The 457 visa is one of the most commonly used visas to work in Australia. It allows you to work for up to 4 years in Australia, and is a great pathway to permanent residence.

1. The minimum salary level is $53,900 (accurate as at the time of this post), but if there is an Australian working for the business, you need to be paid at least the same as them being the market salary rate for that position.

2. Some 457 applicants are required to do a formal skills assessment which can take months and cost several thousand dollars.

3. 457 holders are required to hold private health insurance during their stay. You’ll need a special letter from the insurance company showing that you have the right level of cover to be granted a 457.

4. In some cases your employer will need to advertise the position and show that there *are no Australians who can fill *the position. Unless evidence of this accompanies the application, *maybe refused.

5. To get a 457, you need to prove your English language ability. Usually this is by doing an English test, but you may be exempt if you hold one of the recognised passports, have studied in English medium or have a high salary level.

6. Certain business types and occupations are considered high risk, and make getting approval difficult.

7. Many 457 holders apply for permanent residence after working in Australia for 2 years. However, this is not necessary in all cases, and you may be eligible for permanent residence before working a day on your 457 visa.

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  1. Manda

    I wanted to speak to get information on skype or on mail regarding :
    i)what is the eligibility to get permanent Residence on “Employers sponsored 457 skilled visa “before completion of two years on work in Australia ?
    ii) My overall English score is overall 5.5 and my age is above 60 years .can I eligible for age relaxation to file P.R. before two years completion of above visa ?
    iii) if yes then state the eligibility criteria to filethe P.R. in Australia .

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