By Invite Only: The 4 Secrets to Obtaining an Invitation to Apply for a Skilled Visa

Applying for a visa to enter Australia can be difficult and complicated, and as a registered migration agent, I often come across clients who have tried (and failed) to complete the application process themselves.

One of the most difficult aspects of the process is getting to the point of being issued with an “invitation to apply”. Many applicants consider the likelihood of receiving an invitation to apply for a visa from the Australian Government to be similar to winning the lottery! This comparison is not entirely unreasonable – only a fixed number of places are available for invitation rounds, which are issued twice monthly.

The Skill Select System is intended to prioritise and streamline the queuing for eligible applicants. It is designed to weed out ineligible and dishonest applicants. Unfortunately, this may mean that sincere applicants may get excluded because of the mistakes that they have made in the application process.

Here are four key secrets that can help you secure an invitation to apply for a visa.

(Please read our article on how to calculate your Australian skilled visa eligibility before trying to get an invitation to apply.)

1. First come first served

This is a fairly straightforward aspect of the Skill Select System – if two similar Expressions of Interest (EOI) are lodged, the one which was submitted first has priority. In practical terms, what this means is that if two people with similar qualifications and the same points score each submit an EOI, the person who lodged their EOI first will be offered the invitation to apply before the later person. As numbers for each allocation are limited, this priority system may mean that the later in time EOI’s may be pushed into a later invitation round.


2. Higher Points Have Priority

Priority is also assessed according to the number of points scored in the Skill Select program. The higher your skill points score, the greater your chances of increasing your priority ranking – even over those who lodged their expression of interest first. Higher scores have priority over EOI timing.

What this means is that if you have a score of 70 points, you will always be given priority over applicants who have only received a score of 60 points even though they submitted an EOI earlier. Invitations are issued to the highest scoring EOI’s first, and any remaining invitations are then issued to the next highest score.

The result of this system is that DIY applicants try to claim a very high score. They interpret the criteria in a very loose manner. I often get people who think they score 95 points or over! An EOI with such a high score will indeed get an invitation to apply very quickly, however, remember that the subsequent visa application has to match your EOI score. Which brings us to the next point.


3. Accurate Point Score

Although it may be tempting to inflate your EOI points score to improve your chances of obtaining an invitation to apply, remember that proof is required to support your claim. If you do not have the evidence to support your EOI points score, you will not be able to make a valid visa application. It is much more important to have an accurate (even if conservative) EOI score which you are certain that you can back up with evidence.

Bear in mind that the Skill Select program is not based on luck but on your ability to participate in the skilled workforce. If you do not actually have the necessary skills, you will not be granted a visa. If you submit a visa application based on inflated scores, and are unable to evidence your score, the visa application will fail. You will not be refunded your visa application fee, which can amount to several thousand dollars.

Another important point is that the Skill Select EOI system does not provide feedback on what your correct score should be. This is why it is so important to obtain advice from a registered migration agent as to what sort of point score you can submit.

Recent invitation round results show that the majority of invitations are issued to those who have scored the minimum 60 points. However, many of these applicants would have had to wait for a longer time. Also, certain occupations have higher cutoff points, and even though 60 points is considered eligible to apply, a higher cutoff point means that no invitations will be issued to EOI’s below the cutoff point.

Therefore, submitting an EOI is a balancing act of claiming the highest number of points available to you vs the amount of time you are able to wait for an invitation.


4. Editing Your Expression of Interest

If you have already submitted an expression of interest but you feel that it may contain an inaccurate score, you can log in to the skill select system and correct any issues. Editing your score in the EOI will push you back in the queue to your edited date. However it is better to wait longer as compared to receiving an invitation to apply which you cannot prove.

Remember that the expression of interest might seem to be the first step in the your visa application process. However, it should only come after all the document preparation has been done. Many applicants focus on their EOI point score first and think that they can sort out any documentation after getting an invitation to apply. However that is most certainly the wrong way to go about the application process. Move Migration can help ensure that your eligibility is thoroughly assessed, and your entire case is planned out so that the EOI is accurate and filed correctly.

  1. Archie

    Hi ,

    If we are lodging for both subclass 189 and subclass 190, can we submit both under one user ID or should we create a different one for 190 to get prioritized?

    • Hi Archie,
      You can select multiple visas at the EOI stage. You are therefore showing your interest in both the 189 and 190.
      As long as you have enough points to qualify for both visas, you should then be put into the queue for both visas. Priority is by time and points, and therefore using one or multiple user ID’s isn’t relevant to the question of priority.

      • Jeo

        If I clicked both 189 and 190 in EOI. Will i get more than one invitation or the first ( which ever is ) on is considered?

        • Hi Jeo. Your EOI will stay in the system for 2 years until one of the below happens:
          •You have been granted a visa
          •You have been refused a visa
          •You have withdrawn a visa application
          •You have not actioned two invitations that your EOI has received
          •Your EOI has been cancelled by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection

          So, it is possible to get more than one invitation.

      • Daniel

        Hi Eugene, I have applied last week for eoi with 60points for bachelor of nursing. Do you think I have a chance to get invitation with 60 points?

    • Ruby Bhullar

      Hello Eugene Liu
      My name is Ruby Bhullar and i am from India. My date of birth is December 1990 (25 year old) and i am post graduate pass MCA( Master in Computer Application ) with 65.4% and graduate BCA ( Bachelor in Computer Application ) with 61.9% and now i am job in company from 2 year as web site designer and developer and my own two website also online.

      I am unmarried and i have 6.5 IELTS band with 6 each and i am want to move in Australia with PR base so tell me please what is the chance of successful my case without any Australia Company offer later and with offer later

      • VIKAS

        With 2 years of experience you get 0 points for work exp, however you assessment will still be positive and you still can apply. Now you get to score at least 65 points to get invitation within current year. There’s huge backlog at 60 points (for SC 189). Now let’s get on points:
        Age: 30 + Edu: 15 + Exp: 0 = 45
        So you have to score 8 each in language to claim 20 points for lang and your total becomes 65.

        To score 8 each, PTE is better option over IELTS.

    • Ashu

      Hi ,
      I have submitted EOI for visa 489 family sposership in electronics engineer with 60 points yesterday . Is there is any chances to get invitation .

      • Hi,how can I claim 5 points from my partner?She is an overseas physiotherapist.If she get interim certificate from Australian Physiotherapy Association by completing eligibility/initial assessment,can I claim 5 points from her?She scored 6.5 in each band on OET(Occupational English Test).please confirm,thanks.

  2. ritchie

    hi, i m applying GSM in accounting with 60 points.but i heard cut off for accounting is 65 points it true?

    • No. The points cut off is still 60. It’s just that it is more competitive now with many accountants applying and the invitations being given out once a month vs twice a month (previously).

      • Sriya

        I’m a software engineer and i have 75 points for 189 and 80 points for 190 visa.I logged EOI 27th February 2017.What is the possibility of get invited in 2017 march invitation rounds.please help

        • Jayakrishnan Gopakumar

          I’m a software engineer and i have 75 points for 189 and 80 points for 190 visa.I logged EOI 27th February 2017.What is the possibility of get invited in 2017 march invitation rounds.please helpI’m a software engineer and i have 75 points for 189 and 80 points for 190 visa.I logged EOI 27th February 2017.What is the possibility of get invited in 2017 march invitation rounds.please help

          • kevin

            Hi.. have you got the invite ?

    • Pallavi


      Can anybody help please.

      I’m from India and had submitted my EOI under Skilled – Nominated (Subclass 190) (Permanent) on March 28, 2016 with 70 points. I am still waiting for an invite. How much time does it take? I am losing hope.

      • Rajesh

        Hello Pallavi. Good Day…..Did you get the invite…..Could you please help to connect with my mail rajeshmohan37atgmaildotcom

  3. Aggie

    Hi Eugene,
    I submitted an EOI yesterday for visa 189 and with genuine scores, I have 75 points with all supporting documents.
    When is it advised to have
    – Police clearance (usually it is valid for 3 month)
    – Health check to proceed?

    Is the process like: 1. be invited hopefully on the 5th October; 2. gather the above 2 certs within 60 days; 3. lodge visa before day 60?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Aggie,
      You can lodge your visa once you have the invite. The documents can then be provided after submission.
      The police and health can wait as the case officer will request for those specifically. There are faster ways of doing this or course but I’ll keep that advice for my current clients.

    • Jigneshkumar

      Hi Aggie,
      Initially you will receive an invitation, keep an eye in your email and also in your skill select once you receive an invitation you have 60 days yo submit your application along with the fees. At this point attach all relevant documents and wait for case officer allocation for you. The CO will contact you advising further instructions. Ideally, the CO will let you know for the police verification and health assessment. In my opinion its better to wait for your CO’s request for further documents as now a days overall its taking longer.

      • Jigneshkumar

        ohh sorry didn’t realise Eugene has already responded to the query

  4. Nabil


    For the 189, it says “If you are invited to apply, you must achieve at least the score specified in your letter of invitation.”

    Could they increase the minimum score to over 60 in the letter of invitation? Or is it usually kept at 60 in the invitation?


    • Hi Nabil,

      Your letter of invitation will be issued with the same number of points as the EOI which you claimed. So you will have to prove the claims in your EOI.

  5. Siddharth

    Hi Eugene
    I live and work in New York. I have been a business analyst for over 9 years. When I got my evaluation done from acs they cut my experience to 3 years as I do not have a formal computer science degree. I have an mba in finance from nyc. And have over 9 years of legitimate experience. I make 60 points for the 190 visa with 3 years experience. Is there anyway I can explain my case to the authorities? I would like credit for 9 years.

    • Pre qualification experience is not counted as it is usually performed at a level inferior to post qualification experience.

  6. Siddharth

    Also is 60 points enough to secure an invite from New South Wales 261111 occupation. All my claims are legitimate. I am an Indian citizen living and working in nyc.

    • Hi Siddharth, 60 points is the required amount for any occupation. The priority to get an invite will depends not only on points, but timing. The earlier an EOI, the higher the priority. It is better to get an application in early, and edit it later when you can score more points. This is in stark contrast to many people who do not apply at all even when they have 60 points.

  7. Siddharth

    Thanks Eugene, I have applied in the system just a few days back. Hopefully will get an answer soon. I have applied as a BA in nsw with 60 points for the 190 visa. Would you know if 60 pointers are getting visas? Also any idea how long will I have to wait. Thanks a lot for your answers above I really appreciate it

    • It really depends on the occupation. IT occupations are highly competitive. Only 75 invites were given out in July.

    • Vikas

      Hi Siddharth,

      What is the status of your application and how much time it took.. I have applied in this month only so need to know the things in details


  8. Renu

    Dear Eugene,
    I have applied an EOI for 189 at 65 points on July 22nd and then i lodged an another EOI for 190 at 70 points on 11 september, both in General accounting. What are the chances for me to get an invitation in October rounds as immigration has changed its points from 65 to 70 for this occupation in september round, as they just uploaded the information on yesterday.

    • Hi Renu,
      I would think that you may have to wait a few rounds.

      • Renu

        Hi Eugene,
        Thanks for your info. Can we apply different EOI’s for different visa categories or is it compulsory to apply under 1 eoi?

        • Yes you may. However I don’t see what advantage this gives you.
          Just work on your competitiveness to gain more points, rather than trying to play the system.

    • Rajesh

      Hi Renu…..Did you get the Invite and could you please connect to my mail id rajeshmohanatgmail.dotcom

  9. Leon

    Hi, I already lodged EOI as External Auditor. If I changed the occupation to General Accountant, will my ranking (for EOI invitation) be changed to the editing date?
    Thank you very much!

    • Hi Leon,
      Yes, the EOI will reset to the edit date.

  10. Chaitali

    Dear Eugene,
    What happens in a situation when at the time of lodging EOI, the applicant is 44 years and expects 15 points from the age criteria and there is upcoming birthday in 6-8 weeks, does he get priority in receiving invitation as he may lose out on points if invitation is not received before the upcoming birthday?

    • Priority is by point score and time of EOI. No consideration is taken if your birthday is coming up. It is your responsibility to manage the documents, and the risks and apply on time.

  11. JAAN

    I want to know that is the 60 points minimum for accountant general still or it is changed?
    and what do you think that applicant with 60 points are getting invitation easily or impossible?

    • The minimum is still 60. However for the 189, accountants are only invited if they have 65 points or above if the EOI has been put in later than 2 July 2015 6:32am. This is due to the pro-rata arrangement to giving out invitations.

  12. Tom

    Hi Eugene,
    Firstly, thank you for taking the time out in responding to every query in such detail, just reading your responses has given me a lot of insight on this process. Really appreciate it.
    In my case I have lodged to EOIs for both 189 and 190, I have accumulated a score of 70 & 75 respectively, hopefully an invite may come through.
    What I would like to understand is, if you end up getting an invite under 190 first will it restrict your chance of getting an invite under 189? As my preference is towards a 189 Visa. Also, is there a possibility of getting an invite under both 189 and 190, if yes, what is your advice on the way forward?… thanks

    • Hi Tom,
      Your EOI will remain in the system for 2 years or unless cancelled. The EOI will be cancelled if:
      You have been granted a visa
      You have been refused a visa
      You have withdrawn a visa application
      You have not actioned two invitations that your EOI has received
      Your EOI has been cancelled by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection

      So your EOI will remain until a grant or refusal. It is possible to have applied for the 189 and while it’s processing, get an invite for a 190 or vice versa. If your eligibility truly matches up with your point score, then the answer to your question will lie with your preference of the rights of the 189 vs the 190 (2 year commitment to working and living in that state).

  13. Sai

    Hi Eugene

    I have applied EOI for NSW state nomination under 190 subclass as Cook.
    I have got 60 points plus 5 points for state nomination. I applied on 26th of August 2015.
    What are earliest chances of getting my Invitation? Is there any heavy competition for Cooks as like the accountants?

    Thank you

    • Hi Sai,
      Cooks do not have a pro-rata arrangement and invitations should be given out as per normal.

      • Raj

        Hi can you please tell me how long ur process take to get P.r I also lodged eoi on 60 point in vic 190 visa please guide me I lodge my eoi as chef

        • Pardeep

          Hi, I applied my eoi in August with 75 point, now waiting for invitation, anybody have any ideas for realising invitation for accountant.thanks

    • Mandeep

      Hi Eugene,
      In EOI I select 2 visa option 190 and 489 and select ANY state. My occupation is cook. I studied in australia. At the moment I’m living in India. How long does take EOI.

      • Depends on the state and your point score.

  14. Madiha

    Hi I lodged my eoi on 26 july as general accountant n external auditor 189 n external auditor quota has been how long I need to wait..or is there no hope for 60 points?

    • Depending on how the overall quota gets filled up, they may open up more invitations. However, this will probably only happen towards the end of the Migration year in June.

  15. Ramesh

    I and my wife are trying for 190 visa. My wife and I graduated in the same field and we are currently working in the same company. I am working in the technical side whereas my wife is working more towards management side. Is it possible to get partner skill point with this!

    • Hi Ramesh,
      We would have to conduct an eligibility check for you and your wife to determine this.
      Please order it here.

  16. vkram

    I have submitted EOI in 30 sept 2015 claiming with 60 points in Masters of information with 5years Australian experience in Programmer Analyst. When should i expect inviation. One more thing my ACS assessment os going to expire in Nov. If i apply PR and my assessment expire after lodging application. Is it ok or i need to Renew it again.

    • Your assessment needs to be valid at time of visa application.

      • Niketa Kamath


        I have applied for NSW state Nomination 190 subclass in the month of July for the occupation of insurance broker.Including state nomination points, I have accumulated 70 points. I have still not received any invitation email. My questions are:-
        1) What is the demand of insurance broker in NSW? By when can I expect email from them?
        2) Generally from which email id do they send email? Just asking this in case the email goes in spam
        3) Can i simultaneously lodge another EOI for subclass 489 for the same occupation 222113 insurance broker?
        4) If I simply change my email id in the EOI today, then will my EOI be considered as per today’s date and not the July date?
        Appreciate your revert. Thanks

          • Niketa


            I have lodged final application for subclass 190 (Insurance broker) on 18 March 2016. Just wanted to know when will the case officer be assigned to me?. How many days does it take for the case officer to be allocated to me? I have claimed 70 points and have attached all documents as necessary.


          • I am able to provide specific advice and support to my current clients. Please order a consultation or address your questions to the DIBP.

  17. atul

    hii eugene this side atul I want to ask that I have submitted my eoi on 28 th july under general accounting with 65 when should I be expecting invitation and also 2nd query is that shall apply for 190 as well or not..

    • Hi Atul, I am not able to give advice on when you can expect an invitation nor what you should be applying for when I do not have any information about yourself. If you wish to have me look at this, please order an online assessment.

    • Rohit

      Hey Atul have u got ur invitation.. Coz i actually totalled the same score… So m just curious to know how long it’s gng to take…

  18. Ria

    I submitted my EOI for fsvisa 489 last Sept 11th but had added visa 190 last Oct 10th. Will the date of effect of my EOI for 489 be affected?


    • You are able to check your EOI submitted date by reviewing the summary document when logged in.
      You can then check if the date has been changed.
      If you pressed the ‘submit’ button again, then most likely it will have changed.

  19. Manzoor

    Hello i just want to know that with 60 points in general accounting i will apply to 189 visa and can i apply to regional sponsor aswell at tge same time. Thanks

    • Hi Manzoor,
      Your eligibility will depend on many factors. It is impossible to tell what you should do without a thorough assessment.
      Please order our online assessment.

  20. Eron

    If we submit eoi in 190, can we submit after few months in 189 with more points?

    • Hi Eron,
      If you have the points to back up your score, you may edit your EOI or submit a new one with the new points.

  21. sajid jamshed

    Dear Eugene,
    I have applied an EOI for 190 at 60 points and for 489 at 65 on July 6 as Software Engineer. 3 months passed but I have note received any invitation email.
    I inquire through email but not get any satisfactory reply.

    • Hi Sajid,
      You will just have to await until you receive an invite. Or take action and improve your score.

  22. KD Singh

    Hi Eugene,
    I applied an EOI for 189 at 70 points but because of ACS I am loosing some of my experience now. I have received the invitation for applying Visa based on this.
    But after having read on other sites, I am considering not taking up that offer and applying for a new EOI for 189. Can I do it with a different EOI account or do I need to submit for the same old EOI invitation to expire.

    • Hi KD,

      Unfortunately, the system is being jammed up due to EOI submissions like yours. You now have an invite which is useless because you claimed incorrectly. This locks other people out of receiving invites and makes the wait time that much longer. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case with many self applicants. You will be able to edit your old EOI when it becomes unlocked, only after the invite has expired.

  23. MISSA

    Hi Eugene,

    In October round,there were only 25 people got invited for Accounting Occupation and 20 in Sep round. I have no idea what the DI is thinking, as it should be pro rata allocation. Do you reckon they will withdraw accounting this year or next financial year? Just really worried.
    I only have 60 points for now. I am not sure how long I have to wait for an invitation :(

    • It’s not possible to speculate on what they will do. The best advice is to take action now and get an application in.

  24. Travis

    Hello Eugene.

    Thank you for the article it is very useful. By the way, i would like to ask if I can receive 5 points if my partner resides in NSW already (permanent resident) and a CPA (Australia) qualified. I read bunch of information but i dont know if they are reliable. In addition, did nopt provide a detailed clarification about this.


  25. harry

    dear eugene
    hii when accounting cutoff decrease to 65 points and will it decrease in this financial year??

    • I doubt that it will decrease.

  26. Hi,

    I applied for visa 190 under csol code 312116. I have read may be to much site because now i am getting even more confuse.
    I lodge my eoi on the 27th October, and to be on the safe side i have lodge to 4 different states..Is this allowed? Also i am not seeing my code in other state own occupation list – what will happen? does this mean i do not have a chance with state nomination?
    I personally email the state but not much assistance their….Pls advice most likely will i get an invite and whether i stand any chance with my skill code not appearing in any state listing as far as my research goes..I have applied to NT, WA, Queensland and NSW….My overall score was 65..

    many thanks and looking forward to some positive respond..

    • Only the States which have an nominations for your occupation will get back to you. Each State has its own eligibility criteria as well.
      Getting an invite will depend on whether your occupation is in demand and/or open for nominations in that State.
      I check all of these factors in the eligibility assessment.

  27. Ian

    Hi Eugene,
    I am at 65 points for general accountants and I fear that by the time I get to 70, it’s no more on the list. Do you think there’s a chance for DIBP to reduce the ceiling or reset it to 60 in 2016/2017 intake. I am currently doing a 1.5 year masters course in accounting. I can change the course to a 2yr double masters to grab that 5 points from ‘2 yr study in Australia’ requirement, I just hope that it’s not gone from the list by the then. What would you advise me


    • Hi Ian,

      I’d have to assess your details in their entirety with an eligibility check before I am able to advise a course of action.

  28. Elie

    Hi Eugene,

    1) Could you please advise the expected time to be invited as my EOI was submitted on 14 March 2015 for 190 visa with a score of 60 points.
    NOTE: “My occupation is Electrical engineer, and the result of English test is competent”

    2) Just additional query: I am a post-graduated from NSW with a MS degree carried in a two years duration from Aug 2004 till Sep 2006 (Session 1 was full time, session 2 full time, session 3 part time, and session 4 part time). Is there any way to claim for additional points for 2 years study in Aus as mentioned above?


    • I would estimate a few months wait at 60 points.
      If you would like to look at what points you may possibly get or any alternatives, please order the eligibility assessment.

  29. nikhil chawla

    Hi Eugene,
    I have got my ACS response which roll off my 4 years work exp leading to 5 points for experience.
    I filed an EOI last week with 60 points for ICT Business analyst under 189 subclass.
    Wanted to know the possibilities of getting an invite with such possibilities.
    2. Would it be fine if i apply under 190 subclass with 65 points for victoria, is it going to provide the speed up process for my invite.

    Please suggest

    Nikhil chawla (+919958846906)

    • Hi Nikhil,
      I doubt you’d have much success with those points due to the high level of competition in your occupation, and the lateness of your EOI. However, if you are able to wait a long time, it may still happen for you.

  30. jaskaran

    Hi Eugene
    I have submitted an eoi for 190 nsw as a general accountant at 70 points, which includes 10 points of pte test with no work experience in 20 september 2015. What are my chances to get an invitation and how long will it take ?
    Thank you very much

    • 70 pointers should have a good chance of an invite. However the invites given out to Accountants seems to be extremely limited recently.

  31. Stephen

    Hi Eugene

    Very helpful points in the above article, I have submitted my EOI and had already been fairly conservative with my claims by ignoring my previous job as an engineering draftsman as I have claimed as a Mechanical Engineer which is my current job which leaves my total at 70 points. My questions are

    1) If my job as a draftsman is deemed to be worthy of points bringing me up to 75 points I’m assuming i wont be penalized for being conservative and claiming 70.

    2) Do the Immigration Dept require an official assessment from Engineers Australia of my current job to claim points or will a reference from my employer stating my time in employment, duties undertaken, pay slips etc be sufficient?

    • Hi Stephen,
      All very good questions which I will be able to help you out with.
      Please order an online consultation and we can address any issues you have.

  32. Vaishu1024

    Eugene Liu,

    could you please advice on the below
    I have applied for 489 (Regional) visa sponsored by NT for Accountants (221111). I understand in NT , Govt of NT is the biggest employer. I am interested to know is there any restrictions for 489 visa holders for Govt Jobs or they are free to apply for all the jobs in NT.
    Great, if you could provide any related website for reference.


    • Once you have your PR status, you are free to work in any field you wish.

  33. Toni

    Hi Eugene,

    I lodged my EOI on 8 November 2015, 70 points – Solicitor. I am yet to receive an invitation, the next round of invitations is 5 December. Do you think I have a good chance of receiving an invitation at the next round or are invitations for solicitors limited at the moment? My visa expires on 19 December so this is a major concern for me.

    • Hi Toni,

      Solicitors are not being limited. However, it has been more competitive as a whole. With 70 points, you should have a good chance.

  34. Upasana

    Hi Eugene,
    Kindly Advise.

    My hubby just received 189 PR invite however Mine(Spouse) skill accessement by acs got expired a month back,it was however valid at the time of EOI submisson.I have submitted a fresh application for re accessment,could my husband file a Visa application meanwhile.189 score was with spouse points.

    Kindly advise what should be the course of action to be followed.

    Reg Upasana

    • Your visa application has to evidence the same points as your EOI. These little details with the timing of documents (and all the other many little critical details) etc are things you wouldn’t need to consider with the use of my services.

  35. Ankit Bhambri

    Hello Eugene

    My name is ankit and i applied the following Eoi in below nominated months in accounting
    189 in nov with 65 points
    190 in august with 70 points edited in nov pte score
    489 in may with 75 points edited in nov pte score

    Can you please tell her in which one i can expect the invitation first and around what time?


    • Hi Ankit,

      Priority is by Points, then by time. You should therefore expect to get an invite for the 75 point application. However, this will also depend on whether your occupation has been capped.

  36. ana

    Hi Eugene,
    I lodge my EOI for 189 last November 18, 2015 for Registered nurses at 60 points. Do you have any idea any chances I have, please advice. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Ana,

      Nurses are in high demand. You should not have to wait long.

  37. Piyush Singh

    Dear Eugene,

    I have a small doubt regarding the invitations for Subclass 189 and 190.
    Actually, I have submitted my EOI on 25/11/2015 for both Visa Subclass 189 & 190 and got the invite from NSW for state sponsorship on 26/11/2015 which is valid for only 2 weeks up to 10/12/2015.
    But I am more inclined towards visa subclass 189 and I want to wait for the next 2 weeks, so I might get the invite for Visa subclass 189 in the mean time.

    My doubt is when I already have an invite from NSW for state sponsorship, will it be possible to get visa subclass 189 invitation also at the same time.
    I was planning that if I will get the invite for subclass 189 within 2 weeks, then I will go with that otherwise I will apply for the state sponsorship on the last day of validity which is 10/12/2015.

    Please suggest me should I wait for the invite of subclass 189 or should move forward with current subclass 190 invitation from NSW?

    Best regards,

    • Hi Piyush,

      Remember the saying: A bird in hand is better than two in the bush? Use the invitation that you have.

  38. Arvind

    Hi Eugene,
    Kindly advise.

    I filed my EOI on 12th November, 2015 in ICT Business Analyst category for visa 189 with 65 points. How likely do you think I would receive an invite? How long does it usually take?


    • The ICT occupations are being limited due to high demand. You will probably have to wait quite some time.

    • Divij Mahajan

      Hey Arvind,

      What is the status of your application now?

  39. Kiran

    Hi, I just want to ask that can we submit 2 eoi under one skill assessment. For example, I’ve applied 2 eoi under analyst programmer.

    • Hi Kiran,

      Why don’t you just submit a proper EOI? The current immigration system is full of incorrect EOI’s which is jamming up the system and invitations are being issued to people with incorrect EOI’s.

  40. Maddi

    Dear Eugene,

    Your Q & A’s have been quite useful to understand a lot about these independent visas. I have submitted my EOI as Accountant (General) for 190 visa at 60 points.I have two queries :

    1) Can I lodge my EOI for two occupations at the same time as I am eligible for both occupations ? If yes, do I have to lodge a separate EOI or how does it work ?

    2) I am looking at claiming 5 points for my overseas experience. I do not have payslips from the company but I do have tax returns in which it clearly states the employer’s name and also work experience letter. Would this suffice or am I risking too much? I am currently at 55 points for 189 visa with proficient english points of 10.


    • Hi Maddi,

      I am only able to advise on your situation after we go through your details. We will ascertain if one or another occupation is best for you.
      Please order the assessment here.

  41. Kenia Alves

    Hi Eugene,

    Thank you for providing such insightful information! I tried to gather every piece of information from commentaries but I’m still unsure about one thing: I’m a 39 years old applying for 189 visa (accounting). I will turn 40 in April next year, I will lodge my EOI on skillselect around February. I will have 70 points at the time of application but I will loose 10 points in April… does skillselect considers my profile at the time of application and keeps my “original score” of 70 points or is my application going to be automatically updated by the system, in that case dropping to a 60 points score if my invitation is not made prior April?

    Thank you in advance for your time,


    • The relevant time is the Time of Invitation. Please read about this in the article here.

  42. kiran

    Hi, thanks for your reply before. I would like to know that when will be next EOI round in December? Thanks

    • Hi Kiran,
      Theyre on the 4th and 18th Dec.

  43. JasSin

    Hi Eugene,

    I have submitted EOI for 189 visa in July 2015 with 60 points (occupation as Developer Programmer – 261312).
    Still, I have not received Visa invitation. Should I still be hopeful to get visa with 60 points in near future?

    Please suggest.

    • I believe that it will take a long time for you.

  44. Sanket

    Hi Eugene,

    I have Submitted an EOI on 1st OCT 2015 under 489 visa as Accountant general with 65 points and also have first relative who is a Legitimate Citizen of Austraila.

    So I just had a query how much more time would it take for an invitation? and also going through the information stats on websites i don’t see any invitations from victoria region since July 15 under the above mentioned visa .

    Kindly suggest whether should i change my pathways or wait for the same.

    early response will be highly appreciated.

    • A full eligibility assessment has to be undertaken before your options can be weighed up and decided on.
      Please order it here.

  45. Arun Ganesh

    Hi Eugene,

    First of all, I am really impressed by your responses which show high degree of expertise in these visa matters.
    I applied for 189 yesterday (4th Dec) around 6:00 PM Australia time.
    I am an ICT developer programmer (261312) with 75 points.
    I would like to know what my chances are on the 18th Dec invitation round.

    • You will most likely have to wait more than just 1 round, even with a high point score. It may take a few months even.

      • Roy

        Hi Eugene, I don’t quite understand. Why would someone with 75 points will have to wait more than 1 round when the cut off is 70. As you said priority is by points first and then by timing.

      • Roy Sharma

        HI Eugene, Why would someone with 75 points will have to wait when the cut off is 70 points? As you mentioned, points take priority over timing. So if someone with 70 points gets an invite, the one with 75 points must get it to regardless of the timing.

  46. Dinz

    Hi Eugene Please any one of you would be able to help me with this.

    After applying for EOI i received an invitation to apply on western australia. While applying Skilled Migration Form online and taking the test about western australia I my son accidently cut off the page. I tried to reenter through the link send to me, but it says”you already have an existing application or your invitation has lapsed”. I have not saved the application while doing the test. Does anyone of you came across such. Your help is appreciated.

    • You will have to contact their technical support for help.

  47. Shantnu Sharma

    Dear Members,

    I have to submit my EOI. I have got ACS skill assessment letter(Under 263111-Computer network & system engineer) in July 2015. My total work experience so far is 5.5 years but at the time of ACS It was 5 years. ACS deducted my 4 years Experience. I got 65+score in PTE in all module. As of now I am securing 55 points for State 190 visa subclass. Please let me know should I lodge EOI with full 5.5 years Experience or I should fill outcome of experience which is assessed by ACS . I am little bit confused in that. Please help me.

    Shantnu Sharma,

    I have to submit my EOI. I have got ACS skill assessment letter(Under 263111-Computer network & system engineer) in July 2015. My total work experience so far is 5.5 years but at the time of ACS It was 5 years. ACS deducted my 4 years Experience. I got 65+score in PTE in all module. As of now I am securing 55 points for State 190 visa subclass. Please let me know should I lodge EOI with full 5.5 years Experience or I should fill outcome of experience which is assessed by ACS . I am little bit confused in that. Please help me.

    Shantnu Sharma

  48. Jas

    I submitted EOI with 60 points in July 2015 for 189 visa. Still no invitation.
    Is there any cut-off (life >65) for Developer Programmer ( 261312) skill-set ?
    Should i still be hopeful to get invitation with 60 points in the above category?

    Please reply.

    • The DIBP currently reports that there is still just over half the cap to go for Software and Applications Programmers. This would mean around 3000 places are left to fill, equating to 500 per month just in this category. It is possible that they will be able to clear the backlog of EOIs by July. If you want to better your chances, look at improving your English score with an IELTS program.

  49. jefery

    Hi, Eugene in regard to the 70 point as a requirement to receive invitation, do you think that it will be hopeless for those who scored just 60 to be able to obtain invitation within 2 years time limit?? as I read through some websites, most of expert in the forum said that there will be no more chance for those who scored just 60 in the given timeframe since DIAC will only prioritize 70 and at least 65 from this moment onwards.

    • It is hard to say definitively. It really depends on how many people place applications in the future, as well as what the future cap is. If industry conditions change, perhaps they will have need for more immigrants. Also, usually the immigration program grows in numbers each year. Another factor is the quality of future applicants…how many points would they possibly have?

  50. Arlene

    Hi Eugene,

    I’m a bit confused about the definition of “closely related occupation”. For example, if we lodge EOI as as accountant, could we combine 3 years work experience as an auditor and 2 years as accountant?

    Many thanks. Really appreciate your Q & A.

    • This will depend on your skills assessment result, and whether you are able to get it recognized.

  51. Huzefa

    Hi Eugene,

    I submitted my EOI under 189 in ‘Accountant’ on 7th Dec. I am scoring 60 points as below,
    Age – 25
    Eng lang – 10
    Education – 15
    Exp – 10

    These are solid points but i am concerned about the difficulties nowadays in getting the invitations.

    In your view, how much time should i keep in mind considering the high applicants or is there no chance at all.


    • Since last July, it has been increasingly difficult for Accountants. Very few invites are being given out. However, there still is quota to be filled. It is likely that they will start giving out more invitations as we get closer to July 2016. It will therefore really depend on how many more future applications there are with a higher point score than yours.

  52. PavanS

    I have submitted EOI for 190 on July 15th 2015 with 60 points to NSW state.
    English: Competent (0 points)
    Still now there is no update. Could you please let me know is there any hope for me to get invitation.
    Also , can you give me any email ID of nsw EOI to post my query if there is any.

    Thanks a lot in advance,

    • PavanS

      I have submitted EOI with 261112 (Systems Analyst).
      Will get 5 points for state sponsorship if I receive an invitation. eagerly waiting for that.

    • This will depend on which occupation you nominated. You may refer to the NSW website if you need to contact them.

  53. Iggy

    Hi Eugene,

    I have lodged EOI on the 22.04.2015 for 189visa General Accounting with 60 points. Should I expect invitation by the end of this current financial year 2015-16?

    • All the 60 point Accounting EOIs are still pending. I have yet to see any invitations below 70 points.

  54. Michael Nasr

    Hi Eugene,

    I submitted my EOI on 19/11 with 60 points under the occupation “Telecommunication engineer”. I had a look on the previous rounds results and it seems that it is around two months to get a visa invitation. so does this mean that I should expect invitation at around the end of Jan 2016? or this anticipation is not correct?

    Thanks in advance


    • That should be about right. The EOI pool is constantly changing however, and past performance does not indicate future performance.

  55. Yash

    Dear Eugene,

    Thank you for your kind guidance. I have lodged EOI on 1st of August 2015 for 190 visa state nomination invitation from ACT. My occupation is psychological Counsellor with 70 points. Still I didnt received any information or the invitation. When I called they say it’s under process. Do you have any idea whats happening?

    Are these states also going along with the invitation rounds like the independent category? or do they have different system for selecting applicants to invite?

    • The States do not have a cap for occupations and can therefore invite as many or as few as they need. It is therefore up to them to decide on which occupations they will invite more of, and which ones less.

  56. Bhavin

    Hi Eugene , I applied for 189 skilled independent on 8/12/2015 with 60 points with occupation as Telecom engineer 263311 , so when can I expect the invitation on this ..
    Thank you

    • My clients who are engineers and score 60 points have received invites in about a month. It will vary depending on your type of engineering and competitiveness within the pool.

  57. SaurabRay

    Applied EOI at 70 points for Software Engineer on December 17. How much time will it take to get an invite leaving this christmas and new year holiday of around 2-3 weeks?

    • With 70 points, you should get an invite within 2 to 3 rounds. It may even be faster.

  58. Tunde

    I am about toodge an EOI and my conservative score is 55points and expect 5points for state nomination to make it 60 points, please is my thinking correct? Also my nominated occupation is Transport company manager,Is there any limitation to invitations for this occupation?

    • Yes, 60 points includes the state nomination points.

  59. Alex

    Hi Eugene, I got Nsw invitation for Accountant based on my points for Age, qualifications and English score. I have no experience (or even related). Do you think I should be worried at Nsw nomination stage or does it affect the decision of DIBP to grant me a visa? thanks for your time.

  60. Viswanathan

    Hi Eugene,

    I have lodged my EOI this week with 65 points for 189 under ICT Business Analyst 261111 ANZSCO code.
    What are my chances to get an invite and by when.

    • This occupation is highly competitive and invites are issued pro-rata. You can expect a long wait.

      • Viswanatan

        Hi Eugene,
        I got my invite in 3rd Feb round. I want to know how long is the processing time if I submit my application next week.

        • processing times are about 3 months.

  61. furqan

    Hi Eugene,

    I lodge my EOI for 189 on 20th December, 2015 for Telecommunication Engineer (263311) with 60 points.

    Experience 8 years
    Age 32 & 02 months
    Qualification B.E Telecommunications
    IELTS General 6.5 (Each)

    On 15th October 2016 (next year) my age will be 33 years.

    Do you have any idea any chances I have to get invitation before October 2016, please advice.

    Remember that occupation ceiling of 263311 reaches upto 296 out of 1000

    Thanks so much.

    • Engineers usually are able to get invites relatively easily. As it comes closer to July, more invites should be given out if the cap is not filled.
      There will also be a new cap from July onwards, so you should have a fair chance of an invite.

  62. Will

    Eoi 28th July Accountent 65 points ! Will I get invit under 189 visa by May 2016 ??

    • Many Accountants are in the same situation as yourself. Let’s hope that more invitations will be given out as we move towards the middle of 2016.

      • Anvil

        Hi Eugene – Is the situation with Accountants the same as what it was a year earlier, ie, really difficult to get invitation? Is it the same case with Management Accountants (221112) as well?

        Please provide your valuable inputs

        • Hi,

          I am anticipating that the Department should start releasing more invites in the new year as they will need to fill up their quota before end of June. They may drop the points needed for Accountancy occupations.

          • Anvil Kabadi

            Thanks for your valuable inputs Eugene. Just a quick clarification – Will the Management Accountant (221112) be in par with the General Accountant (221111) when it comes to getting state sponsorship or will these be considered differently? I am unable to get this clarification anywhere online. Please guide.

            Thanks Eugene. :)

  63. Furqan

    Dear Eugene,

    One thing I noted on DIBP website that Occupation ceiling list is still not updated yet after 18th December round.

    Also next round dates for January 2016 not announced.

    Please tell me what are the reasons behind?

    • DIBP will update the lists when they are ready to release the information. It could be for any reason under the sun.

  64. furqan

    Dear Eugene,

    I have submitted on EOI on 20th December 2015 (189) claiming 60 points.

    I will update my EOI in January 2016, in which I will update my number of dependents after new born child.

    In this case, this change in EOI will not alter my points.

    is this editing will also change my EOI submission date according to that date in which I will add one more dependent (new born) in EOI????.

    • If you press ‘submit’ in the EOI system, it will reset the time recorded to the new timing.

  65. Lara

    Hi Eugene,

    Currently, I have 60 points. Any chances for Software Engineer getting NSW sponsorship and get invited with 65 points? If so, when will I possibly get an invite?

    • Yes, software engineers are on the NSW list. You should be able to apply for the 190 with 5 more points.

  66. Shaminder Singh

    I have submitted EOI for 190 on September 11th 2015 with 60 points to NSW state.
    IELTS: Competent (0 points)
    As of now there is no update . Could you tell me when will be the next round of invitation?

    Shaminder Singh

    • The next invitation round is on the 8th of Jan 2016.

    • Sahil Soni

      Dear Eugene,
      I have submitted for an EOI for 190 at 60 points (with 5 points from NSW SS) in March 2016 and for 489 at 65 points for Victoria (including 10 points from Family Sponsorship) in July 2016 as Software Engineer. I have not received any invitation yet.

      What are the chances of getting an invitation for any one of the above mentioned EOIs ? and How much time it will take?


      • Hi Sahil,

        Both are low scores in a highly contested occupation. You may have to wait for quite a long time. Hopefully more invitations will be given out from January onwards. As I believe the department is having trouble meeting their quota.

  67. Russell

    Hi there,

    I am in a desperate way of trying to get information if there would be any chances for my eoi to come in with 60pts for visa 489. My agent lodge on the 15th of Aug. I am not 100% sure anymore if he would be doing any work on it because he only said no invitation and jave to chase it every month.

    Do you think qe would ever get any invitation? I am a grad and applying for visa 489 for Software Engineering.

    Thanks and God Bless.

    • This would be a question for your Agent. If he does not communicate well with you or manage your expectations, then you should look more into his quality of work.

  68. Magnus

    Applied EOI with 70 points for 2613-Software Engineer on December 25th, 2015. What could possibly stop the invitation to appear on the 1st round of Jan 2016?

    • ICT occupations are highly competitive and invitations are pro-rata. 70 points will take about 3 months from my experience. So it would be extremely unlikely that you receive an invite in Jan.

  69. kanwal

    Hi Eugene,

    I have submitted my EOI with 60 points under 233411 (electronics engineer) on 25th December 2015. What are my chances to get invitation and in how many months???.

    • Engineers are in demand, but 60 points is low. It may take a few months.

    • Harshith

      Hello Kanwal,
      Im just wondering to know whether you got your invitation!!

    • Kev

      hi kanwal did u get an invite?

  70. Furqan

    hi Eugene,

    When the Occupation ceiling list will be updated on dibp website??? and when the next round dates will be announced.

    • Invitation rounds are released every month and occupation lists updated yearly.

  71. Fahim

    Dear Eugene,

    I have lodged the EOI on 24th Dec 2015 under Visa 190 with 60 points. I have done Electrical Engineering from UTS, and all my 60 points are backed up with strong reference. Can you please give me a rough estimation of how long do I have to wait in order to get the invitation? and if possible suggest a month from the year 2016.
    Thanks in Advance.

    • I will not be able to give a specific timing. With such a recent EOI, you will have to be prepared to wait. Engineers are in demand though, so that is a factor.

      • Fahim

        Highly appreciate your response. Thanks again

  72. Vikas

    I have applied for 189 visa with 60 points for Mechanical Engineer on 10th of Dec 2015. As going through the result of 4th Dec it seems that only 240 applications of 189 visa with 60 points has been selected in this round and application date of only one week has been invited as comparison of 23rd Nov round. Does it means that it would take 3months for me to get invitation….. Is it meaningful for me to reappear in IELTS and get more 10marks. As presenlty i have not got 7each so no marks for English.

    • I always recommend a proactive approach rather than to sit around and wait. Go do your IELTS again and improve your score. This will be much better for your case in general. Please refer to this online IELTS course if you need help with the test.

  73. Bala

    Hi Eugene,

    I’ve lodged my EOI with 65 points on December 18th 2015 for the Category 189(261313). What are my chances of getting an invite. Any idea, how long would it take to receive an invite?


    • All ICT occupations are given invitations on a pro-rata basis. This means that the wait is much longer especially for applications with less than 70 points. You can expect to wait for quite some time.

    • Divij Mahajan

      Hey Bala,

      Did you get an invite?

  74. Saif

    Hi Eugene,

    Can I submit EOI in 190 (55 POINTS) right now. Then upon completion of my 8 Years experience submit another EOI in 189 (60 points) after one month.

    Is this right approach? Because I think I will into the queue for 190 invitation and it saves my 30 days.

    Please advise.

  75. Haseeb Haider

    Hi Eugene,

    I applied on 10 august-15 for NSW state sponsor for 263111 (Computer Network and
    Systems Engineer). My points including the state points are 60 . this is already been 5 months. when can I expect the invitation? any idea

    • I would think that you may have to wait till it’s closer to the end of the financial year in June. More invitations will be given out if the overall migration program cap isn’t fulfilled.

    • Shaikh Haroon

      Dear Haseeb,

      I think u should have got NSW invitation in Jan 2016 as lots of other people have got it for 263111.

      Kindly confirm.


  76. Murthy


    I have submitted my EOI for 189 on 6th Nov 2015 with 60 pointsunder 263111-Skill set and am still waiting for the EOI can you please let me know the expected date of receiving the EOI??

    • ICT occupations are highly competitive. You can expect a long wait, especially with only 60 points.

  77. Alvi

    Hi Eugene,

    I am going to submitting my EOI with 60 points tomorrow. I am working in my company since 5th January 2008 as Electrical Engineer and will completed my 08 years experience today.

    Please tell me what will be the end date (Date to) should I fill in my EOI (employment portion)???.

    should I keep it left blank with no date??? or should I fill it with 6th January 2016. I am still working on this position in the same company since 5th January 2008 (08 years).

  78. Shams

    Hi Eugene

    For clients who have equal points scores, the time at which they reached their points score for that subclass (referred to as the visa date of effect) determines their order of invitation.

    This is written in DIBP website. What is mean by this sentence please tell me in more simple words????

    • Priority for invites is given according to the time of EOI lodgement. So for two people with the same score, the person who lodged first will get the invite.

  79. Chetan


    I am an electrical engineer and lodged my 189 EOI with 60 points on 31st December 2015 and lodged my 190 EOI on 15th November 2015 with 55+5 SS points. My 33 birthday is on 15th September 2016 and will lost five points in EOI for both subclass.

    What do you think Which invitation i will get first (189 0r 190) and in how many round ?

    Give estimated timeline, so that I can sleep with calmness.

    • Why is your 189 EOI for 60 points, and your 190 EOI also for 60 points? You should be scoring 65 for the 190.
      Looks like your points score needs to be recalculated. Please order our online eligibility assessment.

      • Chetan

        It was typing error ………..60+5 SS points in 190. What do you think Which invitation i will get first (189 0r 190) and in how many round ?

        • Engineers should have a good chance of getting an invite. Shouldn’t be too long a wait.

  80. Dileep

    Hi Eugene,

    I have filed EOI under section 189 for Management Accountant category on 26th Nov 2015. I have 65 points overall. When can I expect invitation ?

    I have updated only 1 family member (spouse) in EOI to be included in future application. However if I have a kid meanwhile before VISA application, can I include additional member or should I change the EOI if we are expecting a baby ?

    • Hi Dileep,
      70 points EOI for an Accountant takes roughly 3+ months wait. With 65 points, it will be longer.
      Please order our online consultation for specific advice about your situation.
      And for everyone reading and contributing to these comments, you may use the discount code “contributor!” for a discount on the consultation price! Enter the discount code at checkout.

    • Anvil Kabadi

      Hi Dileep – Did you get the VISA?

      Hi Eugene – Is the situation with Accountants the same as what it was a year earlier, ie, really difficult to get invitation? Is it the same case with Management Accountants (221112) as well?

      Please provide your valuable inputs

  81. Karam

    Hi Eugene,
    I had lodged 189 with 60 points for accountant general in Nov 2015 and I am planning to lodged 190 for NSW with 65 points I would like to Know what are the chances of getting invitation in 190 and how long I have to wait. Thanks

    • Accountants are facing a very long wait due to the high competition. But what other options do you have? Is it not better to have an application in vs non at all?

  82. kanwardeep kaur

    Hi Eugene,

    I have updated my EOI on 21 dec 2015 and now my points are 65 points for 189 ,70 points for NSW (including state sponsorship).So, I want to know how long to wait for invitation ? I have only 3 months visa left.

    Please advise on the situation.


    • kanwardeep kaur

      Under the category of 261313.

      • ICT occupations have a long wait. 3 months would be a minimum from what I’ve seen.

  83. Prathap

    Hey Eugene, can you please email me. I want to talk to you about my 189 Application and would like to take your service all the way until I receive my visa.

    • Hi Prathap, I have emailed you. Please check your inbox.

  84. Oleibro

    Hi Eugene,

    Please I would like to have a little more insight into how the invitations are being done. For example Agricultural Scientists hardly fill more than 130 out of the 1000 slots allocated to them each year. I learnt with 60 points one is not guaranteed an invite within the first 2 invitation rounds. Is it same across all professions? Or those professions with fewer applications get invitations faster than others even when applying at the same time with the same points?

    • First of all, invites are never guaranteed. The overall migration cap for Skilled Visas is split up between the occupations. And some occupations with less competition will be able to get invites with lower points and with quicker times.

  85. prathap

    Need your service for applying 189, 190 visa. Please email me your number to speak.

  86. lalit

    hi, I have submitted EOI for 190 visa in july 2015 for NSW with pte 6 score, experience of 8+ year based on MCSE certificate as per ACS,age score & graduation degree which was completed later..i would request you to know my chances to get an invitation.

    computer network & system engg.

    thanks & regards
    lalit gaur

  87. Eleni

    Hi Eugene,

    I have submitted an EOI for the 189 visa (general accountant), score of 60 points but haven’t received an invitation yet. I submitted the EOI in May 2015 and my graduate visa expires in May 2016. Is there a way I can extend my visa or any other visa I can apply for in case I do not get invited till then?

    Thank you


    • I would suggest the best action to take is to increase your point score. In particular I always emphasize that the time could be used to improve your English score.

  88. Sam

    Hi Eugene

    I have applied EOI for NSW state nomination under 190 subclass as Cook with 60 points and 5 points for state nomination on 11 Sep 2015. Still waiting for invitation. They are few people like me who have same condition.
    Is their any chances of getting Invitation as cook? As other Skilled occupation are highly getting more chances . Plz advice me any chance of cook getting early EOI ?
    Thank you

    • This will depend on whether NSW wishes to prioritize Cooks at this point in time, and to issue you with the invitation for state nomination. As NSW is a highly competitive State, they may be more interested in higher scoring applications.

  89. Ali

    Hi Eugene,

    The DIBP occupation ceiling and next invitation date is still not updated on website after 8th January round.

    One thing noted that they are issuing invitation upto 700 in previous two rounds (18th Dec 15 and 08th Jan 16) which less than ever.

    why next date not announced by DIBP yet and Why less amount of invitation issuing happening ??? this means that this years they decided to give less invitation then 2015?????

    • Hi Ali,

      The DIBP does change invite dates around and are usually quite late in updating their information online. It may be that they are still making their own arrangements. Invitations are given out as and when they see fit. If the migration program is not filled up, they may increase the number of invites later on towards end of June.

  90. Manish Sharma

    Hi Eugene,

    What is the cycle of allotment of Australian PR visa like 189, 190.

    For example :For USA , it request needs to be submitted by march and then by may june , results are being out through lottery system. So whats the cycle in case of Australian PR it from July -June?

    • Hi Manish,
      The migration year runs from July to June. Each year, a specific number of spaces will be allotted, and invitations will be issued throughout the year. Invitation rounds are normally twice a month, but have been slowed down to once a month before. Also, certain occupations may be capped or invites given pro-rata.

  91. riwaz

    I have applied EOI 489 and 190 with 60 and 65 points as cook on sep 11, Do you suggest any chances of cook to get invitation as i can see only Account and IT getting more invitation. Please advice for people like me who have appied from cookey.

    • Accountants and ICT occupations are having restricted invitations. It is the exact opposite of what you think.
      You will just have to wait or improve your points with a higher English score. I recommend these online English IELTS courses.

  92. Nicole

    Hi Eugene

    I lodge my EOI for 189 on 15th January 2016 for Speech Pathologist (252712) with 60 points. I would like to know how long do I need to wait for an invitation. I’m currently on a student visa, which will be expiring in less than 2 months.

    Please advise. Thank you :)

    • Currently 60 pointers with EOI’s submitted on or before 14 Dec 2015 should have received invites. It seems that the invites are starting to be given out again for the non capped occupations. It’s a good chance you’d get it in a few rounds. However, you should be prepared to take action if you do not get an invite close to your expiry date. Please email to explore your options.

  93. Bhanuprakash

    Hi Eugene,
    I have applied EOI for 190 Subclass visa on 29th Sept, 2015 claiming 60 points with ICT. However, I have not heard anything till date? What do you suggest me?

    Thank You,

    • I’d suggest improving your score with an IELTS English course.
      Think about it, it takes 4 years to get a bachelors for 15 points. And a Doctorate gives only 20 points.
      An IELTS score of 7 gets you 10 and 8 gets you 20 points. If you get the right help, your English should improve dramatically in much lesser time.

  94. Furqan

    Hello Eugene,

    My friend told me that, if we edited information in our EOI which does not impact on our points score then it does not have any impact on our time wise queue/standing.

    For example, if somebody updated his/her EOI with number of dependents (on new baby birth) or edited job experience end date after leaving/joining any job.

    is this right information that I get????

  95. Fahi

    I applied for 190 visa for NSW nomination with 55 points on the 20th of December 2015. I am an accountant and have been assessed for general accounting. I went through an agent and they advised me to raise my ielts score to gain an additional 10 points, so that I can increase my chances of obtaining my nomination. I have tried my ielts many times and to my utter dismay received the same results. All I want to know is if I have the chances of getting nominated within the 2 years of my EOI lodgement. Also my agent told me that the next back log quarterly clearance for 60 points will be on the 19th of February 2016, so maybe I could expect some news.

    • I’d suggest you listen to your agent whom I assume you already paid to provide you with advice.

  96. Chethan


    I applied for subclass 190 for NSW on the 2nd of feb 2015 for ICT support engineer – 263212 and received an invitation on the 15th of Jan 2016. However, when i try to apply, I do not see my skill listed there. Is this normal? Maybe expect the skill to be listed a few days later (within the next 10 days or so)? please suggest.

  97. hari

    hi eugene ,
    i have 65 points and applied for both 189 and 190 ss NSW in 6 jan 16. However, i already get invitation from regional 489 and that invitation will expire on end of January. I am bit confused, would i wait for invitation or will i carry on and applied for 489 visa. please suggest!

    • Apply for what you can and do not hog the invites. There are many people out there still waiting.

  98. Stella Swanepoel

    VERY interesting comments.
    VERY helpful for so many unanswered questions with everyone who has applied for EOI.
    A newsletter may assist with all the changes that constantly take place in Australia with visa applications.

  99. durb

    hi Eugene,
    i applied for visa subclass 189 with 65 points and 190 NSW with 65+5 points in January first week 2016 for accounting and my temporary visa will expire on late June. however, i also get invitation from regional 489 too and that invitation will expire next week. i am bit confuse, what shall i do and if i apply for 489 visa does it effect my 189 and 190 visa status. please suggest!

    • It is up to you to decide on your risk. Why would you not use an invite which you already have?

  100. rajesh


    I have applied EOI ( accountant ) with IELTS 7.0 for 489 family sponsor ( 70 points ). How are the chances . Applied first week of november 2015

    • Again, there are a very high number of accountants applying. The 489 invite will depend on your point score and whether they prefer to invite other occupations first.

    • Mike

      hi rajesh have you received the invitation yet or not as i have the same case i applied on 16th March 2016


  101. Piyumi


    I lodged my EOI on the 10th of January 2016 as a general accountant for the visa subclass 190 selecting New South Wales as my preferred state. Can I know the average time it takes for an accountant to get an invite from NSW? I’m in the process of looking for another job due to unavoidable circumstances. Hence I’m eagerly waiting for an invite before I have to edit my EOI with my new employment details. Would really appreciate if you could shed some light regarding this.

    • 70 pointers take around 3 months. The waiting time is constantly changing however.

      • Piyumi

        I have 60 points unfortunately. Does it mean that I’ve to wait longer?

        • Yes Piyumi, it will take longer to get an invite.

  102. Raj

    Hi ,
    I applied eoi for 190 for nsw on the 18 Jan 2016 for moter mechanic -321211 and with point 55+5=60
    What do you think how long I have to Waite for invitation ???

    • Shouldn’t be too long…probably a few months.

  103. deepak

    Hi I have 60 points dairy cattle farmer. Actually I want to know how much time will take to receive an invitation according to occupation

  104. deepak

    Subclass 190 for Australia when I will get my invitation for new 121313 occupation

    • I have no other applications for dairy farmer and hence will not be able to make a comparison on invite timings. The 190 is a state sponsored visa, and this will depend on how in demand that state finds your occupation to be.

  105. Ali Moin

    Hi Eugene,

    I am going to lodge my 189 VISA under ANZCO Electrical Engineer (263312) in next few days.

    What you recommend? should I have to submit old employment reference letter that was used in Engineer Australia skill assessment or should I take new updated reference letter from my company???

    I will also submit my recent pay slips and bank statement.In the presence of these document the updated employment reference letter is necessary???

  106. Hi Eugene,

    Hope you are doing good. I am planning to apply for skill-assessment (ACS) for PR 189 / 190 for ANZSCO code -263111 ( System engineer ). however my bachelors degree is in the field of commerce and my post gradudate (distance learning) diploma is into IT. Will this be an issue as my entire work experience ( 7 years ) is into technical profile. I am really concerned about how the skill assessment would take place.

  107. David

    Hi Eugene, I’m applying for EOI (General Accountant). I worked in retail store in Australia, which has a trading name (for example-Priceline) and a legal name (for example-abc pty lyd). The legal name is according to the ABN that shows in my payslips. So my payslips only show Abc pty ltd with Abn. The payslip s don’t show Priceline, even though it’s Priceline. I won’t claim any point for work experience. Now my question is, should I write Priceline or Abc Pty Ltd when applying for EOI?

  108. Sam


    I’m a professional qualified Ship Master. I got positive skill assessment form AMSA and they stated that i have at least 10 years maritime industry experience. But if i count only the sea service (perior on boards the ship) it comes around 6 years. Now how can i show to immi 10 years work experience? Note that we work on boards the ship at least 8 hours a day, 7 days a week without any holiday during 6 months contract. Is AMSA assessment letter enough to claim 15 points? If not how can i show my 6 years sea service as 10 years? Please advise.



  109. Wicky

    Hi Eugene,

    I see that you have answered many questions closely related to mine – I have lodged my 190 EOI with 70 points (including NSW +5 points) as an Accountant mid-December 2015. I know Accountants are quite in supply. Do you reckon I would have to wait about 3 months even for a state sponsorship?

    Also as per the SkillSelect website (, as of today (29.01.2016), only 30% of the slots for Accountants are filled (755 filled out of the 2525 quota) and for the 6 months of 2015/2016 program elapsed so far, they should have invited 50% on a pro-rata basis. Looks like they are lagging behind with regards to Accountants… Would you know why please?

    Many thanks! :)

    • 70 point accountants have taken around 3 months in my experience.
      They have limited the invites in this occupation so as to reserve the invites for higher scoring applicants.

  110. Harshith

    Hi Eugene,
    I launched my EOI(Electronics Engineer) on 17th of november 2015, 55 points for 189 & 60 for 190. I turned 25 recently and my EOI got updated to 60(189) and 65(190) respectively. Could you give me a possible idea of invitation time taken for Electronics Engineer. The only thing I am scared is that Electronics Engineer is in the Flag list and would be removed coming July.


    • You should receive an invite before July.

  111. sandeep

    Hello, I am planing to lodge my application for general accountant with 65 score after two months, i am in bit confusion should I apply for other country instead of Australia coz as i listen invitation is restricted for accountants and i will loose 5 mark of the age in August 2015 ?

    • I only advise on Australian applications, and not other countries.
      If you wish to discuss the strength of your application, please order the eligibility assessment .

  112. SP

    Hi Eugene, I have filed 2 EOIs under 190 with ICT-BUSINESS development skills and score of 60. One is for NSW and the other for ACT. This was in Aug 2015 and September 2015. I would like to know if there is a probability of getting a priority on invitation based on EOI filing date. Currently this occupation is in CSOL.

    • All EOI’s are prioritised by time and point score. Amending an EOI will reset its time priority. Also ICT occupations are on a pro-rata basis and so the wait in very long, especially with a low score.

  113. Nalluri

    Hi Eugene,
    From India. I am going for a skills assessment with VETASSES and later on for a 190. I am 34 years old and an MBA graduate with more than 10 years of experience in Sales & Marketing. My IELTS score is Overall 8 (Reading 9, Listening 8.5, Speaking 8, Writing 7). I scored 70 on a points calculator.
    My partner is a B Tech graduate with 8 years of experience in Software Testing and her IELTS score is overall 7.5 (Reading 8.5, Listening 8, Speaking 7, Writing 6.5). She scored 70 on a points calculator.
    What are the chances that we can get through a 190 state sponsorship? Your suggestions are much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  114. SP

    Hi Eugene, I had filed my EOI under 190 subclass for ICT BD occupation in Jan 2015 for South Australia and later amended the same in August 2015 by changing the same for ACT. I also filed an additional EOI in September 2015 with NSW for same occupation. I would like to know if my EOI would get priority basis Jan submission or would it be considered as per date of amendment done?  Also my occupation is in CSOL. Assessment score is 60 points. Look forward to your response. Thanks in advance.

    • EOI will be considered by amended date. You have basically been resetting your priority.

  115. jabed

    Hi Eugene,

    I am currently doing PhD in Victoria. When I have applied for the state nomination, they said, I have to first complete my study then I can apply for state nomination. I have not seen such rule in their website. Is this correct?

    My second question, is this same rule for EOI in boarder protection ? I have applied with 60 point on January. Can I increase my point while my application in the queue?


    • There are further requirements by the State in order to be eligible for the 190. We can look at these. Please order the eligibility assessment .

  116. praveen

    Hi Eugene,

    First of all i really appreciate you for taking time to respond all queries. Just reading your responses has given me a lot of insight on this process. Really appreciate it.

    I am an IT professional and I have applied an EOI for 190 on 21st Dec 2015. What are earliest chances of getting my Invitation?

    Thanks in advance

    • Depends on your point score and the state applied to.

      • praveen

        Hi Eugene,

        Thanks for your reply. i have applied for NSW State sponsorship with 60 points (55 +5 State sponsorship ) on 21st Dec 2015.

        Thanks in advance

  117. Mehdi Taheri

    Hi Eugene,

    Firstly, let me thank you for the time you put for detailed answers. It gave me a lot of insight. I had two questions. First, I have submitted my EOI for NSW visa 190 as Engineer Technologist (code 233914) in 24 Nov 2015. I have 60 points with English score 7.5 (8, 7.5, 7, 6)+ age 29+ my partner qualification+3 year employment. However, I have received no invitation yet which worried me. I have heard that this occupation is in flag-list and I may never get an invitation. I was wondering that if it is true!
    Second, is there any way to monitor the intake process to see how many is needed and how many were invited till now?
    All in all, I would be thankful to have your suggestion about my case.

    Many thanks in advance,

    • You will only be able to review what is available on the skillselect results page.

  118. Krish

    Hi, i cannot see the results of invitation round for 22nd january 2016 with updated ceiling. When do you think it will be published?

    • This depends on their webmaster.

  119. Nusrat

    Hi Eugene,

    I have just lodged two EOIs 189 with 60 points and 190 with 65 points (NSW) under ANZCO Telecom Engineer 263311 on dated 03-Feb-2016. I would like to know when I will get my invitation?? please forecast in months.

    What are the chances which invitation will i received first as per recent timing trend???.

    • Receiving the invite is just a matter of time. Possibly a few months, but the invites have been increasing lately.

  120. alvi

    Hello eugene,

    Why DIBP invitation wise ceiling is still not updated yet after 22nd January 2016 round??

    What do you think what are the round dates of this month???

    • They always take some time to update the website.

  121. ali

    Hi ,what is the meaning of ‘ APPLY VISA’ on my skill select page against visa 187 and 186 category.

  122. Aurangzeb

    Hi good day
    My name is ahsan. I am an automotive engineer. I want to lodge application in 190 subclass.
    I have 55 points .ilets+engineering degree+age
    5 points are less.
    So my question is that
    if i apply for state nomination at 55points. Its the right approach or not? It would be hard or easy for me to get invitation by state.
    if its right then how long it would take normally, i mean the whole process? Also i have nominated my degree in mechanical.

    I will appreciate your quick response.

  123. Ann

    Dear Eugene,

    I have applied for 190 sub class for NSW for Software engineer position on 1 July 2015 through a MARA agent. I scored 60 points. I have 12 plus years of IT experience. Still not received the invite. How can i check by self if I have got a invite as my agent says i haven’t got a invite yet. How much time it would take for 60 points scorer to get invite for SE position. Thank you

    • I’d suggest you use your agent’s services. Did you not pay for them? Was is a MARA registered agent?

  124. Paresh

    Hi Eugene
    Thanks for all the info tou have provided. Just one question. How long would it take to get the state nomination invitation for australian graduated registered nurses with 60 points. Is there a quata for the high demand skills or is it same with every one when it comes with state nominations. Your reply is valuable.

    • 60 points is not high, however nurses are in demand. There is no quota for any particular occupation for State Nomination. It depends on what the State wants at that point in time. I would hope to get an invite in a few months.

  125. patel

    Hi Eugene, I’ve already applied EOI subclass 190 (Anzsco 261313 Software Engineer). I’ve total 2 years of experience in india and 1 year in austrailia. So, I’ve total 60 points and I lodged EOI on 4th Sep 2015. still not been invited. My question is how long immigration would take for invitation?

    • The EOI stays in the system for 2 years. ICT occupations will take a long time due to the number of applicants and also due to the pro-rata system.

  126. Paresh

    Hi there

    How long do you think would it take to get an invite for 190 visa for registered nurse with 55+5 points.

    • This depends on the state you applied for and if they have prioritised other occupations before nurses.

  127. lalitha ts

    Hi Eugene,
    I have applied for 190 visa on 29/01 with 70 points(65+5 SS)-when can I expect the invite?

    • 70 points should get an invite rather quickly. It also depends on your occupation.

  128. nazza

    Hi Eugene, I have submitted my EOI in August 2015 with 55 point as general accountant ,I didn’t get invitation now my graduate visa is about to finish ..will my eoi will be valid if i get student visa or not , according to the above information it says it will cancel i f visa is granted or refused but i am bit unclear,could you please shade some light .
    Many thanks in advance

    • Your EOI will stay in the system for 2 years. It is removed on visa approval or refusal…this refers to the visa you are applying for, and not your student visa.

  129. Sinu Sen


    I am applying for Skilled Independent 189. I am not including my spouse now in the application. But I would like to apply for her as my dependent later after a year or so after my PR is granted. Kindly advise me as to what should I select for the fields “Are there any family members the client would like to include in a future application?” and “Would the client be accompanied by the client’s partner in a future application?” in the Skillselect while submitting my EOI for me alone.

  130. Magued Tawfik

    hi Eugene,
    i submitted my EOI ( construction project manager -133111) visa 189 with 45 points – visa 190 with 50 points and i got an EOI ID meanwhile am improving my IELTS score to get the 10 points to be -60 points for visa 190.
    N.B: i got a positive vetessess assessment
    Ielts score: L:7.5- R:7.5 S:7.5 W: 6.5 overall band 7.5 (but still considered- 0 points)
    *till this time what is the situation of my EOI???
    *this periode will affect my EOI until i get the extra 10 points???
    *should i delete visa 189 as even with the 10 points it will be less than 60?

    My points breakdown are:
    age :15
    english :0
    education qualification :15
    sate nomination :5
    experience overseas :15

    *Any advise to increase my points other than IELTS as am still fighting for the half points :( ?

    Thanks for your advise

  131. Ibraheem Khan

    Hi Eugene,

    I have submitted my single EOI with 60 points for 189 and 65 points for 190 in New South Wales under 263311 (Telecom engineer) on 12th February 2016. The occupation ceiling of telecom engineer now reaches at 471 out of 1000 after 2nd Feb 2016 round.

    What are my chances to get invitation of 189 and 190 and importantly please tell me which invitation will come first 189 or 190?

    • There is no way to foresee which one will come first.

  132. NSK2015

    Dear Eugene,

    I got my invitation for 189 PR on 4th Feb but my ACS got expired. I got the new ACS points on 11th Feb. Can I use the invitation with new ACS points to apply for VISA?

    kindly help.

    • Your application will have to correspond with your EOI points.

  133. Helen

    Dear Eugene,
    I lodged an EOI in Victoria for University lecturer (242111) on 15th Feb with 65 points (included the point from the invitation), I had 7.5 IELTS but got only 6.5 in writing, so I cannot claim any point for IELTS. Do you think I have any chance for an invitation and when can i expect to receive it? Should I go for another IELTS to improve my points? Much appreciated your help.

      • Helen

        Thanks Eugene,
        All other factors are very good and backed up by strong evidences, I had 9 year working experience as university lecturer overseas and three years in Australia, had PhD in Australia and more than 7 years staying in VIC; the only Problem was my Age (42) and that I could not Claim Points for IELTS. It’s been 2 weeks since the day I submitted the application, but haven’t heart anything from them. Do you think I should wait a bit longer, or try another test and submit another application instead? And also: does it allow me to submit 2 applications like that?

        • We will have to do a thorough assessment to find out what your circumstances are and what options you have. Please go ahead and order it here.

  134. Zahid Fazal

    Dear Eugene,

    I have submitted one EOI in Skill select with 60 points for 189 and 65 points for 190 in New South Wales.Suppose, I received 190 NSW state invitation and not interested in it.

    Is this refusing will impact over my 189 invitation??? or it will not impact on 189 and i will received invitation also in it?????.

    • No, it will not affect your 189. The EOI stays in the system until it is removed.

  135. Karuna

    hi …! I have 55 points with ielts score 0.I am an Architect by profession with 10+ years experience.Bit confused with subclass 189 & 190.Can I apply with 55points in subclass 190 for state sponsorship in NSW ? Is there any hope for Architects with 55 points. Also heard of priority based occupation are invited first …so confused .Please suggest .

    • Yes, you may apply with 55 points if it doesn’t include the State Sponsorship points.
      Please order the eligibility assessment and I will be able to calculate this properly for you.

  136. Nicole DeVito

    Hi, Eugene. Thank you for all of your helpful replies! One more question, does my degree have to be in the field that I have experience and am applying for? I am applying for a 189 as Human Resources Manager and have had 8 years experience in the field. However, my Bachelors Degree is in Agricultural Science ( I was a Pre-Veterinary Medicine student ). I have been managing Vet Hospitals and doing HR work for the businesses with whom I’ve worked for. My official title has always been “Practice Manager” or “Manager” but never “HR MANAGER” as my specific title, though I was responsible for HR work and can provide a letter of employment saying so from previous employers. Does my experience count? Please advise. Thank you so much!!

    • Hi Nicole,
      I’d suggest that we look into the details of your work experience in order to answer your questions. Please order the eligibility assessment .

  137. Hi i apply my eoi in nsw for 190 visa with 60 points in june 26, 2015 ,but still waiting please any one can help me how long it takes in system analyst IT field.

    • ICT occupations are pro-rata, and will therefore take a longer time, especially with only 60 points.

  138. Vahid

    Dear Eugene Liu

    I’m civil engineer 233211 assessed by EA . IELTS :L6.R7.W6.S6.5. Overall.6.5 . I’ve lodged EOI with 55+5 points for 190 NSW on 5th January 2016. I’d like to ask what is the probability to be invited? And how long should I wait for it?
    I also think of 190 NT which is not competitive unlike NSW as an alternative. What is your suggestion about it?

    Thank you in advance for your attention
    Best regards

    • Engineers have good chance of getting invited. I am not able to give suggestions unless I know your entire circumstances. Please order the eligibility assessment and I will be able to analyze your other options.

  139. sam

    Dear Liu, I belong to training & development profession (223311). i hv already received positive response from VETASSESS. My IELTS score is 7.5. is this occupation available to apply in any state or shall i wait for new occupation list?

  140. Naveen

    Hi Eugene, I submitted my EOI for Management Accountant for 189 with 65 points on January 7th. My sister is staying in Melbourne, if I apply 489 I will have 75 points. I have a question, if I submit EOI under 489 and get invitation am I still eligible to invitation under 189 as well if I meet all the points criteria. Can anyone get two invitations simultaneously (say with a gap of 30 to 40 days? Please clarify..

    • If you indicated that you are also applying for the 189 in your EOI, then yes, it is possible to get another invite for the 189.

  141. Mittal

    I have done ACS with SOL Developer Programmer. Total calculated getting 60 points. PTE preparations is going on. Should I launch EOI for 190 / 189 by assuming I will get competent English score in pte. If I will go for 190 I will get total 60+5 = 65 points. Should I wait for PTE result or should I launch EOI. My wife has to score 4.5 in IELTS as dependent as she has not done her batchlor in English medium. She has given IELTS but waiting for result. So should I wait or should I launch EOI and what is a chance to get invitation?


    • I do not recommend EOI’s based on future results. If you end up getting an invite before your results are in, you will not be able to apply anyway. Also, this will take away a valid place from someone else for 60 days. No one will be able to use the invite.

      • Mittal

        Thank You Eugene,

        Now I got my PET results and I score more than 50 in each exam of PTE Academic(Spk Wrt Rd Lsn).
        Today I have launched my EOI for 189(60 points)/ NSW 190 (60 + 5 points).
        As per current occupation ceiling for Developer Programmer :
        2613 Software and Applications Programmers ​ 4544/5364 only 820 left.
        Results for 9Mar and 22Mar yet not declared, so may be last 400 only remaining now.
        For 190, I have no data.
        What are my chances? Do you recommend me to appear one more time to get 65 each in PTE or should I wait?

        Thanks & regards

        • Please remember that the places left are for spaces up till the end of June. There should be a new Cap after July.
          If your EOI and documents are done properly prior, then it should just be a matter of time. If you are not well prepared, then you risk messing up your application. These matter are not “up to chance”, but it is understanding the system and being able to plan it to suit your life that makes a difference in obtaining PR.

          • Mittal

            Thank you Eugene,

            Appreciate your quick response.


  142. jason

    Hi Eugene,

    The posts are very beneficial to people who are trying to migrate. I have a few things to ask. I have received an invitation from SA with Subclass 190 last week. Is it confirmed that I would receive AU PR provided medical and crime records are clear? My occupation list is under SA nomination. Or can I wait for the occupation list change since I prefer moving to other state? When is the occupation list changes in 2016? looking forward your reply. Thank you.


    • PR can never be confirmed by anyone. Only the DIBP issues the visa itself and therefore no one else can give a guarantee. If they do, they are either not a MARA agent, or they are in breach of the code of conduct.
      The SOL/CSOL lists may change in July, however the State lists can change at any time. ACT just added a number of occupations.

      • jaon

        is there any states offering state nomination for electronic engineering technician?

        • Hi Jaon,

          This is covered in the eligibility assessment. Please order here.

  143. Summer

    Hi Eugene

    You have been helping a lot with your detail information. Thank you for taking out time for all the queries.

    I have been considering to apply for visa 189 and 190. I studied Masters in Clinical Counselling and I am eligible to CSOL Counsellor nec.

    However, my question is, if i get 189 or 190, do i have to work in the same field of Counselling for 2 years or am i allowed to do any work but be in that state for two years? As it is so hard to find the job in the specific field. Please help.

    Thanks in advance.

    • You are not bound to work within that profession, if granted the 189 or 190.
      The 190 requires that you intend to live and work in the sponsoring state for 2 years, at the point of application.
      I suggest we do an online assessment to sort out your options and figure out what is best for you.

  144. Daniyal Khan

    Hi Eugene,

    You are doing marvelous job as registered MARA agent that others not performing in true spirit. GOD Bless you for replying queries of mankind in such details really appreciated.

    I am telecom Network engineer submitted my 189 eoi under 263312 ANZCO on 14th February 2016 with 60 points. As ceiling after second round of February 2016, the telecom invitation now reach at 502 out of 1000.

    Please tell me any chance of getting me invited upto second round of march 2016 or first round of april 2016????

    My 33rd birthday is on 30th April 2016 and will lost my 05 points.

    • This is hard to predict. There are more invites given out, but with only 60 points and 2 months, you may miss out. I’d suggest increasing your point score immediately.

  145. Yahya

    I have submitted my 189 EOI on dated 12-Feb-2016 in Electrical Engineer with 60 points but not get invited on 17th Feb 2016 round.

    I was expecting an invitation but not get please tell me why i not got invitation in this round.

    • You can’t expect an invitation just 5 days later from your EOI, especially with only 60 points. There will be thousands of people ahead of you.

  146. siva

    Hi Eugene,

    I have received an invitation to apply 190 visa. What are the consequences if I cant commit minimum stay of the state sponsorship? Does State sponsorship require job offer for technician occupation?

    • This is a question often asked which has a complicated answer. I’d suggest a consultation.

  147. paresh

    Hi Eugene,
    I have applied for state nomination with 55 +5 points( registered nurse, NEC) on 3rd march 2015.
    Do you think I would get an invitation before july this year.
    Thank you.

      • Paresh

        I meant march 2016

  148. Pinky

    I would like to know if a candidate despite having an occupation listed in csol gets a preference for the visa invitation if his score is 70 points and above?
    Thanks in advance.

    • One of the priority factors is point score. You would get preference over a 65 pointer, but not over a 75 pointer.

  149. Sushma Dhital

    Dear Eugine.
    First of all thank you for your information.
    I am an Enrolled Nurse currently working in an aged care facility since 6 months.
    Completed Diploma in nursing from TAFE.
    Overseas Registered Nurse( Nepal) for 3 years.
    Overall I have scored 55 points plus 5 point as a state Nomination.
    Could you please tell me the chances of getting invited for 190 subclass visa NSW?
    Thank you.
    Best regards,

    • Nurses are in demand and have a good likelihood of getting invites. However, it is not up to “Chance”. The overall success of the application does not only depend on getting an invite. In fact, the preparation prior to the EOI and invite are the most crucial.

  150. Rommel Recondo

    Hi Eugene,

    I would like to ask how to claim points for English Language Ability. Does Proficient English (10 points) means the Overall Band must be atleast 7.0? or each category must be atleast 7.0?

    I am planning to submit an EOI. I am an Electrical Engineer with 7 years of relevant experience in my profession. I am at 55 points right now with out the IELTS.

    Thank you

  151. Bhavi

    Hi Liu,

    Thanks for all information provided on your question is I have submitted my Eoi on 13 of November with 60 points (including nsw ss 5) 190 on Management accounting .my sister in law lives in Melbourne and she is willing to sponsor me under 489 my question is can live in Melbourne and work in any field to be eligible for 887 after 2 years.thanks in advance

  152. Jen

    Hello Eugene:
    I submitted my Eio last year in may with 60 points but for any reason my solicitor change something in my Eio and Now my date of effect is 06 of jan 2106 but i still have 60 points, he didnt update my score. what do u think i can do?

    • I would suggest that you change solicitors. This change which he did should have been discussed with your prior to the change so that you know what the risks are. If he changed it, but your score didn’t go up, it would seem to suggest that he had put incorrect information in previously. The only reason you would reset the EOI time is if there are more points. Not much you can do now but wait. However, I would re-evaluate whether or not the help you are getting is competent at migration law. If he’s a solicitor, he may not know the migration system at all.

  153. Jengoa Tamunobele

    Dear Eugene,
    I have 60 points for mechanical engineer. I initially had 60 points last September but when I turned 40 in October I lost 10 points, I later regained the points after scoring a minimum of band 7 in each of the four parts of the test last Month (February 2016) . What chances do I have to be get an ITA for 189 or 190 (NSW)?

    • Well done for being pro-active and increasing your point score. It is nice to see someone who is serious about migrating and who will take action.
      60 points is the minimum, however, your occupation is not under the pro-rata scheme. I’d say it should be a matter of a couple months wait.

  154. Wasim Raja

    Hi Eugene,

    Greetings. I am applying for EOI for ICT business analyst 261111 for subclass 189 and 190 with 60 points for 189. Is the waiting period will be long as there will be people applying with more points than me. Or is there any other criteria based on which the invitation is issued. Also to get a status sponsorship (subclass 190) for ICT Business Analyst, is five years of work experience is required to get the 5 points. Thanks

    • This is a very competitive occupation. you can expect a long wait. If you need help with calculating points, I’d suggest an assessment.


    Hi Eugene

    You have been helping a lot with your detail information.I have submitted my EOI with 55+5 points for 190 in New South Wales under 263311 (Telecom engineer) on 28th December 2015.

    What are my chances to get invited.Thank you.

    • Many are waiting just like you. Getting an invite is not about Chance. It is a matter of knowing how to use the system and plan ahead so that it will fit with your lifestyle.

    • Paresh

      Bro did u get an invitation.

  156. Vishal

    Hi Eugene,

    I am Software engineer and submitted my 189 EOI under 261313 ANZCO on 27th February 2016 with 60 points and for NSW 65 points.As ceiling after first round of March 2016, the Software Engineer invitation now reach at Approx 4762 out of 5364.

    I have two queries as below
    1.What are chances of getting me invited for 189/NSW 190 up to second round of June 2016 ?
    2.My 33rd birthday is on 26th June 2016 Whether I will loose 5 points and this will affect next round?

  157. Kevin

    Hi Eugene,
    If I get the invitation to apply for 189 visa at a later time when my ielts has expired (but valid earlier at the time of submitting EOI), in this case will the test need to be retaken? What are the chances for a registered nurse to apply for 189 visa with 60 points in total? Thanks for your reply.

    • Nurses are in high demand and you have a good chance as long as the documentation and evidence is all correct. I’d suggest you subscribe to our newsletter or send a written enquiry to You will receive a free ebook covering essential visa concepts such as the Time of Invitation requirements.

  158. Singh

    Hi Eugene, I have applied for 189 visa as a MBBS doctor with 60 points only on 10 March. All legitimate points. Please let me know status of 189 for doctors and when should I proceed invite. Thanks heaps.

    • Did you manage to get registered as a Doctor in Australia yet?

    • Singh

      Hi Eugene, I am fully registered to practice as doctor in Australia.

  159. yogesh

    Hi Eugene

    You are doing a great job by providing valuable information for all aspirants. Thank you for that.

    I have got an invite from NSW for 190 and my only doubt id that my EOI did not have any dependent details and I was not intending to take anyone with me if in case i get a visa. But i have got married of late and have a kid. So I had to select No of dependents as “2” in NSW application. Would this affect the decision?

  160. Soozey

    Hi Eugene,
    I have submitted my EOI for 189 with 60 points and 190 with 65 points on July, 2015. I am still waiting for an invitation. Do you think I have any chances of getting invitation by July 2016??
    Or do I need to apply for regional but at the moment we don’t have any regional options as I heard it been closed for NSW now for the certain time??

  161. Suhas

    Hi Eugene,

    Thank you for providing so much information and replying to queries regularly.

    I have a question-
    What happens if I apply for EoI and then upon getting the invite, dont apply for visa?
    I am still in dilemma on when to go to Australia if I get Visa, and may end up deciding to apply later after few months.
    Will I be penalized in any way, if I previously had got an invite and didnt apply within the stipulated time (2 months)?

    • Well, your invitation will expire and you won’t be able to use that invite. Also, you would have deprived another person from applying within that time period. It is however, up to you to decide whether or not you are serious about migrating to Australia.

  162. Lakshmikanthan

    Hi Eugene,

    Thanks for the detailed article. I’ve applied for my 189 and 190 for NSW as a Software Engineer and I have 75 and 80 points respectively.

    I’ve also applied for my 190 for Victoria as an ICT Project Manager and I have 85 points on that application.

    When can I expect to get an invite?


    • Those are very high scores and honestly quite rarely do I see such scores. I often times do see that people claiming 80 points and above have calculated their eligibility wrongly and end up with a failed visa application, as well as a wasted visa application fee.
      I’d suggest highly that we check your eligibility for you with an online assessment.

      • Lakshmikanthan

        Thanks for your reply Eugene. Really appreciate it.

        I think my points calculation is accurate. I’m 32 (30 points), have score 90 on PTE Academic and above 80 on all four sections (20 points), have over 8 yrs experience relevant to ICT Project Manager (15 points), have a Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering (15 points) and state sponsorship gives you the additional 5 points for my 190.

        With my Software Engineer application (as ICT Project Manager is not on SOL for NSW and 189), only a portion of my experience was considered relevant (I’m in an executive role for the past few years, which is not considered related) which brought down 5 points; and hence a 75 on my 189 application and 80 on my 190 for NSW. I’ve completed my ACS skill evaluation for both ICT Project Manager and SW Engineer and I’m calculating experience years based on the skill assessment result.

        I’ve already gotten the invitation from Victoria, but in the interest of being able to move jobs across the country, I’d prefer a 189 over 190 (the 190 feels more restrictive at lease psychologically). But I’m not sure about the timelines to get an invite for 189 and I’m torn between the “bird in the hand” approach vs. getting locked down in Victoria for the next two years, while I might find good openings elsewhere. Please advise.

        • If your points are correct, you should have good chances. However, there are no guarantees. I’d use the invite.

      • Lakshmikanthan

        I got an invite for both 189 and 190 and I’ve applied for my 189. Do you think I’ll be getting the visa within the next month or so?


        • If you make the application, the processing time is still 3 months.

          • Lakshmikanthan

            Thanks for the replies Eugene. Things have been moving in the right direction so far (touchwood) and my visa status is “Assessment in Progress”. I initially didn’t upload my Form 80 and I uploaded it right after they asked and it’s been in this state for about 3 weeks now. I had a few questions that I think you’d be able to advice me on:

            1. If the only additional information they asked was Form 80, can I assume that the other documents I uploaded have been accepted and there are no further complications, subject to the details in Form 80 being accurate?

            2. I know you’d mentioned elsewhere that the time it takes from this point on, purely depends on the case officer’s workload. But, my current job is at risk because of some financial re-org happening in my company and without a PR, it’s really hard to find another suitable opening at my level. So, just to plan my next steps, is there any hope that I’d be getting my PR before the end of May or end of June time period? Again, I know this varies on a case by case basis, but I’m just asking for your expert opinion, based on your past experiences to plan my next steps.

            3. If I leave Australia, will the application continue as-is? Can I just update my address and not worry about that affecting the processing times in any way?

            Thank you once again. You’ve been a God-send.


  163. Jenny

    Hi Eugene,

    I applied for both 189 & 190. I just got an invitation from NSW which will be expired in 14 days.

    So if I send my document to NSW, Can I still get an invitation for 189?

    Am I correct that as long as i dont submit visa to DIBP after the outcome from NSW application, then I will still have a chance to get 189?

    Many thanks

    • A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. I believe this saying is particularly applicable here.

    • Zulfi

      jenny, when you applied for 190? and what was your score? and what is your duration for receiving reply from NSW?

      i am waiting for last 8 months with 60 points

  164. Thomas

    Hi Eugene,

    Its been very helpful reading your blog, appreciate the effort you put in to respond to all the queries with such detail.
    In my case we had received the 189 VISA invitation in Oct 15, and lodged the VISA application in Dec 15 for ICT Business Analyst. In early Feb 16 we received a mail from DIBP asking for more documents for spouse language ability, it was uploaded in a couple of days. Since then the status is “assessment in progress”.
    From your extensive experience, would you know how long it may take for a response from DBIP, as its well pass their 3 month SLA.
    Look forward to hearing from you, your response would be reassuring. many thanks

    • It really depends on the case officer’s work load. As you may have heard, there have been many strikes since the merging into the Australian Border Force.

      • Thomas

        Thank you for letting me know. I wasn’t aware of these developments.

  165. Sujatha

    Hi Eugene,

    I am Software engineer and submitted my 489 (Family Sponsored) EOI under 261313 ANZCO on 17th November 2015 with 60 points .
    What are chances of getting invitation before July 2016.

    • Depends on which State you applied for and their demand for software engineers, as well as the number of other applicants they have. I’d say this occupation has a long wait.

  166. Phani

    Hi Eugene Liu,

    I am very much appreciated for your work,
    When come to my scenario, I have logged my EOI on 17-Dec-2015 – for Visa – 189 and I have subscribed for Visa 190 also on 20-Jan-2016.
    But in my EOI account “View EOI” it displaying the submission date as 20-Jan-2016.
    So in this case which date is considered for Visa – 189, when can I expect my invitation..?

    Phani M.

    • Perhaps you didn’t click the submit button in the EOI? It will be the date which it states in the system.

  167. Nishu

    Hi Eugene

    Just wondering if you could tell me a few things:

    1. i have 55 points all together and want to apply for both 189 & 190. when i fill the skillselect form, by selecting 189 i get 55 points and by selecting 190 i get 60. So is it right for that form to show these many points even though i have not got any nsw invitation yet? just concerned because i dont want to be wrong in showing my real score. is there any chance for me to get invitation from NSW state.
    2. since for engineering technologist only 87 seats are left for 189 visa, when (which month) do you think the next seats will come up?…

    • You will have to understand what points your score, and for which application it applies to. I believe they should refresh their yearly cap in July.

  168. Joy

    Dear Eugene,

    1. Does notary certification have any deadline? I got all my ACS and DIAC documents notary certified in November 2014 from an agent whose commission expires in 2017 which is mentioned in his seal. Since notary certification costs money and time (too many scans, printouts), can I have an updated date seal alone printed by the notary and have him sign on it or ….? I haven’t applied for ACS or DIAC yet and am planning to soon.

    2. For partner skills points, apart from language, age and other factors, will DIAC consider that partner work exp is also in the last ten years or will take the word of ACS for final? In the sense, my partner’s ACS assessment results were positive and is valid till Nov 2016 ( as she applied in Dec 2014) but her last suitable work exp was in June 2008. I am wondering why ACS didn’t mention that her results are valid only until May 2016, as after this period, her work exp will start elapsing if the last ten year time period is considered. If we are invited to apply only by June 2016 or July 2016, a month or two of her work experience will start elapsing. Will DIAC disqualify this or will take ACS’s word that the results are valid until Nov 2016 and give 5 points for partner skills?


  169. Amit Kumar

    Wonderful article for the people thinking for moving Australia like me. I am a post graduate from India and working as software test engineer with 7 years experience in the same field.
    It would be a big help if you can provide me a solution for below question:-

    One of my previous employer has closed it’s operation in India and I worked with that almost 1.6 years. I have each document provided by employer. But as the employer is closed now and changed company name, so its not possible for me to get Roles and Responsibilities letter. Now what I can do in this case. (I donot have contact for the employees of this company)


    • Hi Amit,

      I’d need to sign you up as a client before being able to provide specific advice. Please order the online consultation.

  170. bumjun kim

    Hi, Eugene

    I have applied for a family sponsored visa with the 60 points and have found that only those people who got 65 points will be able to get the invitation. Is this true or do I still have a chance to get the invitation. If not, I need to get a sponsorship(457visa) because my graduation visa will be expired this June 2016. Can you give me any advice??

    Thank you for your help and time

    Happy Easter!!

  171. Joe

    Hi Eugene,

    Thanks very much for your insight news. I do have a concern for my application 189 as I applied in January 2016 for general accounting with only 60 points. Is there any chance of getting invitation by next May because my visa is expiring by then?


    • I’d doubt that the invite will come by May. You have the minimum points in a highly competed occupation.

  172. Ing

    Hi Eugene,

    I have received an invitation to apply for visa 189 last week. On the EOI, it requested for the “Date of Skill Assessment”. However, I am still waiting for my skill assessment result which will come out in two weeks. So on my EOI application, I put the date when I applied to get my skill assessed. Now that I have received an invitation, I understand that I have 60 days to submit my visa 189 application. I am planning to wait until my skill assessment result to come out then apply for it.

    My worry is on the visa 189 website, it said’if you provide incorrect, false or misleading information on your EOI, your application might be refused”. Does this apply to my case as I have provided the date when I applied for my skill assessment not the date I got my skill assessment result? I am over-thinking about this?


    • Your application will fail. You have provided wrong information which let to an invite being issued. This is due to not understanding how the EOI system works, and should have engaged a migration agent to deal with your application.

  173. Deepak

    Hi Eugene,
    I am a B.Pharm Graduate with 5.5 years Experience. i am yet to appear for PTE. skill select is (Age= 30 points, Qualification= 15 points, Experience= 10 points, PTE= 10 points, Partner Skills=5 points : total= 70 points) apart from state sponsorship of 5 points if i apply thru 190. i am applying for job code 225412 (Sales Medical and Pharmaceutical). i can see this as closed in all states and in supplementary list in Adeliede. what are my chances of getting invitation and then getting PR VISA through 190 subclass. ?

  174. jawad


    I am about to finish my studies in few months, I need to take some break otherwise I will complete my studies in 1 year instead of two, my course is registered for 2 years.

    My question is I am working as a Software Developer for a company since last 10 months, if I complete another 2 months will I be able to claim 5 points? I am working 20Hours/Week only. Will they consider 1 year as half year?

    My Qualification: BS-CS
    MIT(Enrolled Currently)
    IELTS: 7Each

    Experience: 2 years one year during and one year after studies. 10 months in Australia (20/week). I am just concerned about 5 points, I wanna apply before I complete my MIT, I dont wanna wait till November if possible.

  175. Hi Eugene,

    Thanks very much for your insightful comments. I do have a concern that i recently just applied eoi for 189 with 60 points for accounting in January and i have no idea what to do now because the threshold remains at 70. Do you have any idea how long it is going to take before i can get mine?

    • Either try and improve your score, or ensure you have enough time to wait it out.

      • Jack

        Hi Eugene,

        Thanks for your reply. My 485 visa will end by next May. So, im not sure if that is enough time for me to get it?

  176. Samson

    Dear Eugene,
    I submitted my EOI on 24th March,2016 for 135112: ICT Project Manager in 190 sub class as my job code is in CSOL.
    I have 80 points (including state nomination points).
    What are my chances and what time frame can I expect for a response to my EOI.


    • It’s a good score and you should get it fast. 80 points is quite rare. Are you sure your points are calculated correctly? I’d suggest we do it for you with an eligibility assessment.

  177. Fahim

    Dear Eugene,

    I launched my EOI for Electrical Engineering on 24th December 2015, under visa 190 with 60 points altogether.
    I still have not received any invitation and today is 31st March 2016. Any specific waiting time you have on mind? I do not mind the wait as I moved onto Graduate Visa (485), however, if there is any waiting time you could suggest would be great.

    best regards,

    • It shouldn’t be too much longer, although it depends on the State and the number of other applicants at the time. I’d suggest that you get the 485 visa prepared.

  178. Dan

    Dear Mr. Liu

    Thank you very much for running such an informative migration forum and taking a time to answer all of these queries. I also need to give you a little trouble in regards to working experience and skill employment assessment please.

    I have a year of graduate working experience in accounting (20 hours paid) from Australian company. When I applied to get skill employment assessment from CPA for general accounting, an outcome was negative saying it did not meet the depth and complexity of the accounting framework, although my work experience had covered wide range of tasks. When I contacted to CPA asking why it didn’t meet the requirements despites of my legitimate documents, they replied me, it’s because an entry level.

    Now, would you please advise me whether I still can use that experience to claim 5 points for my PR process? I had even called to Skill Select Department, one of the representative advised me to include whatever legitimate documents I have during application of EOI. But, I am still not sure.

    Your suggestion would be much appreciated.

    Thank you

    Kind regards

    • Your CPA assessment will be relied on. If it is negative, I’d suggest you address the shortcomings and get a positive assessment before applying. I am able to help with this process if you submit an enquiry.

  179. Girish Adsule

    Hi Eugene,

    I am Engineer and MBA (Financial Management). I am working as Executive Assistant to Group CFO in large scale manufacturing organization in India. My work experience is relevant to Management Accountant skills. Is it necessary that I need to be a qualified cost accountant / chartered accountant/CPA to work in this field in Australia?

  180. Samson

    Hi Eugene, thanks for your expert advice and suggestions. You are rendering a great help.

    I have submitted my EOI (190 Sub Class) on 24th March, 2016 for 135112: ICT Project Manager.
    My skills, work experience and education were assessed by ACS and I have scored 85+ in all the modules of PTE with an overall score of 86. I have 75 points (Excluding State Nomination).

    What do you think are my chances of getting an invitation.


  181. Shammi

    Hi Eugene,

    After 1st PTE attempt(10 points), i had submitted my EOI for visa 190 with 55+5(sponsorship points) for Victoria.
    After 2nd PTE attempt(20 points), my total points in if updated would become 65+5(sponsorship points).

    So, should i go ahead and update my EOI with new score? The reason i am asking this that Victoria sponsorship site had asked for score too. So, won’t there be a mismatch in my scores in skillselect and scores with liveinvictoria website.

    • The States take your score from the EOI system.

  182. Alex BUI

    Hi Eugene,

    I have been reading through your blog and I am really impressed by the way you promptly response to all the questions.

    I just have some questions that I need your help. I am going to apply my EOI in June. My situation is that I am having 55 points right now. By 27th May I am gonna have 5 points from PY. On 5th June I am gonna have another 5 points because I turn 25.


    1. Should I create the EOI as soon as I get 60 on 27th May or should I wait until I have 65 points on 5/6 (as you mentioned earlier when I edit my EOI I need to queue up again so is it there is no point I apply on 27th May? )
    2. Exactly when will I get extra 5 points for my age? If Bday is on 5/6, is it I get 5 points on 12am of 5/6 so that I can apply on 5/6 morning. Or should I wait til 6/6?

    Thank you so much for all your kind consideration

  183. Hamid

    Dear Eugene Liu

    The great help from your side.
    My Case: (General Accountant)

    EOI Submitted 31-Mar-2016 = 189 (60 points) and 190 (65 points).

    1) I will get additional 5 points on 3rd June 2016 (Only 2 months left)
    Should I wait 2 months more or can I mention advance date in my employment section?

    2) According to your knowledge, After submission of EOI. 190 (State) getting invitations with 65 points or not? if yes then which state and when?

    3) My CAE test is
    Reading = 210
    Listening = 205
    Writing = 196
    Speaking = 187

    Will this score lead me into top of the list?

  184. Mulham Sabouni

    Hi there,
    I submitted my EOI on June 15th 2015. Till date, there is no feedback. Is this normal? I am starting to lose hope. I have solid 55 points and looking for another 5 for subclass 190 nomination. My application was prepared by a specialized immigration agent and I got my degree recognized by “Engineers Australia” as an engineering technologist. The process of documents preparation started on Aug.2014 . This is taking forever :( .. hope you have an idea about my situation.


    • I’d suggest speaking with your agent. I do not know the details of your case history.

  185. Martin

    Hi Eugene,

    Thanks a Lot for the helpful information you have provided. But my problem is slightly different. I have submitted an EOI with 60 points and been invited to apply for a 189 (skilled independent) visa. My visa application is now being processed by the department but what is bothering me is that I am 44 years old now and received 15 points for my age but if processing of my application takes longer than a certain time, I will soon turn 45 and lose the mentioned 15 points which as you know, would be extremely hard to compensate for. This has left me with a deep concern. I just want to make sure that once I am invited, I will not be assessed against the points based system once more and consequently increment of my age will not harm my application. Obviously, I can and have provided enough evidence to fully support all of my EOI claims.

    Thank you very much in advance for your kind attention and reply.

      • Afshin

        Thank you very much indeed,

        I downloaded your free ebook but what I got was a file named “view” with 12.7 kb size. I could open it only with a browser. There was written “Loading…” with a box below it but nothing else happened. All on all, I was unable to use the ebook. I wonder if you could send me a pdf version or whatsoever?

  186. Neeru

    Hi Eugene
    Just quick question. I have applied for 190 NSW state nomination on march 3 2016 with 55+5 points with registered nurse being an occupation. Do you think I would get an invitation before july this year.


    • Nurses have good chances. I’d think you should get an invite before July.

  187. Arvind

    Hi Eugene

    I would be applying under 221213 (external audit). Will i be asked for work experience ? I’m not claiming points for it. Would it be enough if the documents i submitted for getting qualification assessed, are the ones i submit to PR application as well?

  188. Gurminder Singh

    Hi Eugene,

    I have EOI in 261311 category 189 visa WITH 60 POINTS on 11 march 2016, if i want to submit 190 to get 60 + 5 ss =65 ,
    should i submit new EOI?
    Edit the same?, editing same will change my date of submission?
    Or should i wait ?

    • Any change of points will reset your time. However it may be worth it for higher points. In your case however, there is no real substantial increase in points and may not be worth it.

  189. Vijay

    Hi Eugene

    Its been very useful reading your blog and I sincerely appreciate your effort you are putting in to respond to all the queries with such detail.In my case ,I would like to know the minimum points we need to get an invitation for ICT system analyst under 189 visa ?

    I currently have 65 points ?Are they sufficient or do I need 70 to get an EOI ?

    Looking forward to hearing from you,many thanks.

    • 60 points are the minimum for all cases. However there are higher cut offs for different occupations. This is because of the higher demand in those occupations. This does not mean you cannot apply. In fact it is still better to get an EOI in as early as possible.

  190. Engine Sam

    I am Computer Network and System engineer, and my total points at the moment is 65. Will I be able to get invitation soon?

    • There are many factors to consider here, but ICT occupations can expect a long wait.

  191. Daniyal Aziz

    Dear Eugene,

    I have lodged 189 VISA application on 21-March-2016. Kindly give me rough idea/forecast when case officer will assign to me?

    Your response will give relaxation to me, as one of my friend get case officer allocation e-mail lodged application on 24- March-2016.

    Why case officer not assigned to me yet even i lodged application before him.

    • This is a large variable and depends on many factors. Your friend’s case has nothing to do with yours. I’d suggest you contact the Department if you need help, unless you engage my services.

  192. HasAus

    Hello Eugene,
    I accidentally came across your forum. I must say that you have a lot of patience to respond to every thread. Please share your thoughts on my case too. It is a nail biting wait situation.
    Below is my profile:

    ICT BA with 65 points.
    EOI – 31 Mar 2016 (190 visa for NSW)
    How long do I need to wait for the invite..Any prediction for my case?

    • ICT BA is a highly competitive occupation. I’d estimate numerous months.

  193. Kaushik

    Hi Eugene,
    Amazed at your endurance to reply to every comment. Kudos to that!

    I am in the process of applying for skill select assessment. I would like to understand how the assessment works.

    I have around 9 years of legitimate professional experience and have bachelors and masters degree. Here is the timeline..

    Sep’2002 – Jun’2006 (Full time Bachelor of Engineering)
    Jul’2006 – Jul’2010 (Software Engineer job)
    Aug’2010 – Jun’2012 (Masters in Computing) Note: Graduation date Jun’2012, but converted to part time in between and started work in Jul’2011.
    Jul’2011 – Dec’2011 (Research assistant in Processor design) A bit of from software engineering but included stuff like requirement understanding and programming albeit for hardware.
    Jan’2012 – Aug’2014 (Researcher in software technologies, most of the job scope matches with software engineering)
    Aug’2014 – Sep’2015 (Software Development lead)
    Sep’2015 – Mar’2016 (Web product manager but included some of software engineering scope, doubtful if this will be considered as software engineering)

    With this break up, could you give me your estimate on the skill assessment result?

  194. Anisur

    Hi Eugene,

    Its being very helpful reading your advice here. I submitted my EOI a month back on 190 visa with 60 points on ICT Business Analyst and waiting for NSW nomination. I know this is a competitive occupation and trying to improve my English score to get additional 10 points.

    My question is more statistical. NSW declared 4000 applicants to be nominated during 2015-16 (I think up to 30 June 2016). According to DIBP published results, NSW nominated 2667 applicants so far for all occupations. Is that mean still 1333 nominations/invitations are pending for this period? Do you have any statistics by occupation and point on nominated 2667 numbers (I mean details breakdown or any reference)?

    Appreciate your prompt advice. Thanking you in advance.

    Best regards,

  195. Nisha


    I just submitted an EOI for both 189 and 190 visa with 55 points for Engineering Technologist (despite seeing that the seats for 189 visa have been filled already). Just wondering if my application will be accepted by NSW state nomination with which I can get 5 points and total of 60 points. Can you advice me how much chances are there (looking at the current scenario)? Also how much is being taken by NSW for usual cases?


    • There are no official occupation limits for state nomination. They will invite depending on their current needs. You would have to check your eligibility for state nomination and also be aware of the differences with this visa.

      • Nisha

        Thanks for replying. I think I am eligible for state nomination as I fulfil the minimum requirement. And my points are like:
        Age : 30
        Education : 15
        English : 10
        Degree assessment: +ve for Engineering Technologist
        And if I get invite NSW state nomination: 5
        Altogether it will make 60 points…
        I am just wondering about the current scenario? Do you hear people getting NSW state nomination for just 60 points and that too in Engineering Technologist occupation. And how long does it usually took for some of your clients?? From this, I just want to have a clear idea whether to wait for a while or just go for higher english bands. Please let me know from your knowledge regarding people with just 60 points.


        • Yes, 60 pointers do get invites. It depends on the the State and the occupation, as well as the time you have available to wait.
          It is usually better to apply asap and then work on improving your score.

  196. Prasad Shinde

    Hi Eugene,
    My name is Prasad.
    I am planning to apply for 189 skilled visa under Accounting skill and would like to get 5 points for my partner.
    She also has an accounting Masters
    My question is:
    What is the required IELTS score for her?
    Does she have to get her Masters degree assessed from CPA?
    If she does then can she simply do a provisional assessment which one does for visa 485 (since the IELTS requirement is just 6 in each band for that)


  197. Rashi

    Hello Eugene,

    A great initiative and thank you for taking time out for queries.

    Is it a good idea to submit multiple EOIs for different states under 190. I have applied for NSW couple of days back, and also thinking of lodging another EOI by selecting ‘any state’ option. Does this have a negative impact in any way ?

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    Thanks for it,

    • No negatives. You just have to be aware that you must intend to live and work for at least 2 years in the sponsoring state. Also, you need to know your eligibility for each state.

  198. Saud Iqbal

    Hi, i have lodged my application on 60 points at the start of November 2015 and my TR is ending during the month of July 2016, if i dont receive my invitation during this period what options would i be having left to continue with my visa.
    ps I am still trying to improve my PTE score to 79 ea continuously but not getting it. please can u advice me to something. thanks.

    • This will depend on your circumstances. Some are able to get 457 sponsorships or stay here longer as tourists, among other options.

  199. Arun

    hi Eugene
    I have submitted my EOI dated – 9.2.16 for NSW 190 State sponsorship. My points breakup is 55+5 60points. Please guide in how much time I would get invitation. Age- 30 , Edu.- 15 , Exp- 10 Ielets-0 & 5 points state sponsorship.

    with Regards
    Arun Kumar

    • Hi Arun,

      It depends on which State and which occupation you applied for. Waiting times are also constantly changing.

      • Arun

        I am Mechanical Engineer with 7 yes Exp. and I have applied for NSW.I just want to know what is approx time to get invitation. my score is 7 liste. 6.5 speak. 6 reading 6 writing

  200. Natalie

    Hi Eugene,

    How would the EOI calculate the points? Can you see your total points after you fill in everything?

    • Hi Natalie,

      The points calculator will show your total points at the bottom of the page after you have entered all your details in.

  201. Mazyos

    Greeting ,
    I intend to apply for PR 189-263111 (Computer Network and Systems Engineer), and already I received ACS assessment, but I’m still waiting to take IELTS test in near future.
    My question is :
    1- When SOL will be updated (Remove or Add ) skills list for 2016-17 programme year ?
    2- The chance of me to catch this year 2015-16 is weak as the ceiling is almost full for 263111, and I plan to apply in the coming SOL 2016-17 which will be published, so does 263111 will remain in the new SOL of 2016-2017 or no ?


    • Mazyos

      Added one more point :
      3- If I applied for EOI after all my other related doc be ready, would my running experience be count on the application if I proved that by new experience certificate from my employer or I need to get new ACS assessment to include my running experience on it then apply EOI ?


  202. Seraph Loona

    Hello Mr. Eugene

    I have submitted EOI for 190 Visa (Engineering Technologist) on 16th dec 2015 with 60 points including 5 from state nomination for NSW. Still i have not received any mail or invitation. I updated my EOI on 10th March,16 and made it open for all states. But on 18th april, 16, again i changed it to NSW in hope to get invitation. Am i missing anything in between ?? This is really frustrating not getting invitation from state. I got assessed with IELTS score but during the submission of EOI, can i add PTE score ?? Should i have to wait for invitatiom or is there anything which is to be done ? Please help me out.

    • You most probably reset your priority by editing your EOI. 60 pointers will take a long time to get an invite. 60 points is the minimum score.

  203. Mohit

    Hello Eugene,

    i’ve submitted EOI on 5th April’16 and at that moment of time my work experience was 2 months short of 5 years. my total score was 60. In coming June, i’ll have my 5yrs completed. so will my EOI score automatically be updated to 65 upon meeting the 5 years mark ? Pl suggest.

    • you will need to have a skills assessment which supports your work experience claim.

  204. Arun

    I have applied for NSW , I am mechanical Engineer with 55 points 5 points claimed from state sponsorship. I have applied in month of Feb 2016 what are my chances of getting invitation.

  205. Peter

    Hi Eugene
    I am Slovak born and educated( Master degree) Registered nurse currently practicing in UK. In July I will be 5 years registered as nurse in UK and I worked in Slovakia for 8 years as military nurse. If I am right I should score 70 ( aged 32 ). But I was told by one MARA agent that even with 70 points I probably wont get invitation and visa 189 as many other nurses have more points. Do you have experience with my situation or he was just playing me wrong.

  206. Raghavendra

    Hi Eugene

    Its good to see you answering all our questions here, thanks for your help.

    I have submitted EOI for 190 (Software Engineer) and VIC SS letter. Had 55 points with competent IELTS (6). Myself working on 457 in Melbourne for 3 years and my spouse since 2 months, did not claim any points for partner skills, following are my questions.

    1. Looks State Sponsorship has no cap on occupational ceilings as such, so how soon can i expect the letter given the competition and time of lodging EOI.
    2. Is there a place where i can check how many applicants applied for 190 VIC/NSW ?
    3. Will state sponsorship letter confirm us to get a Invite?

    Please reply.


    • States do not have a cap. However, they still choose the best candidates and will invite applicants only when the needs of the State allow for it.
      Look for the skillselect page.
      Most likely.

  207. Rommel

    Hi Eugene,

    Your thread is very helpful. I just want to have an insight. I recently submitted my EOI last 03/28/2016. Electrical Engineer with total of 60 points including +5 points for State Sponsorship in NSW. Do you have any experiences concerning the timeline of an ITA for my occupation?

    Your response will be highly appreciated.

  208. James

    Hi Eugene,

    I have got an invitation last week, and now I am getting my docs ready. But I have just realized that I did not inform or edit in EOI a change in employment, which happened 6 months ago. The change was to a sister company to previously employed company, and still having the same job title as an System Analyst. Would it affect the invitation result?

  209. Brian

    Hi Eugene,

    I am interested in applying 190 visa for Victoria. My question is if I am granted the visa 190 in Victoria sponsorship and later on I get a job opportunity from any other state, can I request the immigration department to allow me to live in that state? If not, what are the other options I can work out.


    • I’d suggest that we do an assessment for you to look into the other states which may be an option for you. I will also be able to clarify this question with you.

  210. Umar Akmal Ali

    I have lodged my 189 VISA application and case officer requested me to provide new born child’s name through request letter and agree to send separate request letter for my child after knowing her name.

    I have uploaded child’s passport and birth certificate and send email to case officer on 13th April 2016 but he is not responding. I have also send a reminder e-mail on 20 April 2016 but not any response from case officer.

    I also have to complete medical examination for me and my wife but I am waiting for my child’s HAP ID, so that all family member take medical examination appointment simultaneously. The 28 days response deadline that case officer give me will be completed on 8th May 2016.

    Please suggest should me and my wife appear in medical examination without our child???


    We should wait for my child request letter with HAP ID then appear in medical with child?????

    • Please ask your case officer these questions. I can only help you out if you become a client.

  211. PR chaser

    Hi, recently i noticed N.T is added external auditors. At the movement i have 50 points+ 489, 10 points= 60 and on sept ill turn 25 there i can apply for 190.

    My question :
    1) should i apply for 489 NT now before rules change or it gets removed to be on a safe side and later apply for 190 and get my P.R. or should i just wait till September till i turn 25 and then apply for Pr via 190 = 55+5=60 points.

    2) I have noticed the minimum score for accountants to apply for 190 is 70 for an invite. Is it 60 points for SS as an external auditor. if so, in the future by the end of this year any chances so it also getting raised to 65 or 70?

    3) If i apply for 489 NT. They are asking 1 year work exp, what sort of evidence they require? do i have to get it assessed by CPA? Or just a letter from the company is enough? Please give me the exact details regards the documents required to show evidence.

    4) I had given my PTE test in Dubai, but my work experience is in India, so if submit documents from two different countries would they think i am faking my work experience? Can they check which country i went on holiday’s and the duration of it. For example: can they check how long i was in Australia or Dubai etc.

  212. Yogesh

    Hi Friends,

    I applied for subclass 190 in my EOI with 55 points on 22nd Nov 2015 for Developer Programmer – 261312 and awaiting to get Nominated by NSW. Can anyone please help to know when I can expect the EOI response or who apply before with 55+5 (NSW state sponsorship) and got response at what date?

    Skilled – Subclass 190(NSW) | Developer Programmer – 261312

    ACS +ve Outcome
    PTE(A) Results (Overall – 5)
    22/11/2015 – EOI Submitted for NSW with 55 pts + 5 pts(State Nomination)

  213. Neel

    Dear Liu,

    Good morning, I have lodged my EOI on 22nd nov 2015 for 189(system analyst) with 60 points, could you please advice me the wait time. One more the thing the time I have lodged my EOi my skilled assessment is valid and now it is expired will case be considered. When can i expect my invitation and how long will it take..?

    Please advice,
    thank you,

    • The cutoff right now is 70 points. Also you will need a valid skills assessment.

  214. Reza

    Hi Eugene,

    My information is as below:
    – Civil Engineer
    – Assessed by EA
    – English : L6.5, R6.5, W7, S7.5
    – live in Perth in time of application
    I have sent an EOI for NSW 190 on 22.JAN.2016
    so my question is; till today i haven’t got any invitation from NSW, do you reckon I need to wait more?

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Really depends on your point score. A few months is not a long time to wait.

  215. pallavi

    Hi Eugene,

    Thanks for taking out time to respond to all queries so promptly and in detail. I have scored an 8 in IELTS and waiting for the skill assessment results so that I could go ahead with my EOI. I have the below doubts :-

    1) I am hoping to lodge my EOI by may 6 th, provided I get the results by then. In that case, can I expect an ITA in the May 11 or May 25 slots? I am hoping to get a total of 75 points post the assessment.

    2) I am going to apply in 189 sub class under the computer and network engineer code. I see that the the limit for that is 1986 and ITA sent till date as per the website is 1920. Is there a chance that I will run out of luck if I dont get invited by May 11 , when the last invites go out ?

    3) In the above case, should I submit the EOI in 190 as well , or would it not be applicable once the limit reaches
    4) What are my options if the occupational limit is reached? Does the new financial year start in July ?

    5) Will I get to know about the clearances and forms that need to be submitted in my ITA or should I start preparing them now ?

    Thanks in advance

  216. Igz

    Hi Eugene,

    I have lodged my EOI for 189 (general accounting) on 22nd April 2015 with 60pts. So far no invitation :( . Do you think there will be any chances of getting invitation at all by the end of this year?

    Also, if I try and score 70pts( I can manage IELTS 8 with some practice as I was very close to it last time I did it) will that increase my chances of getting invite ?

    • The cutoff right now is 70 points, so you won’t get an invite. You should be trying to score 8 in the IELTS.
      Please have a look at these courses which may help.

  217. Anny

    Hi Liu,

    I have lodged visa application against 190 sub class for NSW on 22nd March 2016. Could you please tell me how long would it take to grant a visa?
    PS. I am applying through an agent, so have no idea about CO

    • You should speak with your agent. Isn’t that why you paid them a fee? If you are not being able to communicate with your agent, I would be very doubtful if they are able to provide a competent service to you.

  218. Virk

    I have submit EOI in March 2016 NSW 190 states sponsorship with 60 points under category 242112. Is there any chance of positive EOI. I am waiting desperately.

    • I haven’t done many in your occupation so I’m not sure of the timeline involved. I’d suggest that you take the time now to improve your points score rather than just waiting around. I recommend improving your English as a good way to do this. You may be interested in an online course:

  219. Eugene Tran

    Hi Eugene,

    I am holding 485 visa and currently doing professional year. I can only apply for EOI after July as I am still waiting for my PY to finish and get the cert. However, my TR is expiring in October. Is there any way to extend the visa unless the EOI is given before my TR expires?

    Thank you!

  220. Gagan

    Hi Eugene,

    I have lodged my EOI on 20th april’16 for 489 visa. following are details.

    Total points- 60
    25- AGE
    Positive skill assessment from EA on 18th April’16 (OCCUPATION -TELECOM NETWORK ENGINEER -263312)

    When i can hope for my visa invitation ?

    • The last round for the 489 visas issued invitations to applicants with 70 points or more up to the 18th of April. 70 points is the cut off right now. You will probably have to wait till the new quota comes out and hope that they drop the points cut off.

    • Lakh

      Have you received invitation

  221. Kumar

    Hi Eugene,

    I have submitted my EOI on April 25, 2016 for NSW under class 190 visa with points being (55+5=60).
    The occupation is civil engineer. Please advise usual time for obtaining state nomination on an average for such occupation. Is there any way to track the number of applications before me under same occupation.
    I know that there is no time frame set for issuing nominations. Will there be any communication regarding successful or unsuccessful outcomes.


    • There is no tracking of time taken unless you work in the DIBP itself.
      Processing times vary due to many factors. A successful outcome will have a notification.

  222. Rabz

    Hi first of all thanks for yours excellent services. I just wanna ask you what u reckon about generel Accountants with 65+5 points. I have updated my eoi on 18/04/2016 with 65 points for 189 and 65+5 for 190. Is there any possiblity i will get invited ??

    • For accountants, in the last round, the cut off was at 70 points for the 189 visa. You will need at least 70 for a chance at the 189.

  223. Pawan

    Hi Eugene,

    I have 65 points now and submitted EOI in last month. I will complete 40 years(age) by September and will be losing 10 points where I will have only 55 points. My question is do I need to get the visa approval(Grant) by the time I lose my points or getting EOI approval before September is sufficient? Thanks.


    • You need to meet the minimum points at the time of invitation. Please read my ebook about these concepts.

    • Rohit

      Have you received any invitation yet….

  224. Faisal Ali Khan

    Hii Eugene,

    I have lodged 189 VISA application on 23 March 2016.The CO assigned to me on 15th April and requested for medical and I appeared in medical exam on 10-May-2016 whereas clinic has submitted my medical reports to DIBP on 13th March 2016.

    Please give my any rough idea or estimation how long I will get my 189 VISA.

    Remember that the employment verification already done in April 2016.

    • I’d suggest you coordinate with your case officer on any advice you need. I do not advise on specific cases unless you are a client.

  225. Nobia

    I submitted my EOI in Nov 2015 and haven’t got any invitation as my occupation went on special condition. If I update my EOI now would it push my queue in later stages for this year’s nominations or should I update it on 1st July to be considered first?

    • Any EOI update which changes points will put you at the back of the queue.

  226. Barry

    Hi Eugene,

    I have applied for a 489 visa having 60pts as an electrician. I am using my family member as a sponsor.
    I was made redundant from my 457 Perth job around 8 weeks ago when the company went under and I’m missing out on the extra 10pts I need to apply for 189 visa due to not scoring superior English (writing by 0.5 ?)
    I know that the invitation rounds are only issuing 5 invites for 489 visas at the moment.
    My question is, due to electricians being an in demand am I likely to get an invitation on this visa within a month?

    Many thanks,

    • It is doubtful to get an invitation in a month. I’d suggest you work on your writing. 0.5 points can easily be overcome.

  227. RD

    Hi Eugene,

    I appreciate your efforts and time which you take out to answer people’s query.
    I posted the query on 13 May but not sure how it is not showing on the forum.

    I submitted by EOI on 5 May for SC 190 at 60 Points with ACS approved ANZSCO 261111 . ACS deducted by 2 years of experience which was otherwise 4 years so I lost 5 points there.

    Any idea will I be getting any ITA ? If Yes, Any idea on invitation rounds and how soon it can be?

    Thank You In Advance.

    • ICT have a cut off in effect due to the highly competitive nature of this area. Also, your score is rather low. I do not think that you will be getting an invitation any time soon unless there is a drastic drop in applicants in this occupation.

      • Ahmed

        What you say if i have 65 (190 NSW) and 60 (189) with ACS approved ANZSCO 261111. Is there any chance to get invitation in next couple of rounds from NSW or independent?

        I have file my case on 25th May, 2016.

  228. Nadeesha

    I applied two weeks ago for the EOI and I have 70 points for 189 and 75 for 190. How long will it takes to get an invitation? I applied under general accountant and tax accountant.

    • Accountants will take a longer time to get invites. You can get an see who has been issued invites if you study the skillselect page.

  229. Yasir

    Hi Eugene,

    I have applied for 189 in 263111 with a total of 65 points. Could you tell me if I can expect an invitation soon ? Also I have submitted a sponsorship application for Victoria as well. Do I have to wait to hear back from them before selecting 190 in my EOI or can I select it right now even though I don’t have a state sponsorship at the moment. I only want to go to Melbourne and am not interested in other states


    • Hi Yasir,
      I am able to advise on the sponsorship process. Please look at ordering a consultation.

  230. Mohamed Ahmed

    Hi Eugene,

    I’ve made EOI few days ago!
    My nomination occupation is Analyst Programmer – ANZSCO 261311
    ACS had considered my Microsoft certificate (on 2011) as a Diploma; not my BS although I hold a BSc in Statistics & Computer Science.
    I hold a BS degree so that I had applied for Points test advisory at VETASSESS who considered my degree as a BS
    I’m really confused:
    My experience is 10 years while what I understood according to ACS my experience is post qualification achievement.
    Now is calculated as post my BS degree or Post ACS Diploma!
    Even more does DIBP will consider VETASSESS outcome letter or only ACS as they are the occupation assessment authority?

    I hope I asked my question clearly!

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon!

    • Each occupation will have a specific assessment authority. You need to have obtained all these documents before putting your EOI in. If not, I would think that you probably wouldn’t be able to submit a valid visa application.

  231. Eve

    Hi there,

    I lodged an EOI on 18/05/2016 for 189 under 251411 (optometrist) 18/05/2016 and scored 75:
    – Aged 30 (30 points)
    – IELTS 9,8,8,9 (20 points)
    – Bachelor of Optometry (15 points)
    – Experience of 7 years (10 points)

    Am I delusional to expect an invitation in the next 2 rounds?

    Many thanks for your time.

    • That’s a good score. It is very possible to get an invite in the very next round.

  232. Omar

    Hi Eugene,

    My occupation just hit its ceiling and I am just now ready to submit my application. Should I submit it now or wait till the beginning of next round (July 1st 2016)?


  233. Rennerose Davas

    Dear Sir,
    Reading above comments is really helpful. Thank you for the info, Please keep up the good work. I am a Registered Nurse currently living in designated area with my aunty in QLD, I’ve applied for 489 (family sponsorship) last 05/05/2015.
    Aged(24)-25 pts.
    English- 10
    Another Diploma-5
    Family sponsorship- 10
    Total 65
    On the 23rd this month I updated my EOI to 189 (NSW State nomination with 60 points).
    Currently I have 2 EOI running. What will happened to my applications? Do you think I will get an invitation.
    Caused I am thinking just to wait till I reach 25 next year in order to have 30 points or have one year experience in Nursing. As I read the DIBP website, If you are applying under 189 you are automatically will get invited, Is that correct?
    I really appreciate your help!


    • It is useless to have 2 EOI’s running. It just messes the system up. What is the point of that? You only have one truthful set of details.
      For my opinion, please order an online eligibility assessment

  234. Qaiser Ali Shah

    I have 55 points (30 for age, 15 for B.Engg: Electrical degree and 10 points for IELTS). I have no work experience.
    Am i eligible for 190 SS Western Australia without any work experience????

  235. Kshitiz

    Hello Eugene

    Good Evening

    Yesterday I got an invite to lodge visa application under subclass 189 for 261111

    I had a query regarding one of my overseas employment tenure.

    In the EOI I had mentioned my overseas UK employment for my same Indian company from 14 Jan 2011 till 19 Nov 2011. While in actual when I check my UK tax reports it is from 14 Jan till 20 Nov 2011. Subsequently my employment back in India started from 21 Nov 2011 but I had mentioned 20 Nov 2011 ( as my UK employment end date I mentioned as 19 Nov 2011).
    This date change has no affect on my points claimed.

    Now the dilemma I have is what dates should I mention in e Visa form? I am also not aware what documents is required to prove my stay in UK from 14 Jan till 20 Nov 2011.

    Can you please help me with this.

    Kindly let me know in case you need any further details from me.

    Many Thanks

  236. SP

    Hi Eugene,
    I so appreciate ur efforts…great job.
    I have communicated to you on this forum previously too.I have applied for visa subclass 190 in the field of ICT BD (in july 2015)with a score of 60.On your advice of improving the score I re-appeared for ielts n luckily managed to score 7 bands in each,thus leading to a +10 to my score.Hence I ammanded my eoi on 24th may with a score of 70.My question to you is,now can I expect any positive feedback from the state.

    • excellent. I like to hear about pro-active people. Now you have a good chance of an invite. The cut-off score is 70, which you now have. You’d probably still have to wait past July though.

  237. Ahmed

    Hi Eugene,
    I posted you yesterday but i don’t find my post and your answer now, posting you again, ll appreciate if you can attend.

    I have submitted my EOI for 261111 category with points 60(189) and 60+5(190 NSW) today. What is the chance in % for invite? and how much rounds i will be needed to wait, and will new SOL put impact on my case? I am unable to find current trend on internet that on how much score, people are getting invites under this category..

    Secondly, I have checked ACS vision, society has vision that they are focusing on Digitization in different segments and on the same agenda currently i am working. I have a skillset which is vision of ACS. So how i can communicate it to them so that it add weightage in my case. because currently I have submitted my case straight forward with ICT business Analyst experience, which is written on my all previous experience letters.

    I am very much confident that i am with skillset, which world is demanding, but unable to find out the way to communicate it to some there, because system works on predefined filters.

    Thanks and Regards in advance on detail answer on 1st and 2nd part of question..

    • The posts here get filtered through a spam filter and will take some time to appear.
      Look at the skillselect page for statistics.

      If you need to communicate with ACS, go to their website.

  238. Prashant Hirani

    Hi Eugene Liu,

    I have submitted my EOI on 04/04/2015 first with 60 points (55+5 state sponsorship) for ANZSCO code 2611 – System Analyst. I have updated the EOI in February as from February 2016 on wards there is a change in my points.
    Now my points are 65 (60 + 5 state sponsorship). It’s been more than a year of waiting with 60 points and more than 4 months waiting with 65 points. My IELTS score is 6.5. Can you please share your thoughts or give me expert advice on how long it should take more ?

    • That is because the cutoff point for your occupation is 70. No one below 70 is receiving invites.

  239. Fiona

    JuSt wanted to know how do skill select invitation round for visa subclass 190 work?
    Are the specific dates each month?
    Also how does the state communicate with the selected candidate?

    Thanks in advance.

    • You may refer to the skill select page for the specific info on each invitation round.

  240. Sam singh

    I have applied eoi with 60 points in cook occupation. . I have only one tear experience. But i am completing my 60 points.. its been 4 weeks i didn’t heard anything. .. how long does eoi usually takes ?
    Please reply me i am really worried.

    • May take many months. The EOI sits in the system for 2 years. Some 60 pointers may never receive an invite.

  241. Jatin

    Hi Eugene,

    I have applied my EOI for 189 visa with 65 points on 30 May 2016 for Software Engineer(261313).
    Can I expect invitation in June cycle?


    • 1 month may be too quick to expect an invite.

  242. Senthil Kumar

    Hi Eugene,
    Hope you doing good!

    I really appreciate your extended help that you are keep doing since long time.

    If you could through some light on this area would be really helpful. What is the criteria to gain point under “Australian Work Experience” and are the documents required?

    I worked in Australia under 457 Visa close a year (9months) but, if I count my visa validity it’s 15 months and 13 months if I count dates mentioned in the offer/assignment letter.

    First time – Visa validity period: 29 January 2013 – 15 July 2013
    Second time – Visa Validity period: 26 July 2013 – 26 April 2014

    If I’m not wrong, as per rule, one should work for at least 12 months to gain points. But where is the checkpoint how the immigration team validate this?

    Anticipating your response.

    Senthil Kumar.

  243. Aks


    I submitted by EOI on 25-May-2016 for NSW SC 190 at 60 Points with ACS approved ANZSCO 261313.

    1. Is my point sufficient to get invite?

    2. If so, any idea about wait time?


    • 60 points is low for ICT occupations.

  244. Dhillon

    Hi dear ,I have 5 years paid experience as a cook in Australia as well as my skill assessment is also approved. Recently, certIII in commercial cookery , certIV in advance diploma ,I got 6 in each band. I just want to confirm from you that how long it will take to receive an EOI as a cook? From NSW for 190 visa class ..

    • Depends on your point score, and how competitive your eoi is.

  245. PolarBear

    Hello, I’ve recently applied for a 190 for New South Wales with 60 points, is there any chance of an invite with this maybe before July? If not was thinking about doing the Ielts again to try and get more points to go for the 189. Any advice or help would be most appreciated. I applied under the code Registered Nurse Critical Care and Emergency (ANZSCO) 2544-15

    • Although nurses are in demand, it may still take more than a month for an invite.

  246. mohankumar.h

    I am planning to apply for PR under 190 visa, because i have total 60 point(55 + 5 (state)) , I have total 12 years of experience in IT field. Can you tell me the chance of getting invitation with 60 points under 190 visa.


    • It’s not about chance. It’s about whether you have the time to wait for an invite, and whether you are able to increase your score. The IT field is very competitive.

  247. karthika

    Hi Eugene liu,

    I have applied for 189 and 190 general accounting and external auditor with 60 points and with pte 69+ on feb 1st 2016. and for taxation accounting on may 25th both 189 and 190. so I applied 6 applications what are the chances of getting an invitation in july? as we all know that points ceiling for accountants is 65 now but how about external auditor. do I have any chance in that. my biggest issue is my visa will expire on aug 19th.

    • You made 6 EOI’s? This will not help you at all. It will just make the system even more clogged up.

  248. SANDY

    Hi Eugene
    I am currently doing my third semester, Master Professional Accounting which will finish in Nov 2016. I will finish my degree in June 2017 (as I am doing 4 semester study to get 5 points for Australian 2 years study). Because the things with SOL are tight I am trying to apply for Visa 189 before July 2017 (just in case things changes in next SOL for Accountants). As you know CPA does have some requisites as in what subjects you may have covered for positive assessment, I will cover all of them by the end of third semester. I am also planning to get my IELTS done before I finish my Third sem (so by Nov 2016). I do hold Bachelor degree from India in Commerce. My question is to get a positive assessment from CPA, can i apply for it when I pass my third semester and not wait until I finish my Master Degree (which will leave the things for too late as I don’t want to wait for next SOL).
    Will appreciate your advise.

    • Depends on your prior degree. Was it also in Accounting? We would have to look at your details to see if you can pass the CA requirements.
      Please order an online eligibility assessment

    • Ayush Wadhwa

      Hi Sandy,
      I have the exact case as yours. Have you applied for na eoi yet?

  249. ahmei

    Hi Eugene,

    I am currently an accountant for 3 years as of date and was an external auditor for 5 years. Which one should I nominate for skills assessment with ICAA that will give me a more % of likelihood to be invited by SkillSelect?
    I’m worried because Accountant is included in the list of flagged occupation whereas External Auditor is not included yet. I was thinking maybe external auditor has the more likelihood than accountant but what bothers me if external auditor requires higher points?

    Please advise.

    Thank you!

  250. Kamran Baig

    Hello Sir,

    I have Lodge my EOI on 10 December 2015 11:01 PM, EST for subclass 190 with 55+5 = 60 points for Occupation 263111 “Computer Network and System Engineer” for NSW and still waiting for invitation.

    How long will it takes to get an invitation?

    • There seems to have been an increase in competition for this occupation, hence the longer wait time.

  251. Raymond Tan

    Hi Eugene,

    I’ve gotten my invite but my question is whether to accept the invite onshore or offshore. I’m currently in the country with ETA but will be travelling in and out. Does that mean offshore is the best way to go? Also, if it gets approved (offshore) and while I’m in the country, does that mean I have to leave and come back in? Please advise.

    Thank you.


    • Please order a consultation for me to address your questions.

  252. Balaji

    Hi Eugene,

    I have submitted my EOI after positive outcome of ACS with a total score of 60 points. I submitted my EOI ion Feb 22n 2016 for the occupation of Analyst Programmer under 189 category.As far as this year is concerned , occupation ceiling is reached for my occupation. If I wait for another 6 to 8 months , can I have the hopes of getting invited. There are no other area in my case where I can increase points. The only area where I can increase is language ability where I will have to score either 79 in PTE – A or IELTS 8 which will be quite tough.

    Balaji K

    • If you sit around waiting for another 8 months, are you not willing to use that same amount of time to improve your English score?

    • Rahul

      Hi Balaji,
      Have you received invite yet, I am sort of in similar situation and submitted EOI in May-2016?


  253. Sasi Nair

    I have 7.5 in my IELTS and a positive ACS result. My total work experience has been capped to 4 years, and 6 years was taken out for suitability. I have done 3 years of part-time BBA. I would like to apply via skillselect 190 to gain the extra 5 points to bring my total points to 60. How much does a full-time or part-time degree influence an EOI invitation. Is it that, a part-time degree is not considered for applying for Australian PR via SkillSelect?

  254. PUNEET

    Hi Eugene,

    My fiancée got ACS on 2nd June 2016 . She applied thru EOI on 4th june 2016 for 189 visa with 60 points ( occupation – Software Engineer). As per DIBP website, the next invitation round ( for #1530 invitation’s) is on 8th June 2016 ( already passed). I want to know , what is the percentage of chances to get invitation in 8th june 2016 Invitation round ? Should we expect to be counted in 8th june round ? or should we wait for next round ( 22nd june ) to be started ?

    your advise will be highly appreciated.


    • You will have to wait some time with only 60 pts


    Hi Eugene,

    Your inputs and comments have been very helpful to me. Like you mentioned in your post, I am in the process of logging my EOI under Human Resource Adviser 223111 and I am keen on moving to Sydney, NSW. My husband is pursuing his MBA from MGSM.
    Currently I have 65 points, and I am reapplying for IELTS to better my English language score. Assuming I achieve an 8 in all bands (current score is below 8 only in one band), I will have 75 points without state nominations. Given my status, do you think I will be able to secure an invitation. In your experience what have been the cut off for Human Resource Adviser?


  256. chandra

    Hi Eugene,

    I have applied for visa sub-class 189 on April 26th 2016 with 60 points ICT Business analyst from India. On May 15th it automatically got changed to 65 points in EOI due to change in experience (relevant experience reached 8 years mile stone in May 14th). My question is that whether system will consider EOI submitted date or effective/revised date. Also,I would like to know what are the chances of getting 189 visa and do you recommend me for state sponsorship (190 visa).Please guide me.Appreciate your help.

  257. Jigar

    Hi Eugene,

    Excellent work done by you by helping everyone out here, appreciate it !!

    My PTE score is done (65+), My ACS assessment is in process.

    1. Currently I believe I fall under 60 point category for 189 and 65 point category for 190. So if I apply for both 189 and 190, does it increase my probability in any way? OR it has no impact? OR it has any kind of negative impact?

    2. My application is under SOL 2613 (Software Engineer/Developer) category, is 60 points good enough to expect invitation assuming I will be applying in September/October 2016 after the ACS is done.

    3. If I go for 190 state sponsorship, for 2613 SOL which state would you recommend that might increase the probability for me ?

    4. For PTE I just missed by 3 points in one of the sections or else I would have landed under Superior catgeory for English test scoring band and could have got 10 more points. Now if I decide to appear again for PTE and for some reason I get a very bad score lets say even below 65, in this scenario can I still use my previous PTE score which was better than this latest new score? Considering previous score is still under the validity of 2 years.


  258. jabed

    I have all eligibility (IELTS all band 7 and 3 years work experience) for Victoria state sponsorship. But they have rejected my application as I am still studying. Can I do anything about it ?

    • You are able to apply for a skilled visa even if you are studying, as long as you can meet all the criteria. There must be other reasons why your application was refused. You may order a consultation for me to review what went wrong.

  259. snehita rao

    Hi Eugene

    Very thankful for your services and information provided. Great job!

    Am confused with EOI submission, I don’t see an option to select/choose PTE score while providing information on English language. i see only IELTS or OTE. am i missing anything here? really confused


    • It is right there in the pulldown menu.

  260. Susan

    Hi Eugene
    I am hoping to submit for a skilled visa 189 1//7/2016, with 60 points as an obstetrics and gynaecology occupation .

    Is there a celling for obstetrics and gynaecology ?
    When will i roughly be invited ?

    I will turn 40 then in end july . Does that mean if that the invitation to apply falls after july I will loose points and not be allowed to submit as i won t have 60 points then ?

  261. movement

    i’ve applied for 224711 mgmt consultant with (55+5 points) with NSW in may 2016. any idea if and by when i may get an invitation from them?

    • Those are the minimum points. You may have to wait a long time.

  262. Meenu

    My friend submitted his EOI for occupation code 189 with 60 points and with occupation code 190 with 65 points on 5th april 2016. till now his application is not yet picked up from the pool. May i know by when he can expect letter of invitation to apply for AU PR.

    • You may check the skillselect page for the progress of the invites issued.

  263. Hi Eugene,

    I was planning to apply for skilled independent visa 189 with a total of 60 points as a civil engineer , can u please say me what is the probability of getting a letter of invitation.


    • Civil engineers shouldn’t have any problems getting invites.

  264. ICT occupation is very competitive. They will invite the highest scorers. Other occupations may be less competitive and therefore lower scorers will get invites.

  265. vyas

    does the invitation automatically send by computer generated system on every july or manually by authority after comparing points ?

  266. Alok

    Hi Eugene,
    I have a B.Tech Degree from National Institute of Technology, Durgapur (India) in Chemical Engineering. Post graduation I have 11 years of Work experience as Analyst programmer. In my ACS assesment, they have deducted 6 years as RPL requirement, which is fine. However they have not mentioned anything about my graduate degree in the letter.
    Does that mean that my Degree is not recognized, and I will not get any points for Graduation degree? Or I will still get 15 points as I hold a 4 year bachelor degree (even if in different stream)

  267. Ruby Bhullar

    Hello Eugene Liu
    My name is Ruby Bhullar and i am from India. My date of birth is December 1990 (25 year old) and i am post graduate pass MCA( Master in Computer Application ) with 65.4% and graduate BCA ( Bachelor in Computer Application ) with 61.9% and now i am job in company from 2 year as web site designer and developer and my own two website also online.

    I am unmarried and i have 6.5 IELTS band with 6 each and i am want to move in Australia with PR base so tell me please what is the chance of successful my case without any Australia Company offer later and with offer later

  268. Tanya

    Hi Eugene

    My partner received an invite to apply for sc189 visa, having claimed 60 points. We have since realised that he over-claimed by 5 points for skilled employment as a motor mechanic who commenced apprenticeship in 2005, working full time and qualified in 2011. He should have only claimed 10 (for the 5 years post qualification). He is booked to redo the PTE academic on 11 July (current score is proficient).

    If he achieves a “superior” score his points increase to 65 overall. Do you think he could still apply to the current invite with his points being higher than the 60 claimed on the invite, but with his points having dropped for skilled employment years (10 points) and increasing in English score (20)? Or should he let the invite date pass and update his EOI?

    Thank you.

  269. Dishant Shah

    Hi Eugene,

    I have applied for my EOI on 23/06/2016 for the ANZSCO CODE 141111 (Cafe or Restaurant Manager) for visa subclass 190and the points are 75 at the time of lodging the EOI. I wanted to know when will I be able to apply for my State Nomination. I want to move to SA and when should I expect my invitation to arrive. And how long does it usually take for the visa process. Thank you.

  270. Anoop

    Dear Eugene,
    I submitted my EOI with 60 points (55+5) as a civil engineerin June 9 2016 , can you tell me my probability of getting a letter of invitation and how much time is normally taken for getting invited

    Best regards

  271. Thomas

    Hi Eugene,

    I am waiting for tomorrow for SA state nomination list to open so that I can apply for nomination under 149212 ( customer service manager ), my points if I select 190 visa is coming to 55+5, however on selecting 489 it would come to 55+10.

    I would assume I would get the 489 invite faster than 190, but how long do you think I will have to wait realistically if I want to aim for the 190 Only ?

    Also is it alright to select 489 and 190 on the EOI ? Will this hinder my chances of getting a 190 completely if I happen to get the 489 invite first ?

    PS – I have filled the EOI today.

  272. Nilesh patel

    I have lodged eoi for accountant and external auditor on 14/01/2016 in all three categories 189, 190 and 489 at 60 points. So can you please tell me the chances of receiving the invitation this year (2016-2017). Thankyou

  273. srini


    I’m waiting for EOI with 60 points on 189 and 65 on 190 visa.I’m turining to 33 years by end of august, is that means will I loose 5 points for age (as I’ll fall under >32 age cap) by end of august? or If i don’t get Invitation by August than I need to improve my points?Please suggest.

  274. Praveen kumar

    Hi, I am civil engineer from India. I have submitted for 190 NSW territory with 60 points Feb 2016. How long do I have to wait? I presume so far 1000 invitations (50% of the total slab) has been already issued for the 2015-2016 year. Kindly help me regarding this issue

    • Praveen kumar

      Hi. Please give your valuable comment

  275. Praveen kumar

    Hi, I am a civil engineer who applied for 190 visa on Feb’2016 having 60 points in NSW. So how long does it take to get a result? And what about the opportunities in civil engineering in Australia?

  276. Pola

    hi Eugene Liu
    first of all I must say your comments and posts are really helpful,

    below is my criteria applying for software engineering

    age 28 ( 30 )
    IT degree ( hons ) ( 15 )
    IELTS 7.0 ( 10 )

    and regarding my work experiences

    I worked 2 years as a associate Software engineer while doing my degree and its under contract basis and
    I worked more than 20 hrs per week
    and I have 3 years of work experience after the degree and 6 months of training as a SE.

    I contacted my previous employer and they agreed gave me a certified service letter , but I can’t get EPF/ETF details because I was on contract basis ,
    and recently i got to know that ACS want 5 years of experiences to give 5 points , so my question is will my first two years get counted or not ?

  277. Ivan

    Hi Eugene,

    I have applied for 489 family sponsor visa with just 60 points. Do you think the coming invitation 06/July will invite 60 points 489 or need to wait for a few rounds? I applied the EOI in April 2016.

    any advice?


  278. Nil

    Hi, my name is nilesh. I already applied EOI for accounting and external auditor on 14/01/2026 in all three categories 189, 190 and 489. My que is what are the chances of getting invited during 2016-17.


  279. Ayush Wadhwa

    Hi Eugene,
    I’m planning to apply for 189. my current points are 65 for general accountant. and will be 70 in dec’16 (after graduation.
    I also have the opportunity to apply as an external auditor with 60 points right now and 65 in dec. Which option do u think will get me a quicker EOI response?


  280. Praveen kumar

    hi,I am civil engineer who appliedfor 190 visa (NSW) with 60 points on feb 2016. how long it will take get a invitation?

  281. Ashish Aggarwal

    Hi Eugene,

    I submitted my application on 2 april with 60 points. It has almost been 3 months and now I want to change my job . So , I would like to ask that if I change my job, then I need to update my EOI(without any change in points), so updating EOI will have any impact on my visa date of effect? Will my application be pushed back in the queue?

    Kindly help to suggest.

  282. Raja

    Hi Eugene,

    I have submitted my EOI today with 60 points for 189 and 65 points with NSW nomination.
    By Oct 1st (33rd Birthday) i will lose 5 points that means my my 189 EOI will become invalid.

    When is the cut off that they dont look at my age. Is it after i get ITA or after i submit all my documents after getting ITA or till visa grant?
    Please help me to know this.

  283. External


    External auditor- 55 + 5 (nsw) 190 SS
    Total accumulated points = 60 pts
    Predict the Rough estimate for an invitation = 3month? 6month? 1year? 2 years?


  284. Chandran

    I have got ACS as Project manager with 20 points. Will i get Vic SS ? Or should I do ACS again for another role like say business analyst ? My IELTS score is 6+.

  285. Luna

    Hi Eugene :-)
    Congratulations on an excellent article!

    Both mine and my husband’s fields of work (I am a Clinical Psychologist, while he is a Psychiatrist) are on the SOL. Meanwhile both of us are also awaiting our Academic IELTS scores..

    My husband has all the necessary documents ready for verification of his specialist qualifications by the AMC, and will soon be responding to a job offer. While in my case, i’m still in the process of collecting all the necessary certificates and transcripts of my qualifications. From what i understand of the whole process (please bear with me here!), depending on how comparable (to Australian standards) the AMC assesses my husband’s qualifications to be, he would be eligible for a “Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457)”.

    So, while he is doing all that……(this is my doubt), can I independently file an EOI for skilled migration with visa subclass 189, with 60 points (based on own assessment 30 points for age, expecting 10 for IELTS scores, 5 points for partner skill qualifications, and 15 points for educational qualifications)? I have been working for just over 2 1/2 years so will not be getting the 5 points for overseas work experience.

    So is it better to wait and go as a dependent on the 457, or parallely should i put in an EOI for 189? If my husband gets a psychiatry registrarship, what would happen to our independent visas (assuming i get an invitation)?


  286. Dasinder Singh

    Hi Eugene,

    I have applied for 321211 motor mechanic (general) with (55+5 points) with NSW in June 2016. any idea if and by when i may get an invitation from them?

  287. Praveen kumar

    I was planning to apply for skilled independent visa 189 with a total of 60 points as a civil engineer , can u please say me what is the probability of getting a letter of invitation

  288. Simone

    Hi I have completed Masters in Professional Accounting and applied for 190 EOI with 65 points as General Accountant on 29th of January 2016. I am wondering should I also get my study assessed as External Auditor and apply for second EOI, if so what would be an appropriate occupation to get my study assessed External Auditor would be fine or should I go for another occupation like Taxation Accountant, External Accountant, Internal Accountant or Management accountant. Thanks

  289. Bindiya

    Hi Eugene..

    Is it okay to select 189 and 190 in single EOI or should I fill 2 EOIs, 1 for 189 and another one for 190.

  290. Shermaine Chan

    Hi Eugene,

    I would like to ask – if at the time while I am still waiting for my visa to be granted/ invited, and my current holding visa had been expired. Will this affect my stay in Australia? If so, can you please advise me what should I do then?

    Also, you mention that there will have 2 rounds of invitations every month. Can we get such information (the date) on the website?



  291. Danny

    Hi Eugene,

    I am submitting an EOI for auditor at 60 points now with maximum for English score (PTE 79). I will reach 25 by this December which I intend to claim another 5 points for age. Do you think someone who has 65points can receive invitation from state nomination for auditor? Thank you a lot for your help.

  292. Sanjay

    Hello Sir,
    I have applied for 489 visa fr NSW State for Electronics Engineer.
    I have lodged my application on November-2015.
    I have cleared my assessment process.
    Right Now i have 55 points & if NSW will sponsor me then it will become 65.
    I have already filled up the Form-R NSW trade & investment form.
    May i eligible to get visa in Sydney city?
    If not then should i go for subclass 190???

  293. F.P.

    Hi Eugene,

    I hope you are well.

    I submitted my EOI in January 2016 for 55pts (subclass 189), 60pts (subclass 190 NSW) for General Accountant

    Recently, I have updated my EOI (11 Jul 2016) due to recent increase in my English scores. Now I am sitting at 65 points (subclass 189) and 70 points (subclass 190 NSW).

    However, I would be able to add 5 additional points for working as an Accountant for 1 year by 6 Oct 2016 (70pts subclass 189, 75 pts subclass 190 NSW).

    Would you be able to give me a general idea for waiting time of invitation for accountants?


  294. Mahendra Singh Meena

    I have applied for EOI in April 2016 for subclass 190 in Nominated occupation: Program or Project Administrator – 511112. I have 70 points. I am seeking nomination for New South Wales. When will i roughly be invited ?

  295. Saeed

    Hi Eugene,

    I’m an ICT guy (Network Designer & Administrator), got a couple of Microsoft Certifications from 2003 up to 2012, but no academic degree (university and such). Have work experience of around 8 to 9 years (got 37 months of job insurance). I’ve read that the required points for ICT has been increased to 70. I think I’ll get 60.
    Can i still apply with 60 points or should I try to get 70?
    Thanks in advance

  296. Saeed

    Hi Eugene,

    I’m in ICT field and i think i can get 60 points with IELTS 7 ans state sponsorship points. So IELTS 8 is gonna give me 70 points. Do you suggest I apply with 60 points (do i have a chance)?
    (I’ll pass my age restriction come 12/20/2017).

  297. Agnes

    Dear Eugene:
    Hi, I submtted eoi application for Enrolled nurse (visa 190 in SA) this May, yet the SA migration changed the rules early this month and only gave visa 489 for my profession, I changed my eoi application from 190 to 489 last week.

    With 65 points for visa 489, can you tell me how long would it take to get my eoi please?
    Thank you for your time in advance.

    Kind regards,

  298. Priya

    Hi Eugene,

    I have applied EOI for 190 visa with 70 points yesterday(15/07/2016).. Could you please tell me how long I have to wait for invitation.

    Your help will be much appreciated.


    • Priya

      I have applied through accounting.

      • Hamid

        Priya I have same case.
        my EOI 4-June 2016
        190 NSW
        points 65+5= 70

        If u will find any info then share with me…..

  299. khan

    Hi Eugene,

    I have submitted an EOI for sub-class 190 (New South Wales) with 60 points on July 01, 2016. The points distribution is given below:

    Age:25 Points
    English:10 Point
    Degree:15 Point
    3 Years Experience: 5 Points

    My occupation is Electronics Engineer (233411). Based on my profile, what do you think how much time would it take to get an invitation from NSW?


  300. Tanya Dsouza

    Hi Eugene,

    I have submitted my EOI on 21 May 2016 under the 190 type of visa. The points score is 60 i.e 55 points plus 5 for state nomination. The occupation that i have opted for is external auditor.

    I have not yet received an invitation from DIBP.

    Until how long will it be till I get an invite?

  301. Tanya Dsouza

    Hi Eugene,

    I have submitted my EOI on 21 May 2016 under the 190 visa type. The points that i have are 60 i.e 55 points plus 5 points for state nomination. I have applied for the external auditor profession.

    Until how long will it be till i receive an invite?

  302. Diana

    Hi Eugene,

    I have applied as an Industrial Engineer to 190 visa with 55 plus 5 more (NSW points) in Jun 2016. Do you have any idea as to when I may get an invitation from them? Could it take several months? or Industrial Engineering is not as competitive as other Professional Careers?

    • it doesnt have as many applicants, but you don’t have a high score either.

  303. Anthony

    Hi Eugene,

    I am planning to apply for subclass 189 as a Mechanical Engineer with 60 points on the dot. My visa expires on last week of August. I would have all the relevant documents ready by only 1st Aug. Do you think I could possibly get an invitation before the 20th of Aug?

    Thanking you in advance.


  304. Nithin

    Hi Eugene,

    I have submitted my EOI on 30th of June 2016 for 263111, with 60 points for 190 visa, could you please tell me by when can I expect an invitation.

  305. Vani

    Hi Eugene,
    I submitted an EOI today which is 19th July IST 8 PM, while the EOI effective date shows 20th July; Will I still be considered for the Invitation round scheduled for 20th July or did I miss the boat?

  306. Conor Quinn

    Hi Eugene,

    Thanks for all the information that you put on your page, it’s been very helpful. I was hoping that you could pass a quick comment on something for me if you have a moment.

    Currently I’m on 417 visa and I’m currently teaching (at secondary level) in NSW and have submitted for a 190 visa and a 489 as I work in a regional area anyway.

    I know that secondary teaching didn’t reach it maximum quota last year but as things stand my 190 (NSW) application has 60 points and the 489 application has 65. Do you reckon that this will be enough to see me get a invitation?

    My visa expires in September so I’m getting a little anxious.

    Kind Regards,

    • The minimum point score is 60 for 190. Lower points means that you will need to wait a longer time. Most, like yourself will have limited time. Either look at how to improve your score or increase your time available.

  307. Vani

    Hi Eugene,

    Could you tell how the invitation rounds work – All EOIs received till that date are considered and based on points the invitation is sent? or Do they have a cut-off i.e till 19th July whatever EOIs submitted they take and from 20th it will go to the next round. Or as and when EOIs are received they will keep sending invites based on the score.
    I submitted 189 for Software Engineer with 75 points, EOI effective date 20th July 00:30 hours. Want to know when I can expect the invite.
    Please throw some light.
    Best Regards,

      • Vani

        Please send me the link which I could read for more info!

  308. Gre

    Hi Eugene,

    I applied as an ICT Business Analyst on March (but amended the EOI on May) with a total points of 60 ( age – 30 points, Degree -15 points, IELST – 10 points , State Sponsorship NSW – 5 points (I haven’t got the state sponsorship yet as well). Are there any chances of getting the invitation sooner?

    Thanks you

    • If you increase your score, you’ll get an invite sooner.

      • Gre

        With this situation can you guess a rough time period which I may get the invitation?

  309. Aks


    If I get 10 points in english, I will have 65 points for subclass 189 and 70 points for subclass 190 (NSW) for ACS approved ANZSCO 261313.

    1. Is my point sufficient to get invite?

    2. If so, any idea about wait time?


  310. Fahim

    Dear Eugene,

    I lodged my EOI under Electrical Engineering (60=55+5(State Sponsorship NSW)) on 24th December 2015, and now its 25th July 2016 (7 months running and no invite yet). Now I am highly concerned. Do you have any suggestions on who to contact, like DIBP? or and Immigration department?

    The wait is taking too long,
    your response is highly appreciated

  311. Paresh

    Hi Eugene,

    I had applied for 190 NSW state nominations on 3 march 2016. Occupation registered nurse and points being 55+5. Has NSW issued any invitation with that many points and for nurses. Do you think I would get an invitation soon?

  312. Roy

    Hi Eugene,

    I had submitted the EOI for 189 and 190 subclass with 75 points and 80 points respectively. I decided to remove 190 from the submitted EOI as I think I will get 189 soon. Will this update change the timing/ranking of my original 189 submission?

  313. Roy Sharma

    HI Eugene, Why would someone with 75 points will have to wait for more than 1 round when the cut off is 70 points? As you mentioned, points take priority over timing. So if someone with 70 points gets an invite, the one with 75 points must get it to regardless of the timing.

  314. Abulail

    Hi Eugene,

    I applying for 189 visa as Internal Auditor, I am Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) and I have 5 years of Internal Audit experience. What is my chance in getting invitation if I am having only 60 points? Do they give points for the CIA certificate?

    Many thanks in advance.

  315. Yuan

    Hi Eugene,

    I applied for my 189 as a solicitor and have 65 points on 20 July, the next round of invitation is 3 Aug. Do you reckon I will get my invitation next round? My temporary Resident visa has expired and is on tourist visa waiting for result (do you think this will affect my pr application)?


  316. Sajjad Ahmed Sabir

    hi…i am a civil engineer and applied under subclass 489 for 65 numbers on 31 july….can anybody tell me how much time it will take to get invitation?

  317. Yuan

    Hi Eugene,

    I submitted EOI on 20 July, solicitor with a total points of 65. I understand the next round of invitation is 3 Aug, do you reckon i will get invitation on 3 Aug?

    Normally for solicitor, what’s the average waiting time for the invitation?



  318. Sahadev Thapa

    Dear Eugene,

    I have lodged my application for EOI with 60 points (Proefficient English 10, Age 30, Bachelors Degree 15, Australian Education 5). I have lodged my application for both 189 & 190. If I go with 190 I have 65 points and I lodged my application on December 2015. Therefore, my question is, what are the chances of getting invitation for 190 within in this or next year. Also, I am doing PY at the moment and will complete on March 2017 and I have to update my application with that at the time and at that time will my application date will start from the day I update it or from the day I firstly lodged it. Thank you in advance!!

    Kind Regards
    Sahadev Thapa!

  319. Ritu

    Hi Eugene,

    I am from India. My husband is 38 years old & is working as a Quality Controller here. We are thinking of filling an EOI for Quality Assurance Manager (ANZSCO Code: 139914) for South Australia. He will be able to meet 60 points. How many invites are allotted for this category? does he stand a chance of getting an invite with 60 points? Also, my profession features in the supplementary skill list & not CSOL. Can we count 5 additional points for my positive skill assessment in his application?

  320. Rams

    Hi Eugene,

    I have submitted my EOI with 65 points for Visa type 189 on 23rd June 2016.

    However I haven’t received the invitation due to prorata basis. Can I update the SkillSelect for state sponsor at this time.

    If I update today i.e., 3-Aug-2016, will I be moved down in queue to 3rd August 2016.

  321. RAMS

    Hi Eugene,

    I have applied for ICT Business analyst on 23rd June 2016. However I have applied for VISA type 189 with 65 points.

    Currently I am about to loose 5 points based on age factor. With this, If i amend my EOI with both visa type 109 and 189 today.

    Will be moved down the queue based on today’s date?

    Kindly advise the better approach.

  322. Neel

    Hi Eugene,

    I am 29, with all skills above 7 IELTS score and total score as 8, 6 years of experience assessed by ACS as System Analyst, and therefore my total point is 65,
    I’ve submitted the EOI on August 1st of 2016. Do you think I will get the 189 invitation, or I should exactly gain 70 points for this code?

  323. Meenakshi Kaul

    MY EOI Application has been Submitted for an ICT Business Analyst on 25th July for 189 Independent subclass with 65 points. when can i expect the invite?

    Thank you

  324. uma

    Sir, i have applied for nsw 190 programme with 70 points on 4th july-2016 and the occupation is university lecturer(csol). Age-25, qual.-15, exp.15, ielts-10, Sir can i expect the invitation from nsw ? How much time it may take place?

  325. uma

    Hi Eugene,
    Great efforts in maintaining the mammoth blog. I have never seen such big blog of australia migration with advice. Most of the agents not even knows about the occupation selection, and the advice for getting an invitation to apply is a very complicated thing for them. Congrates you for having such potential. Sir, there is a question regarding my migration and if you advice, then i would be very grateful to you. Sir, i have applied for nsw 190 programme with 70 points on 4th july-2016 and the occupation is university lecturer(csol, not in their priority list). Age-25, qual.-15, exp.15, ielts-10, Sir can i expect the invitation from nsw ? How much time it may take place?

  326. Gagzz

    Hi Eugene,

    I have lodged my EOI on 2nd Aug’16 for 190 visa for South Australia. As of Now telecom Network engineer occupation is in low availability. When i can expect visa invitation ??

    Total points- 60
    25- AGE
    5- Work experience
    Positive skill assessment from EA on 18th April’16 (OCCUPATION -TELECOM NETWORK ENGINEER -263312)

    • Prem

      HI Bro .. Any luck ? I also have filed my EOI on 20th AUG’16 for 190 visa with 60 points (NSW) . Please let me know if you have received your invitation. Hopefully you will get prior to me. Please take your time and write to me your status now .. at PREMROCKY64@GMAIL.COM !! Thanks in Advance !

  327. Ajay

    I have submitted my EOI with 75 points on 189 in the accountant category. I submitted it on 12th Aug. When should I expect the invite? Also, I have added my experience of 8 years (June 2008 – Current date) but somehow the calculation in EOI does not give me enough points for more than 8 years. If they give me the correct points, it will be 80 points.

  328. Maheshbabu

    Hi Eugene, this is Mahesh .On 8-Aug-2016 i have lodged my EOI application (Engineering technologist) for 189 ,next invitation round is 17-August-2016 .Whether i already lodged before the cut off date for this round or i need to wait .When can i expect the invitation. I have 60 Points right now.What do you think .

    I’m worried becz the occupation celing is less for Engineering technologist (469 remaining)
    Thanks for your guidance

  329. Vinay

    I have gotten a successful assessment as an optical dispenser 3999-13 and have submitted the eoi with 75 points for subclass 190. what is the normal time frame to receive an invitation for my occupation?

    • deepali

      hey Vinay, did you get invite? how many days did it take? I’m in the same situation 190/75

  330. Karan

    I have submitted my EOI on 30 Aug 2016 for the ICT Business and System Analysts job code, I am having 65 points. When can I expect my invitation? Thanks for your valuable time and response.

  331. benny

    Hi Liu,

    I have lodged my EOI yesterday (5th Sept 16), as registered Nurse, I have sixty points including positive skill assessment from ANMAC. My sixty points is including the state sponsorship. Looking for subclass 190 visa. Preferred region is NSW. Could you pls tell me which region have the best chance to get an invitation so soon. As the above questions and your answers I understand that it is not easy to get an invitation from NSW so soon.
    Waiting for your reply

    Thanks & regards

  332. Sobhan sayyad

    Hi Eugene, i have two questions. 1- I have loged my EOI for engineering technologist code 233914 on 25/07/2016 visa 489 QLD with 60 points. Then i was invited by BSMQ two days later and i loged my application to BSMQ. Could you please advice me how long is the maximum time to be invited to apply by DIBP? and can i become sure that finally will be invited by DIBP in few months? 2- As i said, i submitted my EOI on 25/07/2016 with 60 points and later i refined the date of one of my work experiences in my EOI. Now my points is the same 60 points and my date of effect is the same 25/07/2016. Is this editing will also change my EOI processing time according to my points and date of effect has not changed? thank you very much

  333. Bineet Sharma


    I am planning to apply EOI for 189 with 60 points as mechanical engineer. How much chance is there to get invitation in my situation. Also what if I also apply for 190 as I will be able to have 5 extra points from state nomination.

  334. Alex

    Dear Eugene
    I want to first congratulate you for maintainig such an informative blog!

    I have two questions:

    1) I am a resident Canberra currently doing a PHD in Finance from ANU. I applied for ACT nomination for 190 visa for General Accountant. My english scores are superior and the total points of EOI are 65. I Ssubmitted my EOI 2 weeks ago. Although not in a hurry but just curious to know how much time would it take for me to get an invite from ACT government?

    2) When selecting EOIs for invitations, does the ACT govt gives any preference to Canberra residents over all other ACT-nonresidents and overseas residents? And is there any preference given to the fact that Im doing a PHD and have a superior english score?
    Or its just the overall EOI points that nominating state looks at when looking at EOIs to issue invitations for?


  335. Alejandro

    Hi Eugene,

    I am going to apply for an Architectural, Building and Surveying technicians nec occupation in a state for get the extra 5 points in a 190 visa. I calcullated my points and are 65 points hopefully. How do you think are my chances to get an invitation to apply with the occupation mentioned and and my calcullated points?.

  336. Ajay Kaushik

    Dear Eugene,
    I have filled my EOI on 18th Feb, Modified with updated PTE score on 15th May. Today is 12th oct, I have not received any invite. My Skill is 262111 – Database administrator and I have applied for 189 Visa. My total points are also 70.
    On 10th sept I have applied for State sponsorship at victoria website, there is no reply from them also.
    can you guide where we can connect for the status or how much time generally invites take place after EOI?

  337. Manmohan

    Hi Eugene,
    I have submitted my EOI on 16th Oct 2016 in Production and Plant Engineer under 189 (60 points) and 190 (65 points). Last round of invitations held on 12th Oct and the next scheduled for 26th Oct. Is there an indication as to when I can receive an invite. Also, is there a way to put preference to 189 over 190 visa? i.e. I want to get first invite of 189 or both simultaneously.

  338. Moumita Basu


    I have submitted my EOI on 12th April, 2016 with 60 points(in 189) and 65 points(in 190).
    Below are the details of the nominated occupation code and other dates:
    Nominated Occupation – Software Engineer (261313)
    ACS received on 07/09/2015
    Name of test – IELTS
    Listening score – 8.0
    Reading score – 8.5
    Written score – 7.0
    Speaking score – 8.0
    Language ability – Proficient
    EOI Date of Submission 12/04/2016
    Applied for:
    Skilled – Independent (Subclass 189)
    Skilled – Nominated (Subclass 190)

    I had received an invitation for 190 on 15th April, 2016 but i did not apply for the visa in that category.
    Now I am waiting for the 189 invitation for the last 6 months.

    Can you please give me a fair idea when I can expect an invitation for 189?
    How far has the invitations progressed for the 60 point holders in 189 category?

    Also, I would be completing 7 years of IT exp. in Dec 2016, so can I update my points to 65 in the 189 category in SkillSelect?
    In that case, would my EOI submit date change? What would be my chances of receiving the invitation then?
    Your information in this regard will be highly appreciated.


    • You’re not very likely to gain an invitation for an ICT occupation with only 60 points, unless the number of applicants drops or the DIBP lowers the score required for these occupations. You should have used that 190 invitation when you had it. A new strategy will need to be looked at. Please fill in an enquiry.

  339. Lakh

    I have total 55 points , Is there any chance to get SS from NSW . I have done assessment for Telecom Network Engineer

  340. Satish

    Hello Eugene,

    I have lodged my 189 PR application on 29th September 2016 with 70 points. CO was assigned on 13th October 2016 and had asked to submit my medicals which was submitted in immiaccount ( intimate immigration button) on 22nd October 2016. Any idea from your experience, how long will this process would take? I had submitted all the necessary documents when i had lodged the application except Medicals.

    Please advise.

    • Hi Satish,

      I have heard that DIBP have moved onto a batch processing model. Each cycle takes 28 days. You may have to wait around this amount of time. There may also be many other factors such as the work load of your CO, any staffing problems, or industrial actions etc.

  341. Satish

    Thank you Eugene for your response. I shall await for this feedback.

  342. Singh

    I have lodged my 189 PR application on 14 May 2016 with 60 points. CO was assigned and asked for form 80/1221 & PCC for me and for my Wife which was submitted on 25 May 2016 along with my medical report. Any idea from your experience, how long will this process would take. Cause it has been already 7 months & I do not know where it is stuck . Even not aware what should I need to do further only waiting which irritates me.

    Please advise.

    • VIKAS

      Hi bro, I’m Vikas from Haryana. I submitted EOI on 6th April, however no further correspondence from them. Now to the facts, there’s a backlog of more than 300 days at 60 points for 189. So you better pick up your score with 8 each and you get invitation in very next round or apply 190. 190 is closing fast. South Australia has already closed it for 2613.

      A few questions for you:
      1. Where did you get PCC from? I heard that PCC from DC office no longer valid and I’ve to get it from passport office.
      2. My permanent address (mentioned in all documents) is of Karnal while AI live in Panchkula as my job is in Mohali. Should I get PCC for Panchkula address or for Karnal address?
      3. Which documents did you submit for proof of age?
      4. Yet another document I know is Marriage certificate. How many more documents did you submit? Official website describes documents in very general way and I feel a bit uneasy to decide which documents exactly are required.


  343. Cuong Nguyen

    Hi Eugene,

    I submitted an EOI for NSW state nomination (subclass 190) for Physicist (234914) on 16/9/2016. I have got 75 points: Age 25 pts, PhD at University of Sydney 20 pts, NSW state nomination 5 pts, Experience 10 pts, Australian study requirement 5 pts, Specialist education qualification 5 pts, Partner skills 5 pts.

    I have had 3.2 years of experience (I just entered the start date and end date of my employment) so EOI gave me 10 pts for experience. However, when I did the skill assessment via VETASSESS, they excluded 1 year post-qualification employment hence I only have 2.2 years of experience for point test advice and should get only 5 pts. I am confused about how many point I should get for experience: 10 pts or 5 pts?

    By the way, do you have any idea about the occupational ceiling for Physicist in NSW for 2016-2017? and about how long I will have to wait to receive an invitation?

    Thank you.



    • Stick with your skills assessment. Your other work won’t get points.

  344. Cuong Nguyen

    Thanks Eugene for your reply. However, I can’t find a way to explain that I should only get 5 points. As I said before, in the EOI, I just entered the start date and end date of my employment (just one job with one employer for 3.2 years) and EOI gave me 10 points. Any suggestions to overcome this?

    Also, would you able to answer my the other two questions: do you have any idea about the occupational ceiling for Physicist in NSW for 2016-2017? and about how long I will have to wait to receive an invitation?

    Thanks again.



  345. Erdem Tomuş

    Hi eugene. With 65 points i submitted an eoi on developer programmer, should i also apply for 190 on an available state like south australia, how do you ser my chance to get invitation and if so in how many rounds can we guess?

    • VIKAS

      Hi Erdem, I guess South Australia is now closed for 2613. With 65 total you just need to wait a couple of week. Next round is 23rd and you may get invite in second next or third next round as backlog for 65 pointers is around 13 days only.

      • Erdem Tomuş

        VIKAS thanks for the info. I see my chance like you said, maybe in one of the December rounds.

  346. Pbu

    Hi eugene. I have 60 points with state sponsorship 190 for NSW i submitted an eoi on software engineer ,im applying from singapore.How long will it take to get process my application.

    I’m so worried that i heard that invitation is not guarantee. So my question i need to wait maximum 6 months.but damn sure i get invite right. kindly give me positive feedback.

  347. Prakash

    Hi Eugene,

    I had submitted EOI as a “General Accountant” with 60 points under Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) on 18th August’ 2016. Still am waiting for invitation from immigration. Understand the results of last few invitation rounds show cut off at 70 points.

    Do you have any idea as to chance of receiving invitation basis above info ?? Also, if able to advise on how long should i wait to receive an invitation.

    Pleased to hear.

  348. UVRays

    Hi Eugene,

    I am in the process of ACS for “Systems Analyst (261112)”.

    I had 3 year Bachelors Degree in Computer Science
    I have a total of 6 years and 3 months experience with role equivalent to Systems Analyst (that will be confirmed by ACS tho)
    I pursued 4 years of Masters of Technology – Software Engineering while I was working (I was working full time. Studying during weekends)

    I have scored >=7 in all sections of IELTS

    Now as I understand, the first 2 years of my work experience will not be considered as it is required to meet eligibility criteria.

    So my points will go: 30(age) + 10 (ielts) + 5 (work exp) + 15 (education) = 60

    My questions:
    1) Can I score any additional points for my masters degree that I pursued by studying on weekends?
    2) I can score 5 points for my spouse. Will it be useful?
    3) Also, if I wait till Aug-2017, my total work experience will be 7 years – a relevant 5 years after meeting eligibility criteria. Should I wait for my EOI until then? Or should I file it now?

    Please guide. I guess System Analysts meet criteria at 60. But there maybe a very long wait time. Hope 65 points help me.

    Looking forward to your advice!

    • We can do an assessment which will identify what your options are and your best course of action is. Please enquire or order the assessment.

  349. Anvil Kabadi

    Hi Eugene,

    Very happy to read all your valuable inputs. Please provide me your guidance:
    Age – 30 points; Qualification – 15 points; PTE – 10 points; Total of 55 points currently.
    Since I am Associate Member of CPA Australia, I am confident about positive outcome assessment for my Management Accounting skill sets (Code – 221112). I have also completed Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting from CIMA, London. Do you feel that there is lot of supply even for Management Accountants (Vis-a-vis General Accountants) and since I have got only 60 points (post considering +5 state sponsership), my invitation might be delayed? I am looking at a timeline of maximum 4 months. Request you to kindly provide your valuable inputs at the earliest as I have already lodged Skill Assessment with CPA Australia and expecting shortly.

    Best Regards,

  350. Manu


    Anybody Can advice how much time it will take to get EOI in CSOL category as I have applied for Software Engineer profile with 60 Points?
    My EOI submitted on 12th August 2016. Its been all most 3 month and 15 days, still I didn’t not get EOI.


    • Cesar Tse

      Have you received state nominaton yet? If yes, how long did it take?


  351. deepali

    Hey Eugene,
    I’ve filed EOI on 12th Nov 16 under 190 category with 75 points. When can I expect reply for my EOI?

  352. mohamad hijazi

    Hi Eugene,

    Could a 476 visa holder apply for the 189, having scored 65 points?
    Many thanks for your guidance.

    Mohamad Hijazi

  353. Lee

    Im pallning to apply for a 189/190 subclass visa. Is it okey to claim points with work experience on my EOI eventhough I didnot claimed working experience points when I applied my ANMAC?

  354. Hi
    I have 65 points effective 18 Nov 2016 for 189 and 70 points for 190 (NSW). I submitted my EOI on 19 September 2016 with 60 points for 189 and 65 for 190. Since my experience has reached a milestone of 5 years my points went up to 65 and 70 respectively. The code is 261313. I know that the backlog for 65 pointers is also increasing but I am not getting 190 nomination either for NSW. Could you please guide me why would that happen even if I have 70 points for 190.
    My points breakdown is 30 for age, 15 for study, 10 for PTE and 10 for experience.
    Your guidance would be very much appreciated.

  355. Laxmi

    Hi Eugene,

    I submitted an EOI for Victoria as Software Tester with 65 points(including state sponsorship) on 17th Sep 2016.On Dec 9th, received message in skill set that based on my age factor 5 points are deducted and total points I have now is 60.Please advice, if victoria considers 65 points for my application(as I had 65 at the time of lodging) or 60 points. If 60 points are considered for my application will it get pushed back in the queue.


  356. Hello MoveMigration, I am currently on the process of the Skilled Visa. Some questions have arisen.

    My situation
    Age: 25 – 30 points
    Occupation: Bachelor in Industrial Engineering – 15 points
    English Proficiency: IELTS 7 – 10 points
    NSW State Sponsor: 5 points
    TOTAL: 60 points

    Q1 – Any chance of receiving an invitaion (from april 2017 onwards)? Ow you think IELTS 8 is *mandatory*?
    Q2 – How are the invitations selected, based on a general field (e.g. Engineering) or ANZSCO code? If the second applies, I was thinking about applying for the engineering which has an easier competition, as my courseis pretty broad.
    Q3 – Can you please send me an email back with the service details of having my application assisted by you?


  357. Cesar Tse

    Hi Eugene;

    My Situation:
    Age 25 – 30 points
    Industrial Engineer – 15 points
    IELTS 7 – 10 points
    State Sponsor (not received yet) – 5 points

    Do you think 55+5 points is ok for NSW, or I’ll definetely have to boost my score with the IELTS 8?

  358. Jude

    Hi Eugene,

    I had applied for SC 190 Victoria EOI on October 29th and got the acknowledgement on Oct 31st. On the LiveinVictoria site it is mentioned that the processing time is 12 weeks. Is this true? Can I expect and an invite by the end of Jan 2017? Also since Victoria has stopped receiving applications from November 11, will this affect my application.

    Thanks in advance.

  359. Hassan

    Hi Eugene,
    I understand that the competition in ICT software engineers is very high, but how long does it take to get an invitation if the EOI has been filed in the beginning of November and the score points claimed are 60? Is it advisable to get a score of 8 in IELTS instead of 7 after the EOI has been filed?

  360. Sai Kishore

    Hi Eugene,

    My skill assessment is completed in Oct’16 as 261111 (ICT Business Analyst). I have got my PTE score in Dec’2016. I have launched my EOI with 60 points. Any idea if at all i have chance to get invitation in near futureor i should try for 20 points via PTE?
    Appreciate your advise.

    Sai Kishore

  361. Nikhil K

    Hi Eugene,

    I have submitted EOI 190 as ICT support engineer to NSW in this month. Below is the breakdown of the points :-
    1 : Age : 30
    2 : Education : 15
    3: Work Exp : 5(will become 10 in Aug 2017)
    4 : English : 10
    5 : S-SP : 5
    Total : 65(will be 70 in Aug 2017)
    I am ready to wait for few more months if the nomination prospects are positive in future.
    Can you please advice on the chances of getting nomination based on the current trend of invitations for this job occupation uptil now.?
    Do I need to attempt the English test again to improve my points or is the wait sufficient ?


  362. Bhandari

    Hi Eugene,
    Thanks for your help in advance.
    I had launched EOI(189) as Electronics Engineer on November 28 with 60 points. From December immigration increase points to 65 for an electronics engineer. So I have been confused as I do not have extra point at this moment. Should I need to update my EOI by selecting both 189 and 190 or wait? What will be the chance of getting an invitation?
    Two years study=5

    Thank you so much for your time and suggestion.

  363. Hemanth

    Hi Eugene ,

    Thanks for your valuable suggestions !

    I have submitted my EOI on July 2016 with 60 points [PR189 – 261313 – Software Engineer].I am still hoping to get invite somewhere between JAN- FEB 2017 :) Now comes the worrying factor , March 17th i will be turning 33 years which means I will be loosing 5 points.I am proactively trying to improve my score to increase the chances of getting invitation.Can you pls suggest whether I still have chance to get invite by jan-feb 17.

    Thank you

  364. Usama Javed

    Hi Eugene!
    I am a fresh mechanical engineer and have 60 points on my EOI. I am applying for 489 FS visa. I checked today and there are not a lot of seats left for my occupation and it has also gone in the pro-rata system with a cut-off of 70 points for this December. Do you think there is any chance I’ll get an invitation on 60 points?
    Also, another question. In the occupational ceiling table, engineering managers have an occupational ceiling of 1407 and only 19 invitations are sent in that category. I am assuming this is because there is not that much competition there and if I nominate that occupation(after doing masters in engineering management, off-course), will I be able to get my invitation easily as compared to mechanical as I have been hearing mechanical has been flagged and may be removed from SOL in the next year.

  365. Nikhil K

    Hi Eugene,
    I have submitted an EOI for 190 under ICT support engineer in NSW for now , ACS assessment is positive for this occupation. Below is the breakup of points in skillselect.
    Age – 30
    Education – 15
    S-SP – 5
    Work exp – 5(will be 10 in Aug 2017)
    English – 10
    Total – 65(will be 70 in Aug 2017)
    What is your suggestion regarding this job occupation based on the current trend of invitation for this job occupation ? Shall I wait for the
    exp points to increase or shall I attempt the English exam again? Or is there a chance the points decrease to 65 for this job occupation?
    I have all the required proofs for the above claims made.

  366. Gabe

    Hi, Eugene! Could you analyse my case if its heading towards a grant or a negative result?
    Lodged application 23 July 2016 with a 65-points claim. After a few weeks, DIBP/CO/GSMBrisbane reached out to me advising that they’ve noticed that the skill assessment I have with ACS has a 5-year deduction against my employment history but they have substituted 5 years which; however, assures me to be awarded points – prompting them to request for further employment details such as payslip, reference letter, CV and a completed Form 80.

    About the ACS assessment, I seriously and honestly still have no idea whether I claim for points from my total experience or from their suggested years of experience based on their assessment. Nevertheless, all requested documents have been submitted on time to ensure that everything I have claimed for was accurate and clean.

    My status still says “Assessment In Progress” and its been 5 months now, and I haven’t heard anything from them yet after I submitted the requested data. What do you think should I expect from them and how long does it take for the DIBP to release the result?

    Your prompt answer is greatly appreciated. Happy New Year too.


  367. Shampa Tribedi

    I have also some questions regarding EOI submission. What is the procedure of getting reply?

  368. Jimi

    Hi Eugene,

    I have submitted my EOI for Accountant General in 189 with 65 score point and also in 190(NSW) with 70 (65+5). But since last few months minimum score point for Accountant General is 70 score point. My questions are-

    1. Is there any chance to get invitation?
    2. What time will it take to get invitation?
    3. My wife is a doctor (MD-General Medicine) but as the skill assessment of doctors take more than a year, I have not claimed 5 points of spouse. Is there any short-cut / straight way to claim this 5 point also?


    • If they drop the minimum score then there’s a chance. This will depend on the overall quota and how many other applicants there are.

      No short cuts in this. It’s not a game.

  369. Luqman

    Hi Eugene. I am planning to apply both S190 and S189 under general accountant category. At this moment i have 65points. i am planning to retake my english test to boost up the points to 75.

    Can i go ahead and submit my eoi at 65 and once i get a better results for my english test, ill revise my eoi?

    Also, i was told that to be called for an invitation for general accountant, at the moment the points needed are 70.

    I would like to get 5points from state thus requesting also S190 visa. Is this a normal approach taken by people?

    Thank you

    • Yes you can put your eoi in and edit it when you score more. The minimum for an eoi is 60.

  370. Nic

    Hi. For an EOI for an occupation on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List, applicants applying for state sponsorship for a 190 visa are selected and ranked according to a number of criteria.
    One of the criteria is points, and the only the highest scoring candidates are selected first.

    1. What number of points constitutes a “high score”?
    2. I score 80 points after my English test and skills assessment. How would my score compare to the average person successfully securing state sponsorship?

    Kind regards

    • ‘High score’ is dependent on the other applicants in the pool. 80 is high and not many people get 80. Usually I find that people claiming to have 80 haven’t calculated their points correctly.

  371. Uma Nirmal

    Hi Eugene sir,
    very glad to see such a mammoth blog. Regret if i had found it earlier! Sir there is a question regarding my visa application(489 tasmania) and i will be very thankful for your response. I lodged my visa application on 28 th nov. 2016 and documents uploaded on 5th december 2016 except helath checkups In between CO (adelaide Ben) was allocated and contacted for health checkups on 19th december 2016. I uploaded them on 21st december 2016,but couldnot get the visa till date. How much time it may take ? Second thing i would like to share that i claimed 80 points in my EOI but forget to tick on two questions asked in visa application i.e. (1. are you claiming partner skill points? 2.are you claiming points for the employment? ) Now what will happen sir? will they refuse my visa on this point? Sir , should i rectify it at this stage? although i have submitted the proof of everything. please advice sir?

    waiting to hear from you.

    • I’d suggest speaking with your case officer. This wouldn’t have happened if you had used my services rather than stumbling blindly through the application.

  372. boch

    Hi Eugene,

    Our visa (189 with 70points assessed) has been lodged October last year and we were asked last November for additional documents for functional english (i am a dependent).. i do have IELTS which has expired May 2016 but i believe Australia has 3 years validity for it. Anyway, i have submitted a ‘medium of certificate’ from primary (6years) and secondary (4) instead of taking another english exam. this has been submitted last December 8 and our status until now is ‘Assessment in progress’.

    They have always replied to us quickly, got the invite 5 days after the EOI has been submitted.. they’ve asked for medicals a day after the lodgement, requested for additional info. a week after the medicals has been submitted. Do you think it’s taking longer cause i didn’t take a new english exam?

    • I’m not able to comment it advise on an ongoing case if you aren’t my client. There are many other factors I wouldn’t know about. Email your case officer and ask. I’d suggest go reading about the English requirement.

    • Ash

      I’m surprised, how did you manage to get a invite in 5 days. I got 65 points under 189 and i’m waiting from last 3 months for my invite. Do you have any suggestions for getting a quicker reply from Skill select?


  373. joge

    I have Band 8 academic IELTS score
    Reading -9

    DO I get 10 points or 20 points?

  374. Namita Suhaney

    Hi Eugene,
    I am planning to apply for EOI with a total of 65 points (30 points for Age, 15 points for Education, 10 points for PTE, 5 point for work experience, and 5 points in case I receive NSW state sponsorship). Also my skill is of a Software Engineer. Is the score competitve enough to fetch me an NSW state sponsorship? If yes, how long it might take

  375. Manjunath Iyer

    Hi Eugene,

    My Name is Manjunath and wanted some information on the Subclass 189 Visa.
    My occupation falls under the Other Engineering Professionals category (Biomedical Engineering). As of 06/02/2017, there are only 150 slots left for this year (until July 2017). They also mentioned that this category could be subject to pro-rata arrangements. Does this mean that I would still be invited if the slots get filled up by say April end/May end. This occupation has been put into the flagged list.
    Can you put more light on how this pro-rata thing works with such occupations?

  376. kb3008

    I have applied as a Recruitment Consultant with 70 points for NSW on 15th Oct 2016. I am still waiting for an Invitation to Apply.. Any comments on how difficult is it to get a chance on a CSOL stream 2 list

  377. Brenda

    Hi Eugene

    I intend to apply for state nomination under 190 as an urban planner. I have been working in Sydney for almost a 1 year and 6 months now. I had my skills assessed and the outcome informed me that since my profession requires 1 year of experience as an urban planner, I technically have only 6 months of experience and may possibly not qualify for the 5 points allocated to applicants with 1year of Australian work experience. They mention that this may not be the view of the assessing officer. I was wondering what your view on it may be? I believe it is unfair to disqualify the 1 year experience.

  378. Varun

    This is regarding 189 VISA query.

    I have submitted EOI for 189 visa (Software engineer category 261313) with 70 point on 21 Dec 2016 and got invite on 4 jan 2017, Bi-mistake i filled the actual experience whereas i was suppose to fill the experience in EOI which ACS has accessed.

    I claimed 70 points and got the invite. But in actual my points were 65.

    I have not accepted the invite and not lodged the VISA application as i have heard false information in EOI may result in Visa refusal.

    Now i have submitted the new EOI on 5 Jan 2017 claiming 65 points and waiting for the invite.
    Its been one month now i have not received the invitation.

    My question is , For the new EOI which i submitted on 5 jan 2017, will i get invite in 40-50 days(as per the current trend which is going on) starting from 5 jan itself ?
    or will i get invite once my old EOI gets expire i.e on 4 March 2017, and once it is expire then it will take another 40-50 days to get invitation ?

    Also could you please suggest if i can submit another EOI at this point of time for 190 Visa claiming 70 points?

    Thanks in Advance.

    A quick reply will be appreciable.

  379. vibs

    HI Eugene,
    What are my chances for attaining an invitation call from NSW state sponsorship for Management and General Accountant? At present my scores are 75 including state points. When do you think I will receive a call from them according to current status. Thanks.

  380. vibs23

    Hi Eugene,
    When do you think NSW state will send me an invitation for management accountant with 70+5 points? Are they at present issuing invitations for applicants with 70 or more points in this occupation. Thanks.

  381. Mikhail

    Although the chances are rare to get invite for 60 pointers before July, I wanted to know what are the chances for 60 pointers when the year 2017-2018 starts then?

  382. Rachael

    Hi Eugene

    I have a quick question about points – my husband is currently undergoing skills assessment with TRA for radio telecoms technician – if he passes the skills assessment does this count towards points total for recognised trade.


  383. Sayantika

    Hello Eugene,
    My husband is a mechanical engineer & have submitted his EOI on 17th January 2017 with 65 points.till now 3 rounds have passed but we didn’t get the would b really nice of you if you can throw some light on this as to tentatively when can we expect the invitation.
    Thanks & waiting to hear from you

  384. Tina

    Hi Eugene,

    I have about 8 years of experience in the filed of Digital Business. ACS deducted 6 years and therefore I do not have any points for skilled employment, but will get 5 points by December 2017.

    Overall my total points are 60 (Age-0, English- 20, Skilled Employment-0, Qualifications-15, Trying to add points via partner skills); EOI- 7 Dec2016; Assessed and applied for ICT Business Analyst (261111); NSW 190.

    My Question is that since digitization is coming up in a big way in NSW ; is it possible communicate with NSW inorder to prioritize or give more weight-age to my EOI? Considering my proven experience in Digital Business Analysis.

  385. Asanka

    Hi Eugene,

    I have applied for NT nomination for General Accountant with 75 points (Including State Sponsorship), what is the probability of receiving the nomination (with the current developments in Australian migration) ?

  386. gagan

    Hi Eugene sir,
    I got my positive skill assessment from ACS(software engineer-261313)yesterday.
    Sir my points are like
    AGE- 25(30 points)
    EXP-2 years(0 points)
    PTE- 65 each(10 points)
    55 points in total. Should i apply for 190 and 489?
    is there any possibility of getting invitation letter.
    Waiting to hear from you.

  387. Gagan

    Hi Eugene sir,
    I got my positive skill assessment from ACS(software engineer-261313) yesterday.
    My points are like
    30 for age
    0 for experience(2 years)
    15 for education
    10 for PTE
    Total 55.
    Should i go for applying 190 and 489!
    Are there any chances of recieving invitation.
    waiting to hear from you

  388. vision

    Submited EOI and ticked all states for 190 and 489 on 1/10/2016.
    how long you think it would take for me to get an invite ? 6 months passed by..
    190= 55+5=60 and 489= 70

  389. Praveen

    Hi Eugene, how are you?

    I have expressed my interest for 189(65 points) on 09/03/2017 and 190(70 points) for which I have received an Invitation from NSW. I am bit confused whether to wait for 189 invitation or go ahead and apply for 190 based on NSW state nomination. Please advice.


    • Roy

      Hi Praveen

      May I know for which profession? And how much was the wait time EOI to invitation from NSW?

  390. Manpreet

    Can I apply an EOI while waiting for the degree assessment.

  391. Saurabh Kumar

    Hi Eugene Liu,

    Hope you are doing great.

    Could you please suggest me either i can get Invitation to apply for PR under 189 or 190 Visa. My details of Points are listed below:

    Age – 28 Yrs = 30 Points
    B.Tech (In Computer Science & Engineering) = 15 Points
    Experience as Software Engineer – 7 Yrs = 10 Points
    IELTS = 6 Band Each = 0 Points
    Total Points = 55

    So If I will get State Sponsorship from NSW or any other state then I will get 5 points more and I would be eligible for ITA with 60 Points. So how much chances are there to get an ITA for my Profile.

    Saurabh Kumar

  392. Sonia Datt

    i have put in EOI as a registered nurse nec for 190 nsw 55+5=60 points including state nomination & 489 nsw 55+10=65points.
    How long do you think i have to wait to get invited?

  393. Shashank

    Submitted EOI with 60 points (261313) on 26 November 2016

  394. Shashank

    Submitted EOI with 60 points (261313) on 26 November 2016 for 189.
    Can you tell me how long will it take(approximately) for the reply to come?
    Please reply ASAP

  395. Rahul

    Hi Eugene,

    Hope you are doing well.

    My scores are 30 (age) + 15 (Computer Science Engineering) + 20 (PTE) + 5 (Work Ex) = 70
    I have applied for ICT BA role. I am aware there were only 42 seats left until 28th March.
    The next planned round was on 12th April but I have heard 29th March a third round happened, weird.

    I am sure the quota must have reduced even more now. I have just submitted for by ACS assessment.
    Do you think I have any chance for 12th April considering my score ? Not too sure if I will get my ACS result before 12th April.
    In which I will get pushed to July 2017 :(

    Thanks in advance.


    • Shallu

      Hi Rahul
      Have you received invitation?


  396. Naveen

    Hi Eugene Liu,

    I have entered EOI on 1st March 2017 with 70 points in NSW (190) and 65 points (189 category) under ICT Business analyst, can you please let me know how much time it will take to get an invite under 190 ?

    Thanks & Regards,

  397. Hi Eugene Liu,

    I have submitted EOI on 1st March 2017 with 70 points in NSW (190) under ICT Business Analyst role.
    Please let me know the chances of getting invitation and the duration based on your expertise.

    Your comments and suggestions are tremendously helpful.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Shallu

      Hi Naveen
      Have you received invitation?


  398. Roger

    Hi Eugene,

    I had submitted my EOI in 190 sub class in NSW as a cook in 22 March, 2017 with 65 points. I haven’t any invitation yet. I’m worried about it. Will I get invitation from NSW? If yes, how long I have to wait for that, please let me know.

    Thank very much.


  399. Mamta Devi

    Hi Eugene ,

    I am Registered Nurse with AHPRA Board . i have only 7 months of international experience and have positive skill assessment under 254499. So what will be my chances for state nomination NSW or should i be better off applying 489 NSW.

  400. Roger

    Hi Eugene,

    I had submitted my EOI in NSW (190 sub class) on 22 March, 2017 as a cook with 65 points. I haven’t received an invitation yet. I’m worried about it. Will I get invitation from NSW, if yes, how long approximately it will going to take?

    Thank you.


  401. suresh

    I have lodged my EOI in March2016 , My passport is expired in Apr2017 and i got a new passport. Now can i update my passport details in existing EOI or wait for the invitation to update the details as the edit may impact my EOI precedence.

    Suresh Garaga

    • Your new passport details can be updated without changing your point score. You can also update it after. Not much difference.

  402. Abhishek Wadhawan

    I have 70 points and my EOI is launched as of 12-Apr-2017 under “2613 Software and Applications Programmers”. What is the probability of me getting an Invitation to apply.

  403. Sudhir kumar

    Hi there,

    I have got invitation to lodge an visa application under subclass 190 (Victoria sponsorship, Anzsec code 261399 – Software Developer and Application programmer nec) on 21st April. While filing expression​ of Interest i have updated my experience from June 2009. However,according to ACS guidelines i should update my experience 2 years later because my experience is verified/assessed from June 2011. Now, i gained 5 points more and got the invitation at 65 points.
    Now, should i lodge my visa application after correcting in the form 80 or should i file for new expression of Interest.

  404. Dennis

    Hi Eugene, If someone is sure of a positive skills assessment, is it advisable to create the EOI profile before getting that assessment (to improve your queuing position) OR do you weight until you get it and then create the EOI.

    • I would suggest obtaining all documentation prior to eoi.

  405. Nevine Kamel

    Dear Sir,

    I plan to apply to visa 489. I have an MBA but my bachelor is in English literature so it is not relevant to my profession as a Recruitment Consultant. My date of birth is 6th August 1972, I scored in the IELTS: L8; R9: S:8; W:7 with an overall band of 8
    My assessed years of experience by Vetasses are 8.5 years.

    My question is: if I file my expression of interest tomorrow, will I be able to secure the points of the age? Or by the time they issue the invitation, I will have lost my age points and hence lose my eligibility for that particular visa?

    Please advise.

    Thanks a lot.

    Please advise.


    Hi, we submitted our EoI in March 2017 with 70 points for 189 visa under General accountant category. However, we got to know that now the point limit for General accountant category is changed from 70 to 80 points.
    So, my concern is that do we still stand a chance to get invite for 189 visa or we are out of the league? Please advise. We don’t want to waste time on something which is sure not to happen.

    • Udni D

      Hi Magan,
      I’m currently having the exact same issue. Can you advise whether you got a positive outcome for EOI pls?

    • Udni D

      Hi Magan,
      I’m currently having the exact same issue. Can you advise whether you got a positive outcome for EOI pls?

  407. Hi there
    I visit your site many times. keep updating article because i love to visit your blog.
    I have not much information about law.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  408. Isha Khera

    Hi Eugene,
    I filed an EOI for Accountants (general) on 20th April with 60 points – 189 and 65 points – 190 visa under the same application.
    I have now scored 8 band in PTE and I am about to modify my application with 70 points – 189 and 75 points – 190 visa.

    Can I also modify the points of my work experience myself or it is system calculated automatically?
    My confusion is as follows:
    I started working on 1st May 2012 but since I lodged my EOI on 20th April 2017, I was eligible for only 5 points (3 years of work experience) which should now be 10 points because on 1st May 2017 I have completed 5 years.
    However, between 1st May 2012 and 1st May 2017, I have a gap of 3 months in my work experience and the dates of my employment show that.
    Please confirm,
    if I should wait for 3 more months to update my work experience points (considering the gap of 3 months in my 1st two employments)?
    Or the system would update the points automatically?
    Or the gap of 3 months does not matter and I can update my work experience points to 10 right now?

    Nobody has been able to answer my above question. I would be really glad to get your help on this.

  409. AleTepuy


    About my case: I had a 457 Visa during 2 years, there was a redundancy situation in the company which affected my position, With that, I lost my Visa to stay in Australia and I left the country. I’ve been outside 6 months, I’ve applied for a Tourist visa and it was already approved. I’m planning to travel to Australia in the middle of August. I have also all the requirements to apply for a 189 Visa, I have 65 points with the ICT Business Analyst Skill already validated for ACS, plus my IETLS and all the certified required documents. . I have 2 questions, the first one: could I apply for my EOI since now that I’m outside Australia? Second question: Do you have an idea how long time is taking to receive an invitation to apply for the PR? Is this true that maybe more than 8 months specifically for ICT business analysts? Thanks a lot for your help!

  410. Munish Arora


    We are from India, my wife had applied for 242112 , University Tutor category. Assessment was marked positive around later half of May,17.
    She scored 7 band in each with overall score of 7 hence her overall point tally is 65 without state nomination points.
    Unfortunately in new SOL, 242112 has been removed from all states.
    My query is, can she apply for some other skilled category bases her qualification etc or is there a chance that University Tutor will be open again in near term.
    I may also take consultancy from you if there is any hope of consideration

  411. NILAY

    I have completed Bachelor of Commerce Honors, further, am also qualified Associate Member of The Institute of Company Secretary of India, and am pursuing CPA Professional year – Associate member of CPA Australia, recently i applied for Accountant (General) skill assessment..can anyone please help me what are chances of getting positive outcome?

  412. richard

    Hello, any idea whats the usual cut off points for Electrician 341111 for visa 189 and 190
    how much are your charges for assistance in doing EOI.

  413. Vandana

    Hi there
    I have lodged eoi on 7 march 17
    70 points
    2221111 accountant
    My doubt is as 5 points will be gone on 30 sept bcz of age factor. Is there any chance or hope to get an invite.

  414. harpreet

    i have completed 3year diploma in mechanical engineering and have 5year work experience in same field.I am working as mechanical supervisor and looking after work of fitters and also have hand on experience for machine maintenance.
    i want to apply for skill assessment of Fitter(general) 323211 but my qualification and post both are higher than TRA requirements.What should i do? Should i go for Skill assessment?

  415. Anthony Pinto

    Dear Eugene Liu,

    I will receive my assessment from Engineers Australia in 15 days preview (19 Sept 2017), but my last day for work experience is 30 Sept 2017 that will drop from the range of 8-10 years to 5-7 years and I will have 55 points.

    In other words, I will have qualifying 60 points to lodge my EOI on 19 Sept 2017. But, if I do NOT receive an EOI invitation before 30 Sept 2017, will my score drop to 55 points or will it stay like the day that I have lodged the EOI?

    Best regards!

  416. Tanveer Masud


    Currently I have 60 Points (age 29, 2 years of study in Australia, PTE: 7 – each band, educational qualification, master degree in accounting). I am still trying to get 8 on pte. what else could be the option to get 5 more points? any other way of getting 5 points without doing PTE or anyother work around with existing points? I live in melbourne.

  417. Holly Stanton

    Hi, thank you so much for this helpful post. I just have a few questions.
    I am graduating this December 2017 with a Secondary Education degree in Mathematics. I also have another degree in General Mathematics. I want to complete an EOI but I don’t want to move to Australia until Summer/Fall 2018. Is it too early to apply? If I apply and get an invitation and then apply for the visa do I have to enter Australia by a certain time? Is it better to wait until after I’ve graduated or the earlier the better?
    Also, do you know how likely it is to get sponsorship for a Secondary Teacher?

    Thanks so much!

  418. Vipin Kumar

    Hi Eugene,

    I have 75 points and applying under category 189 for accountant general. I basically have 2 questions:
    1. What is the expected time under which my profile will get shortlist under pool?
    2. Would you advise if i apply under 190 as well and claim 5 points for state sponsorship.


  419. vohra

    I have lodged my EOI 190 with 55+5 (NSW SponsorShip) as an electronics Engineer on 26/09.
    Based on your past experience what are the chances of getting invitation and how long should I have to wait.

  420. Vikram

    Hello Eugene

    I have applied for 189 visa for Business Analyst at 65 point and 190 visa at 70 score in June 2017. however after filing EOI, I have realised that my experience can better suit for software eng also. for faster process, do you recommend to have ACS done again for Software engg occupation and update the EOI now or just wait ?


  421. Manoj

    Hi Eugene,
    I have applied for ACS (Skill assessment ) its been four weeks like i have submitted the application on 8th of September today is 7th of october. Usually how much days does it take to get the outcome letter.

  422. Chibaba

    Hi Eugene,

    I submitted an EOI initially on 19/09/2017 and a revised one on 27/09/2017 for an Engineering Technologist for both 189 and 190 visa with 60 points for 189 visa and 65 points for 190 visa. Would you know if 60 pointers (189 visa) and 65 pointers (190 visa) for Engineering Technologists are getting invitations? Also any idea how long will I have to wait?

  423. Vishal

    Hi Eugene,

    I have 70 points and am applying under category 189 for Developer Programmer. The following are the queries that I have.
    1) I have filed the EOI on last week on 70 points. However on Oct 27,2017, I would be loosing points on age, as I would be breaching the 32 years criteria. I cant edit the age, to claim lesser points there. Do you advise me to withdraw, and wait until Oct 27, and file the EOI. Or is it still fine to go ahead, as I have other necessary documents ready except for the medical tests.
    2) Can I get the medical tests done prior to the invite

  424. Dhruv

    Hi … There.. I had lodge my EOI on 30th August for Painting and Decorating with 60 points (with Australian Qualifications and without my Indian Bachelor degree in Computer Science ) Should I update that computer science degree in EOI or it’s fine..?. Because a friend of mine had the same issue ,but he uploaded his Indian degree of Computer Science and he got 65 points…
    Though, it’s totally different fields from Painting and Computer Science, but still it’s a matter of Points and queues… Can you please answer these 2 questions..
    1) Can upload my Indian Bachelor degree in computer science which is not compatible with my Painting Australian Qualification. ??
    2) If yes, than will it be any positive or negative effect on my EOI status ..

  425. mohit kumar

    I have a query , my friend got an invitation in August and he applied in July 2017. He applied with 65 points for NSW.
    I applied with same profile in June 2017 and have not any invitation email.
    As you said first come first basis is there , is it same for state invitation too ?? Coz that doesn’t go as it is supposed to.

    Is there any explanation ??

  426. D Nath

    Dear Eugene,
    My wife has lodged her EOI in February 2017 with 55 points for 189. Yesterday she has updated her EOI for 65 points for 189 as she achieved 7 in each modules. For this what would be her position in the queue? Will this push her back in the queue to her edited date?
    Looking forward to your reply.
    D nath

  427. Sheelu

    Hi Eugene,

    I have logged EOI under 190, for VIC (in last week of Oct’17) and NSW (in first week of Nov’17) for ICT – Project Manager, with only 60 points. Can you suggest if I stand a chance of getting invite soon, for either and what may be the expected invitation time?

    Thank you

  428. Sakshi

    Wanted to know the points as –

    1. Age: 26
    2. Qualification: B.Tech Honours in Computer Science
    3. Experience: 5 years (from Jan 2018)

    How much points each has and how much do I need to score in PTE to get in total 65 points?


  429. Brenda

    I am intending to apply for visa 189 as an Agricultural Scientist which is currently in the MLTSSL. I would like to ask if I can claim 5 points from my husband’s qualifications. His skill has been positively assessed as Chemist; he is under 45 and will take IELTS soon; Chemist is in the combined MLTSSL/CSOL (for visa 457, 186, 187). It is a bit confusing as one of the requirements is that they are under the same list. Please advice.


  430. Pavan Seethamraju

    Hi… I have 65 points for 189 and 70 points for 190 for the role of Developer Programmer.
    I am going to Submit my EOI on Monday (11th Dec 2017). However, I will loose 5 points on age by April 20 2018.
    I just want to know as per current status with respect to my role, can I expect the invite by March end so that I can apply for visa before I lose my points?

  431. LN

    I will be applying for oz visa. Expecting my application to be in with 80 points (b4 feb 17th) or 70 points(on or after 17th feb) including 5 points for state nomination in the accoutants category. I am going to apply to CPAA by 5th jan 2017 n hope the evaluation comes in 15 working days. Please advise my chances.

  432. LN

    Has anyone received evaluation from CPA Australia for migration assessment? How much time do they take for the assessment?

  433. Anh Ho

    Hi, I am a new Grad just got Bachelor of Nursing and OET band B in all four sub-tests. I am 26, so I already got 60 points. Do you think is there any chance for me to get invitation? And which month would is the best to lodge my application?
    Thank you.

  434. Ninom

    261312, 65points: I have submitted an EOI for 189, 190 and 489 all at once. Is that ok? Does my 189 get harmed if I get an invitation for any of the others?

  435. Sunita Singh

    Hi Eugene Liu,

    I have following points:
    Age: 30 points
    Qualification: 15 points
    Work Experience: 5 points (Total experience as a Software Tester = 5 yrs, deducing 2 yrs = 3 yrs)
    English Language: 20 (PTE: L-79, R-89, S-90, W- 83)
    State nomination : 5 points ( I am thinking of applying for 190 Visa as Software Tester is not available for 189 subclass.)
    Total Points: 75

    My Partner is also from IT field (Software Engineer) but he has not given language test yet.
    Do you think he should also give language test and we should have his skills assessed so that extra 5 points is added?
    Or will it be sufficient to get invitation with 70+5(SS) points? Please suggest me on this.


  436. CB

    I have applied for Analyst programmer last year with 65 points – 190 and 60 points with 189 . Are these points sufficient to get invitation

  437. Rida

    Hi Eugene,
    Appreciated for the time given to ans the queries.
    I lodged EOI on 22nd december 2017 with 65 points for 190 visa. My occupation is chemistry technician and is on csol list. What are the chances of getting an invitation.

  438. Evrim


    Many thanks for the information.

    I’ve just got a quick question:

    Does skill-select rank all the jobs in one pool or within each occupation group?

    My wife is a physiotherapist and submitted her EOI with 65 points on 20.02.2018. We thought she would easily secure an invitation in a very short time as we thought it was one of those priority jobs, but she couldn’t.

    I just wonder; do they rank her EOI within the physiotherapy occupation group? and Is there anything you could help us with if we used your services.


  439. MADHU

    Hi Team,

    I have submitted EOI with 60 points ( age 25 + Edu 15 + exp 15 ( 10 Overseas , 5 Aus ) + Spouse 5 + Language 0 ) in Aug 2016. My ACS is valid till 20 JUL 2018.

    However Now in April 2018, my experience increased to 20 points ( 15 Overseas , 5 Aus ). I am in the same company and position as of the ACS results 2016. So my question is “Do I need to get the ACS assessed again, for the extra points I gaine?”


  440. Ailene

    Hi, if currently my points is only 65 pts, and I edit it and reached 75 pts (English test changed), will my application be pushed backwards? I submitted last March 2018, and I plan to retake the English exam on June. If things go well, I will edit my EOI to get 75 pts.

  441. Sandesh

    Hi Eugene,
    I am Telecom Engineer with working experience of more than 3 years and I have lodged EOI on 19th June 2017 with 60 points. But I have not received invitation till date. Also, I have checked the occupation ceiling of my related profession(Telecom Engineer) and found that only 342 invitations are provided out of 1000 till date. So, is there any chance of me receiving invitation till end of June 2018 since quota is still remaining under this profession? If remaining quota will not be the factor, should I take PTE test again and try to get score each band 79 so that I can jump to 70 points? Your valuable suggestion and information will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  442. tausif

    I am from Bangladesh.This is for my wife, she is from Bangladesh as well.She has got nonor masters in accounting and now working for world’s number one NGO named Brac as an internal audit officer.She has 2 years experience.At the moment she has 65 point score with PTE 79 each bend.but if she can also get 5 point if state NSW give sponsor or invitation.
    My concern is how possible is this to get invitation from state subclass 190 or subclass visa 189 with that score point and how long it takes to get invitation?
    Anyone have any idea that what might be the round score as i am planning to assess the skill.
    Please expert advice is badly needed.

    Many thanks

  443. Akram Ahamed

    I have applied for 190 for 224999 information and Organisation Professionals with 70 points with S.S on Jan 18 . I need to know
    1- After skill select do I need to apply in individual state website?
    2- Currently what trend of points are processed for 224999?
    3- what’s special about July ?

    • July is the start of the migration year

  444. Suhana

    My husband is primary applicant and we applied for subclass 190 -VIC as ICT analyst(2611) we both are under 32 age.
    We have dropped EOI in Aug,2017 with 55+5 points and recently in the month of April my husband got additional experience by default 5 points were added, now we are at 60+5 points….. Am a working women with 2 years experience from same occupation and came to know that i can add 5 points only when i get 3 years experience so we are waiting.
    Here my query is can we get the invitation with 65points for melbourne.
    looking forward for your response please give some valuable information.

    • Please order an eligibility assessment so that we can go through all your details.

  445. Sadia

    Hi, I have lodged an EOI in February 2018 for Accountants with 75 points without state nomination and 80 points with state nomination. Any ideas if accountants with 75 points have chances of receiving an invite soon? Many thanks.

  446. kush

    HI , I am about to submit EOI with Sub class 489. However , i feel that i can upgrade my PTE score ( to Proficient Score from Competent Score) in near future. In that case i would be able to apply for Sub Class 189.

    Would you suggest to submit my EOI rightaway with the Competent Score ? Or shall i wait to have a better score and then submit.

    • A higher score is better. Remember that the quota of invites goes towards 189 visas first before the 489.

  447. Tania Thomas

    Hi Eugene,

    Thank you so much for your time and detailed responses.
    I have submitted EOI under Construction Project Manger category in Nov 2017. Would like to understand whether the invitations are based on occupation wise points or they invite based on highest point score of all occupations?

    For example if I have 70 points , would I be invited from current EOIs from all construction managers or from all skilled occupations with 70 points?

    Also what are the chances of invitations with Construction Project managers with 70 points?

    Thank You

  448. Akram

    Hi Eugene

    I have applied for 224999 – Information and Organisation Professionals nec on Jan-18 with 70 points with SS for 190. What are my chances this July-18 ?

    Secondly, below is my Vetasses assessment as of Oct-17

    Date deemed skilled for Points Test Advice:7/2011
    Number of years assessed positively: 7.3

    So now can i edit my EOI to 15 points for assesment or should wait some more days ?

  449. Lucy Tan

    Hi Eugene,
    If i have worked 3 years as Auditor and 1 Year as an Accountant, will my application be under auditor or Accountant?
    How would you advise if someone has worked X years in Job A and X years in Job B? How do we allocate in this scenario?


  450. Hi
    I am from India working as Agricultural Scientist with 12 years experience in a Govt Institute. Age 41 years. Qualification Ph.D. in Agriculture.
    Will be able to claim atleast 10 points for IELSTS..

    What is the scope of getting invitation to apply.
    I think I am getting 60 points. What is the minimum cutoff in agricultural scientist category.

  451. Neha

    I am a chartered accountant and i jabe applied visa under skilled migration code 221111- general accountant. I have submitted my EOI on 3rd july 2018 with 65 points under 190 NSW. I want to know is there any chance of getting invitation or i should go for PTE again to increase my points as i have no other option to increase my points.

    • roshani

      hii neha,

      The same case is with me. But I am still waiting for positive assessment from EA. Please elaborate your score. So, I can calculate my chances of positive assessment. Also mention that how much time it took for your application to get positive assessment after submitting the documents and CDR online.

      Hope you will reply.


  452. roshani

    Hello Eugene !!
    Hope you are doing well.
    I am Roshani from India and weighting for positive assessment from EA. I have scored 60 & 65 points as per below;
    Age-30, English-10, Education-15, Work Experience-5 = 60 and if I get state nomination – 5 = 65.

    Please tell me how much are my chances to get invitation from authority.
    Thanks & Regards,

  453. Varun

    Hi Eugene, hope you are doing good.
    I just applied my EOI at 15/07/2018 with 75 points . I am software engineer .
    would you please able to tell me how much time it may take for invitation.
    I shall be very thankful to you.

  454. Pupesh Kumar

    Hi Eugene

    This is Pupesh Kumar from India. I had submitted EOI on 28-March-2018 for Telecom network Enginner. I have positive Skill and work Experience assessment from EA and IELTS score is L-8, S-R-W-7. Age is 37. Total experience is 14yrs. My skill select score was 65. Can i get and invite within 3-4 months in new australian FY?

    Thanks and regards
    Pupesh Kumar

  455. Nice post i agree with you

  456. Raj

    Hello Eugene,
    My wife has more than 10 years of experience in Software tester and currently lodged EOI in skill set on May 2018. Currently she holds 75 points for 190 Subclass and till now we did not receive the invite till now.

    What are the chances to get the invite and its almost 4 months crossed. My email is rajeshmohan37atgmaildotcom.

    • SyedSyed

      Hi…..Did you get the invite

  457. Eben

    Hi Eugene,

    I have submitted my EOI for subclass 189, Electronics Engg– 233411with 70 points on Sep 15th 2018, When can i expect an invite?

  458. whe32001

    Hi Eugene,
    I’ve submitted my EOI for subclass 189 with 65 points and 190 with 70 points of nursing on 09/02/2018. However, I received an automatic email from SkillSelect that my EOI points has decreased to 60 and 65 points due to overseas working experience since 09/09/2018.
    Also, I’ve submitted EOI for subclass 489 with 70 points of nursing 12/8/2018, which the EOI has been reviewed and reginoal development Australia Southern Inland will not be offering me a regional sponsorship.
    Is it possible to get invitation for subclass 189 or 190 in this situation?
    Thanks for your time!

    • Jigneshkumar

      Hi Whe32001,
      The chances are still there with 65 points in 189 category however, it may take longer for your an invite. However, I didn’t get the part where your EOI points were reduced to 65 for 190 visa. How is it possible? Because in my understanding you can claim whatever you want but when you recieve an invite you have to prove those claims with evidence by supporting documents. You still stand a chance of being invited for 190 visa, make sure you have selected all the states (any). For 189 visa the chances are in april-may 2019 (as per the recent data available from one of the migration websites).

  459. Nii

    Hi Eugene, my wife is a registered nurse. We did submit an EOI in may, 2018 for 189 with 65 point and 70 points for 190 NSW. What is our chances of an invitation soon with both 189 and 190?

    Thanks for your help

    • Jigneshkumar

      Hi Nii,
      There are higher chances of getting an invite early for 190 visa. May be 3-4 months. Especially in Victoria they have graduate occupation stream open. If yout wife has completed study in last 2 years frim within Australia she is eligible to get an invite under that stream. Also, the invitation rate is higher for Victoria so, If you have chosen Victoria for 190 there are very high chances, however, for 189 with 65 points assumption are that it will be next year in April-may.

  460. jawad

    What are chances of getting an invite with 65 points for 190 and 70 for 189 currently? Does resident country play any role?

  461. kaio

    Hi there,

    I have completed my 3 years bachelor’s course in Australia and I am applying for my 485 now.

    I am afraid I will not meet more than 65 points at the end of this upcoming two years.

    What can I do? Is getting a student visa again the only option, apart of marrying someone?

  462. Baagi

    I applied for state nomination 190 (visa) nov’18 got invitation 28/11/2018. Now lodging visa.
    My doubt is about the points calculation.
    Will the authority already have calculated the points and then send me an invite or will they check the points only now when we lodge the visa?
    kindly clarify.

    • Hi Baagi,
      Your application has to match the points in your EOI. If your application falls short in points, your application will fail and you will not get a refund of your processing fees. I would suggest you order our eligibility assessment where we check your score.

  463. Jaspreet Kapoor

    HI Liu,

    I have lodged EOI with 70 points for Subclass 190 for state Victoria & NSW for ICT business analyst on 13th Sep 2018.
    When can i expect the inivitation looking at current situation


  464. Najam

    I already got an Invitation and applied for Visa 489 back in September 2017. My question is, do i still need to improve my score having go an invitation and applied for visa but waiting waiting for the final verdict?

  465. Alice

    Hi Eugene
    I’d really appreciate it if you could shed some light on my situation.
    Age: 30 points
    English: 20 points
    Bachelor: 15 points
    Aus Study: 5 points
    Community Language: 5 points
    Professional Year: 5 points
    I’d have 80 points, but no work experience as I am a fresh graduate. My concern is whether a skills assessment is required. I’m looking to nominate Accountant and CPA says a minimum of 1 Year is needed to assess. I have 80 points without work experience so can I still submit an EOI without work experience? Or do I need to wait?
    Thanks in advance!!

    • Hi Alice,
      It will depend on whether your course of study was an approved course under CPA. We will need to look at this with an eligibility assessment.

  466. Madujith Ranathunga

    Hi I’m a civil engineer graduate who came to Australia under 476 visa in 2017 and now I’m back in my country. Couldn’t find a job related to my field during that time. Will the no related work done in Australia be counted for Australian experience for points. Without that I have 55 points now. Can I apply for 489 visa and what my chances to get the wisa with 55+10 points?
    And Do I need 1 year of related experience to apply?

  467. Kamlesh

    Hi Eugene

    Kindly let me know if I’m eligible in below situation:

    Work exp: 7 years
    Applying for ICT263212 job code
    IELTS: Overall 7 (R-7, L-7, W-6, S-7)
    Age = 32 years.
    Aussie study- None

    Will be awaiting your response at the earliest, or else will appear for IELTS again!: (

    • Please apply for an assessment. We need to got through all your details carefully. It is not just a point score.

  468. Rebecca

    Hi Eugene,
    I am a registered critical care Nurse and I have worked in Australia for the past 4 years. I have lodged my EOI October 2017 initially. But I have editied the latest day 20/12/2018. I have 65 points for 189. 70 points for regional 170. I have all evidence to show this.

    I am still waiting on an invitation to apply….
    1) have I been moved to the back of the line for a possible invitation as I edited my EOI? Or does it go from the initial lodged date?
    2) Do I need to be in Australia when I receive an invitation to apply? Or can I be overseas??

    Thank you.

    • Hi Rebecca,
      If you have edited your EOI, such that the points have changed, then yes you will go to the back of the queue.
      You do not need to be onshore when you receive the invitation. An invitation is different from the actual application and there are no on/offshore requirements for the invitation itself.

  469. Celine Anthony

    Hi I wanted to knw the possibility to get an invite for Auz visa under occupation of Business Analyst with score of 75 points under subclass 190 and 80 points under subclass 489.Wats more likely to be considered Business Analyst or Magmt consultant.

  470. Wang Wang

    This inquiry is on behalf of my cousin who lives in Melbourne. I hope you can help us with this.

    Back in October, my counsin submitted an EOI (General Accountant) with 80 points – 189 (she claimed partner point and work experience at that time, no PY and NAATI).

    Here is her breakdown:

    Age: 30
    Aus Education: 5
    Qualification: 15
    English: 20
    Partner: 5
    Work Exp: 5

    However, recently she is planning not to claim partner and work experience because her relationship is falling apart in the last 3 months and there is no way she sees any future in it. She told me she is changing jobs soon to a non-accountant work so she is not sure if this affects her work experience claim. She does not have work experience assessment with either CPA or CA because she didnt know she had to.

    Now she wants to claim points for PY and NAATI. She is completing her Professional Year (Accounting) in February and just recently got her CCL result (she passed). Lets say by end of February, she wants to update her current EOI to claim PY, NAATI and not claim partner point and work experience (mostly paperwork and no guarantee), is it possible?

    With PY and CCL it is guarantee,compared to partner and work experience because she would have the certificates.

    So her concern is that it is likely her DOE of EOI will not change as they would still be 80 points and it is still be updated by end of February. Does this mean it will help her to jump the queue, will this raise any suspicions from DOHA? Or should she withdraw this existing EOI and submit a new one all together?

    From our understanding, she just have to make sure that by the time she get an invitation, everything has to be valid and that they can clearly see when her EOI is last updated (which would be the day she claim her PY in February).

    So what should she do? Does she create a new EOI with 80 with DOE in February or use the existing one with DOE Oct 2018 at 80 points? I think with the current trend, it is going to be a long wait for the invitation.

    Many thanks!!!

  471. kamran

    at which point my points will be fixed ( at the time of invitation or application lodge)

  472. Fareed Ahmed

    HI. I got my ACS score today with 4.5 years of experience. If i wait for 7 more months and then register EOI, will i be able to claim 5 years experience points? (i am planning to stay in my current organisation for couple of more years in same designation)

  473. Sanju

    I am a registerd nurse medical 254418 with 70+5 points and applied for both vic and nsw and,70 points for 189 on 30 March 2019. When can I expect an invitation
    Pls give me a suggestion

  474. Sumit Verma

    I have submitted EOI on 15/10/18 for Marketing Specialist, but have not received any invite. I scored 70 points.

  475. Sravani Naraparaju

    Hi Eugene,

    Good Day. How are you. I have a masters degree (1.5 years) from University of Sydney in the department of architecture with a bachelors degree in architecture from India. My age is 25 and IELETS score is 8 in all the bands. I get a 65 point on the point base. I have recently returned back from Sydney in November, 2018. I wanted to know if there is any hope for me to apply for PR in Australia. And if yes, what will be the catch. Thank you in advance.

  476. Mehedi

    Dear Admin,
    If someone has two positive vetassessment, one in Agricultural scientists (65 points) and
    another in Life scientists (with 70 points). Which one should she/he go with for the PR application?
    Any suggestions/recommendations will highly be appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance.

  477. Amarjeet Savant

    Hello Eugene,

    I just received a positive assessment from VETASSESS and my total points score is 65. I intend to apply as a Construction Project Manager (133111). I have a few concerns though before I apply. I was positively assessed by VETASSESS and they say this in their outcome letter: “Master of Science awarded in 2013 by Syracuse University, United States of America is assessed as comparable to the educational level of an AQF Master degree and is therefore at the required level.” Does this mean that I can claim points for the Master’s degree (5 points)? If not, what are my chances of getting an invite for visa 189 with 65 points as I do not see any information whatsoever online. Thank you in advance.


  478. parmod kumar

    Hello Eugene,
    I want to apply for 189 as a civil engineer. My details area as, Age-32, work experience-almost 8 years, Education- Masters in transportation engg. My spouse is a computer science graduate. I have calculated my score to be age+exp+edu+english= 30+10+15+20=75. What is the latest cutoff for civil engineers? and can I claim points for my spouse?

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