The new occupations of Chefs, Bricklayers, Roof, Wall and Floor Tilers are to be added to the Skilled Occupation List from 1st July 2014, in commencement with the new 2014 to 2015 migration year.

The total cap of the migration program will still remain the same at 43,990 places and therefore places for these new occupations means there will be a reduction in places for all the remaining occupations.

Additionally, the existing occupations on the SOL are to remain,with no removals. This means that Accountants are still on the list despite previous rumours of removal. The Australian reports that: “Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection Michaelia Cash said the addition of the three professions would be welcomed in regional areas where there was increased demand for these jobs but “a decrease in apprenticeship completions’’.” and: “Under the 3 per cent cap, up to 2283 overseas chefs could apply for a place in the program, rising to 4566 if the cap went to 6 per cent. For bricklayers, the maximum number would be 1401, and 948 for floor and wall tilers.”

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