to see if this is an option.
      Please order the online assessment.

  30. Sachin Dobriyal

    My DOB is 23/10/1976, a graduate B.Com(p), 15+ years of work experience in software development.what are the chances of getting a PR to australia.

  31. Dlaks

    You blog is wonderful and its really helpful for aspiring migrants. I have a query, in order to claim points for partner, do we need to just go through qualification assessment or even the skills assessment? She is an Accountant and has less than 3 years experience but her qualification might equate to that of an Australian Degree as per assessment from CPA. We are yet ti submit our docs for the assessment.

    • Thank you for the compliment. I’d recommend we perform an assessment for your partner. The answer to that question is dependent upon your details as well.

  32. Crystal Ch'ng


    My husband is a practising lawyer for more than 15 years’ experience who’s graduated from UK and he will turn 45 years in June 2017.

    May I know if he can apply as PR in Australia? Does he need to take any Australia law related exam in the state? Does he need to score Band 8 in IELTS too?

    Appreciate your prompt reply!

    Crystal from Malaysia

  33. Soorchi

    Hello Sir,

    I only have one simple and straight forward question.

    I graduated on 2004, then I employed from jan 2005 to jan 2012.. While from jan 2009 I left the original employee country and I started studying masters in Australia, during that time I was still working full-time remotely with my employee. does this time can be count to achieve points?

    thank you

    • Hi Soorchi,

      Please order the online assessment and your question will be answered along with the checking of your full eligibility.

  34. Prasenjit Mazumder

    I am Prasenjit, studying Master of Engineering in UNSW, Australia. I am currently in Visa Subclass 573. I have two queries.
    1. My university authority will give me two course exemptions of total 12 credit. Then my total credit of study will be 84 credit which also supports of two years of study full time. So, If I take the exemptions, will I not get 5 points for Australian Study when i will go to apply for PR.
    2. I have already engaged and I will marry my fiance at the end of this year. Can she apply for VISA to come here after getting married? IF can, which subclass? What is the probability of getting her VISA if my visa length will be more than one year at that time?
    Please reply my queries.
    Thanks & Regards.

  35. Karthik


    As per ACS my experience can be counted after march 2008 , when i entered it in EOI from April/2008 to April/2016 my points are getting calculated as 60, whereas when i enter from 31-march-2008 to till date (i.e 1 day prior) am able to get 65 points . There is a gap of 5 days between my previous employer and current employer.Should i wait for 5 more days and update the eoi or i can get only 60 points ?


    • You should be applying with exactly what your skills assessment results say. Any fudging amounts to lying and you will get a refusal.

  36. Apeksha


    I am currently 24 but turn 25 in June which means I will get 5 points more. I currently have 65 points and am applying for Accountant General 189 visa. So come June, will my point automatically get updated to 70? And is there a chance of getting an invitation with 65 points?


    • Accountants need high points right now. Your EOI points are based on your DOB so yes it should update as the points applicable are at the time of the invite.

  37. Saransh

    Hi Eugene,

    Please go through my profile which is as follows:

    Age: 30 (4th Oct 1985)
    Education: Bachelors of Engineering (Comp. Sci.)
    Job details: India – July 2008 – Mar 2014 (5 yrs 8 months) (Software Engineer)
    India – Self Employed – Apr 2014 – Feb 2016 (1 yr 11 months) (Owner- Software Engineer)
    Total Experience: 7 yrs 7 months
    PTE Exam Score: Overall 75, Speaking – 90, Listening – 80, Reading – 70, Writing – 68

    Please let me whether I should proceed for ACS skills assessment or not?

  38. H Shah

    Hi Eugene,

    I got a positive Skill Assessment (sc 190 visa) from Vetasses, IELTS 7 each, my occupation opened in the ACT and I submitted an EOI, it was refused due to short of 2 job opportunities, which also i justified to the officer. Can anything be done? I’m miserable, coz this could be my last chance. Please advise.

    • Hi Shah,

      Your application was refused? An eligibility assessment at the beginning of the process would have identified any obvious problems such as those. We will have to do this now and determine what your options are.

  39. ali

    hi liu,
    i got positive skill assessment. i have almost 3 years overseas work experience in my highly relevant field as an agricultural consultant..the work experience considered by vetassess is 2.8 years.my question is that am i eligible to get 5 points of work experience?cheers

  40. Frederick andrado

    Hi am in the final year of my degree(accounting & finace) & my spouse is under the dependent visa under me. She’s having a bachelor degree (applied management)from federation university ballarat & having 7 years of working experience as a banker in sri lanka. She worked for standard chartered bank. Can her position add any points to me?. She resigned from the bank last year & migrated here.

  41. Faisal

    HI, I am Business analyst , I have got my ACS assessment positive yesterday and employment after April 2008 is considered, I have 6.5 IELTS band over all with (L-6, R-6.5, W-6.5, S-6.5 | Overall – 6.5), i have 55+5(state nomination)=60 points. Please let me know if i am eligible to apply for EIO and which statet –

    Thanks in advance


    • With 60 points, you are eligible to put an EOI in. Whether you receive an invitation to apply will be a different matter.

  42. Faizan Rehman

    Hi Liu,
    I have done Bachelors in Electronics Engineering from Pakistan, I have also completed 2 years Australian study in Accounting and Management and also have 7 each in IELTS. Can I claim 5 points of Australian study if I use my Engineering degree for submitting an EOI?
    I have also get positive skill assessment from Engineer Australia… please suggest

    • I’d suggest you read the Australian Study requirement details on the visa page. It explains it there.

    • Div

      HI, Mate I have same case as you.

      What did you do? to claim you Australian study points?
      I need either one year professional experience or Professional year.

      What you advise?

  43. Hari

    Master of Commerce in australia eligible assessment to determine in Skill Occupation List.

    • I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

  44. Soumita Deb


    I want to apply for NSW(Sydney) under 190 subclass.
    My DOB is 22-01-1977.
    My Education is MCA-Master in computer application
    My Work experience in Software Engineering is 12 yrs

    Am I eligible to get 60 points including state nomination?

  45. David

    Hi.. I did my bachelor and masters in accounting from Australia. I want to lodge an EOI for 189/190. I received an AQF certificate iv from my job. But my skill assessment will be from my masters/bachelor only. Do I need to include the details of the certificate IV in my EOI? Also do I need to include my secondary school details in EOI or just bachelor and masters?
    Thank you very much in advance.

  46. Huyen

    Hi Eugene,

    I am wondering who determines the number of years of employment experiences for the applicant to gain max points? To my understanding, authorised assessment organisation determines whether the skill is positive, and they only assess the last 5 years. For those who work in the last 10 years, how the points are calculated? Does DIBP determine the number of years of relevant working experience?


    • The skills assessing body will also look at your work experience.

  47. Win

    Hi Eugene,
    I intend to apply visa 189 with occupation Taxation Accountant. From my calculation I could achieve 70 points but I’ve got this doubt that needs your help:
    I got a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance & Accounting major) and is a qualified CPA. in terms of 5 points for 2 year study requirement, as I completed Bachelor degree in just 1.5 years (I’ve got 12 exemptions among 24 course subjects), I went to study an Advanced Dip of Translating with 6 month full time which makes total study time 2 years. As I realize from Immi website that the qualifications must be closely related to the occupation (Accountant), do you think I can achieve 5 points for this?
    Thanks so much

  48. DJZan

    Hi Eugene,

    Im a Technical Writer and my occupation is listed under CSOL. I have submitted the EOI in SkillSelect under 190 Subclass and applied to NSW in March 2016. I have 70 Points with proficient English skills (PTE).

    1. Do you think I will get an invite since my occupation is listed in CSOL and not SOL?
    2. How frequently will they send the invitations?
    3. Should I apply to some other state (eg. Victoria) other than NSW?

    Just wanted to know if there’s a hope or if there’s any other way I should try to migrate to Australia.


  49. DJZan

    I have 8+ years of experience and holds a Masters in Science.

  50. Ani

    hi i got an IT part time job with 20 hrs , can i claim 5 points with this instead of doing professional year.
    Appreciate your help.

  51. Sangeetha

    Hi, I am Sangeetha. I have 3 years of experience as Software Engineer in India. Will I get 5 pts for overseas work experience?

  52. Sangeetha

    hi, my brother-in-law and sister both having PR in australia. my brother-in-law was the primary applicant. whether i can get 10 points for relation sponsorship?

    • Depends on what you’re applying for.

  53. Madaleon

    Hi liu
    I have a diploma as a diesel mechanic. I have 7 months experince overseas and 2 1/2 in australia .can those expierence be counted together or not ? .would i get 10 points for 189 visa?

  54. Bhupe


    I wanna know regarding my 457 visa condition.

    I got 457 visa on 21 September 2014 for 1 year as my sponsoring restaurant was new, then I again applied to renew my visa on 20 September 2015 but this time i went to bridging visa for 5 months then i got approved for 4 yrs of 457. My question is when i can apply my PR, is that bridging visa period will be counted or not. Please help me cause i am to much confused, some say it will be counted and some say that bridging visa period will not be counted.
    Thank you

  55. sebastian

    which module of ielts are we talking abt here? General training or academic?

  56. Jeypee

    Hi Liu,
    I am interested in applying for subclass 189.
    I have a gap of 1 year between my matric completion (2000) and starting of diploma course (2001) . After completing my diploma in 2004, I got admission in 2nd year of bachelor degree in the same year and completed it successfully in 2007.
    I want to enquire can I apply for above mentioned visa with this 1 year gap? Will it reduce my 15 points of education ? i have this doubt as the assessing authority has mentioned “The required academic qualification is an Australian 4 year bachelor degree in engineering at a University following 12 years of schooling or equivalent.”

  57. ssmi

    I am currently 23 but turn 24 in august which means I will get 25 points. I currently have 55 points and I am applying for ACS. And apply for states which will give 5 points.my total points is 60 is there a chance of getting an invitation with 60 points?

  58. dipson sharma

    hello sir I am 29 years old and I completed bachelor in Accounting degree from australia in 2010 but i already returned back my home .Now I want to knw that i can apply by each band 6 for pr in regional area or any other options

  59. Adel Aziz

    What if i turned 33 after getting the invitation , am i going to lose the 5 points ?

  60. Adel Aziz

    What if i turned 33 after getting the invitation, am i going to lose the 5 points of age 32 ?

  61. Kirti

    As per the points calculator , total points obtained considering all the factors accounts to 75 as of now.
    Am I eligible to apply for state (190) visa ?

  62. Abishek K

    my date of birth is 12 December 1985, how many points will I get if I get invitation to apply for residence before 12 December 2016 and will I lose 5 points on age if I get invitation after 12 December 1985?

  63. Pradeep Kumar

    Hi Sir,
    I have total 9 years of work experience, 5 years in BPO (Call Centers ) and 4 years in IT as a software QA engineer, but I have only 1 year experience after completing my degree (Bachelor of Computer Application) in 2015. I request you to suggest me, am I eligible to apply for Australian PR?

    I am 28 years old.


  64. Joseph

    Hi Eugene
    My EOI Point score is 60, which consists of age 25, education 15 and pte score-20. My skill assessment is stating ‘eligible after Aug 13’. Between Aug 13 and Jun14 I was working in Australia and then outside with the same job profile. However, though the current date is Nov 2016 , work experience points accrued as a result of greater than 3 years is not added in EOI point score.
    Please guide

    • It should work. Try deleting and entering the data again.

  65. Karan Sehgal

    I have got my Skill assessment done. My work experience is approved from 8th Oct 2011 to 30th Sep 2016 which is falling short of 5 years by couple of days.
    When I apply for EOI can I mention the duration of experience from 8th October 2011 till the date of applying the EOI or is it have to date mentioned in the skill assessment document? This is affecting my total points as 3-5 Yrs would fetch me 5 points and more than 5 Yrs will fetch me 10 points.

  66. Mohammed

    can I claim points for my Australian migration process from two PTE exams?

    Example: test 1 : W 61 R 70 S 80 L 74
    test 2 : W 76 R 68 S 55 L 71

    So from both exams I am reaching the required 65+ to claim the points

    Please advise.

  67. Mohammed Khan


    I am planning to apply for Australian Immigration for visa category 189

    I am Mohammed Khan, from India. i have got post bachelor’s experience from 2007 till 2008 as a Network Engineer and in 2009 i went to UK to Pursue my Msc(international business and Management) i worked in UK in same profession as a network engineer for 27 months.

    i came back to India in September 2013 and i started working from October 2013 till date , that will count up to 3 years and 2 months.

    My query is that, my Post bachelor’s experience of 14 months and my post Masters experience of 6 years and 7 months of both post bachelor as well as post masters experience will be considered

    could you please answer my query.

    Thanks in Advance!!

  68. fazzy

    Hi Eugene i am 36 years old i have got my skills assessment as a cook from TRA in Dec 2016 and hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from overseas i have completed 4 years of australian education including Cert III in hospitality and a Diploma in hospitality and Tourism and worked as a cook for over 3.5 years in australia.i wish to apply for a 489 state regional sponsored visa my question is can i claim points for my Bachelor degree as Highest qualification obtained and 5 points for my australian efucation.
    Thank you.

  69. Claire

    I graduated Management Accounting and have my Associate in Accounting Technology. After graduating MA, I pursued BS in Accountancy however, I failed three subjects.
    The agent who’s processing my papers told me to put all my subjects found on my transcript in the ANZ Code form for the assessment including those three I failed which falls to my core competency as well. Now, I am worried that I will get disqualified because of these three subjects though I already have a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Accounting.
    Your thoughts please. Thank you for your response in advance!

    • Hi Claire,
      The CPA skills assessment will require certain core units to be passed. There are also elective subjects. If the failed subjects are core, then your agent should’ve advised you that the application won’t be approved. You can make a complaint with mara.

  70. Ranjan

    I am applying for 190 skill visa. I have an issue. While applying for EOI the points calculator showed me 55 points and I was expecting it to show 60 points. As per my acs my experience starts from
    03/05/2010 to 06/08/2013— which is 3.3 years.
    25/11/2013 to 13/092015— 1.10 years
    14/11/2015 till date I am working in Australia.
    So as per the above experience they say after may 2012 it’s valid and equivalent experience. So while filling EOI I filled my overseas experience from 01/06 2010 to 06/082013. Rest as per above dates.
    For age I got 30 points
    For Australia experience I got 5 points
    For state sponsorship I got 5 points. But I didn’t get my 5 points for overseas experience. Which if I calculate by months as per acs is valid for 3.1 years. Now if I change the dates let’s say from 15 may instead of 1st June. It is taking.

    Please advice.

  71. Rafay

    I have assessed my overseas work experience from engineers australia and they have approved my 3 years of work experience. But there is a problem, i worked for an organization from 1st feb 2012-6th june 2013, and then worked for another company from 1st april 2014-6th oct 2015. If you calculate months it shows 36 months which is equivalent to 3 years but like in my first organization i left the job in the beginning of the month , likewise for the last company i also worked till 6th of that month. While in my letter from engineers australia, they mentioned that my work experience is from feb 2012- june 2013 and april 2014-oct2016. So what should i do ? is my work experience is equivalent to 3 years?

    Please advice

  72. Piraba

    I am Piraba Nagkeeran from Sri Lanka. I completed Master in Advance Software Engineering in 2016, BCS – Professional Graduate Diploma (without Project) in 2009. I have 6+ years experience after completing date of BCS. Will I get a positive result from ACS ? will this fall Group A and will I get 15 points? Please advice me on this

  73. Syed

    I want to know whether I am likely to get the 186 PR or not.
    Currently working as Software Developer in 457(Developer Programmer-261312) Visa and interested in getting PR (through 186 direct stream)
    I have scored 50+ in PTE and acknowledged as competent English skills
    Electrical & Electronics Engineering graduate (I.e., EEE – studied in India)
    Having 4 years 2 months Software development experience (as Software developer)
    3 years months in India and 1 year in Australia (with different employers)
    I am having a query regarding 186 – The Employer Nomination scheme (ENS) Direct Entry Stream Visa. Please clarify my doubts.
    Since my educational background and my current occupation is different, when I apply for ACS skill assessment, my 4 years of work experience post studies will be deducted as training to provide positive skill assessment.
    My question is, in order to apply 186 (direct stream) I need three years of relevant work experience. Since ACS will deduct my 4 years of work experience post qualification to provide positive result. Can I use those 4 years of work experience again to pass through the 3 year of relevant experience criteria?

  74. Pankaj S

    Hi, I have got my Vetassess positive, but it’s says the degree is not highly relevant and I have got only 1.9 years of exp only, since Vetassess has deducted 02 years of work exp.
    Would I get get Bachelor degreee points at the time of Visa application or No.

    Your valuable advice is highly appreciated

  75. Bharath kumar

    I have bachelors in Electronics and communication and now in pursing master of information I have 25years age am I eligible to drop PR ? If their mean which bases I can drop and what’s the subclasses ? Please let me know

  76. Karthik

    I have 3 years bachelors degree do that give me 15 points. Did my BBM (bachelors of business management)

  77. It’s really a cool and useful piece of information. I am satisfied that yyou simply shared this
    useful info with us. Please stay uss up to date like this. Thankms for sharing.

  78. Satya

    I am about to finish my PhD in physics. I have an overall score of 84 in PTE (with each section more than 79). I have enough number of points. But I see that the occupation list shows physicists (only medical physicists). So, I might not be eligible to apply 189 visa. May I know if there is any way to apply 189 with my current scenario.


  79. Aidin

    recently I graduated in urban engineering. I have an architectural associate degree . i have 8 years work experience before and contemorary with education. I am 34 years old. I am single. I have pte 65 .Will I have chance for 189 Visa?
    may I apply by associate degree? is it better than urban eng bach?

  80. Bless

    Hi Eugene,
    Will I be awarded the highest points for overseas employment? I recently submitted the requirements for assessment to CA ANZ. Total work experience will be 8 years by end of November 2018.
    Hope you can give guidance. Thanks ahead!

  81. Awesome post …. love it..
    i know this information before b

  82. Yemi

    I intend applying for 189 skilled independent PR, I have skill and trade qualification in Cabinetmaking. I have 30points for age 32, 15points for 8years work experience, 10points for trades qualification, I am preparing to write IELTS, if i have a band score of 7.0 to get 10points for English requirement. Total score will be 65point. What are my chances to receive ITA?

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