1. The Best Beaches in the World

2. Melbourne Cup horse races(everyone takes an off day)

3. Our Own Beer

4. Cute Wombats!

5. Resources and mining boom which supports the entire economy

6. Rocking Music Festivals

7. Minimum Wage

8. Aussie Beef

9. Space to Live In

10. The Thorny Devil

11. Multiculturalism – Everyone Sandboards

12. World Class Education

13. The Melbourne Tram

14. Skiing and Snow

15. Aussie Wine and Cheese

16. Miranda Kerr

17. Surfing for Everyone

18. Gambling

19. The Ridiculously High Cliffs

20. Police in Action

21. Kakadu National Park

22. Mardi Gras at Oxford St

23. Crazy Beautiful Waterfalls

24. The Twelve Apostles

25. Aussie Brekkie

As Lara Bingle would say: “So where the bloody hell are ya?” Get your PR already!

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