“Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, the Hon Senator Michaelia Cash, provided an update on current migration issues affecting the migration profession. The following information was included in her speech:

  • The TSMIT will not be indexed this year;
  • The 457 review, entitled Robust New Foundations, has made 27 recommendations which will make the 457 program a more streamlined, transparent and responsive system;
  • The Robust New Foundations report will be released shortly and the changes will be implemented almost immediately; 
  • Red tape will be cut from the 457 program to allow businesses to build and grow;
  • There are currently 190 approved labour agreements in effect which is a 12% increase on last year. There are a further 40 labour agreements in process;
  • Minister Cash thanked the MIA for the comprehensive and useful submission they provided to the 457 review panel;
  • The Minister also thanked the MIA for the Institute’s substantial and wide-ranging submission to the OMARA Review.​”

Source: MIA

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