According to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics for the year ending June 2013, Australia’s population was 23,130,900 people, reflecting an increase of 407,000 from the previous year and 95,700 people since 31 March 2013.

The data shows that for the period, the country’s population growth rate of 1.8% was above that of the world at 1.2%.

Australia is growing at a faster rate than Canada, New Zealand and Vietnam (all 1.0%), the United States of America (0.8%), South Africa (0.7%), China, France, Sweden and the United Kingdom (all 0.6%).

Two countries that experienced faster growth than Australia were Singapore (2.0%) and Papua New Guinea (2.2%).

By 2050, India is projected to have displaced China as the most populous country with 1.62 billion people compared with 1.39 billion in China.


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