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Move Migration – Your Trusted Australian Migration Specialists

Many people choose to relocate to Australia each year for work, study or business related reasons. This process can sometimes be a frustrating and stressful experience given the complex legal regulations that are involved. When lodging your visa application, you need to make sure that the chosen visa class is correct and that all the documents supporting your application are relevant. Even the slightest mistake may result in your visa application being

rejected, which would mean starting the entire lengthy process from scratch and at an extra cost.

It is possible, though, to avoid falling into this unfortunate scenario by choosing to seek professional help, and that is why migration specialists like Move Migration exist.

Migration agents are knowledgeable professionals who know all about Australian migration law. They use their expertise to help people obtain an Australian visa by following all the legal procedures. In most cases, migration specialists work as independent professionals who offer their advice on the Australian visa application process to different kinds of applicants. The assistance that these professionals offer goes beyond simple visa application guidance and can include:

  • Selecting the appropriate visa pathway for applicants depending on individual circumstances
  • Forming migration strategies so as to fit into your budget and timelineReviewing and advising on whether your documentation is sufficient
  • Advising on and applying for Skills Assessments
  • Applying for State Nominations, EOI’s and Australian visas
  • Reviewing visa refusals and consulting on an action plan
  • Representing visa applicants when dealing with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection(DIBP)
  • Complying with visa obligations and sponsorship conditions
  • Employer Nominations and Business Sponsorships

While choosing to seek the services of a migration expert is a smart move, you need to understand how far these professionals can go when helping with visa applications. Their services cannot guarantee you a visa nor influence the outcome or expedite the processing of your application once it has been lodged. As a visa applicant, you are responsible for the accuracy of information and supporting documentation presented with your application. If you provide false documentation or claims that are not genuine, your visa may be denied.

Considering the effort and cost involved in processing visa applications, it is important to seek help from a competent Australian migration agent. This reduces the chances of visa cancellations or forgetting important details, which in turn leads to delays that prolong the entire process.

Although there are many Australian migration agencies to choose from, these firms are not created equal. Since the level of efficiency and service delivery that you will get from these firms varies, it is important to ensure that your chosen migration company has the ability to offer the best services possible, and that is where Move Migration comes in.

The Move Migration Difference

Move Migration is a certified migration agency based in Sydney that can help you comply with all the legal obligations for acquiring a valid Australian visa. Since establishment, we have helped people from all over the world to pursue professional careers and live with their families in Australia. Our in depth knowledge and experience will simplify your immigration process. By choosing Move Migration, you can expect to get help with matters such as:

  • Assessment of whether or not you are eligible to migrate to Australia
  • Analysis of what visa categories are most suitable for your particular situation
  • Clarification for which documents will be required to lodge a complete and relevant visa application
  • Guidance in obtaining visa documentation as well as taking and completing online skills assessments
  • Review of visa documentation in order to ensure that everything is in order before lodging your application
  • Submitting your application to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)
  • Following up with the relevant Australian immigration authorities on your visa application status
  • Keeping you updated and informed on any developments with your visa or legislation changes that may affect your application

Although no registered migration agent can guarantee a positive result, our services have an intrinsic value that any serious visa applicant cannot ignore. By virtue of being registerd with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), we have experience with the Australian laws and visa application procedures and requirements. As a MARA registered migration agency, our agents attend ongoing professional development courses in order to be conversant with the most recent legislative changes and policy updates on Australian immigration laws. Consequently, our knowledge and experience will take away the complexity of applying for an Australian visa and prevent unnecessary delays in your application.

Keep in mind that Move migration offers online visa consultation and application services. Not only is our business model designed to deliver efficient services, but it also eliminates overhead costs to ensure that you receive reasonably priced and professional visa application assistance.

What sets us apart, however, from other immigration agencies is our focus on customer satisfaction. Our Australian migration agents are always at hand to answer all your questions. They will walk you through your options, the volume of immigration forms to fill, and the costs involved so that you are supported at all stages.

Should You Hire a Migration Agent?

After visiting the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection website, it does not take long before realizing that it is possible to apply for a visa directly on your own. After all, you can get all the paperwork, information and other resources required to lodge your visa application on this website. So, why should you hire a migration agent? Many applicants may find this to be a reasonable question given the fact that it is possible to handle visa applications without professional help. But, have you ever stopped to wonder why thousands of people continue to hire migration specialists? Well, the answer to this lies in the many benefits that migration experts provide to clients. If you are having second thoughts about hiring a migration specialist, consider these reasons first before making a hasty decision.

#1: Migration experts have specialist knowledge and expertise

They do more than simply filling out the paperwork and submitting your visa application. You can get sound advice from these agents when dealing with simple or complicated visa applications. Oftentimes laws, processes, timeline and costs change and consequently affect visa applicants. The guidance offered from a knowledgeable migration specialist can help you prepare a solid case for your application in such cases.

#2: Agents save You Time and Money

Applying for a visa is by no means simple as it involves plenty of paperwork. Failing to comply with just one requirement or being in a complicated situation could result in an unsuccessful application or lengthy delays. Because charges for government visa application are usually non-refundable, any refusals would mean a financial loss and you would have to start the lengthy process all over again. The good thing with working through a professional migration agency is that your application will be reviewed by an experienced agent to ensure it is accurate, complete and ready to lodge. This makes it possible to identify little forgotten details that could potentially cause costly delays. The fact that your Australian migration agent will handle all the paperwork and correspond with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will also save you a significant amount of time.

#3: Migration Specialists Have a High Success Rate

It is estimated that about 30% of all DIY visa applicants make errors while an additional 20% give up the process due to confusion or frustration halfway through the application. These numbers are not surprising given the stringent and specific nature of visa requirements, which may cause applicants to ignore or provide incorrect information when filling out visa application forms. You can avoid being part of these statistics by involving a professional migration agency in your visa application process. Your chances of approval will certainly be much higher when there is an expert at hand to guide you through the entire process and provide clarification for any uncertainties.

Working with someone who is an expert on migration matters has more benefits that those mentioned in this list. If you are thinking about seeking expert help with your Australian visa application, take the time to find a reliable migration agency.

How to Choose a Reliable Australian Migration Agency

The sheer number of migration agents in Australia is so staggering that many people don’t know which agency to choose. However, there are certain qualities that one should look for in order to select a reliable migration agency.

To begin with, try to find out if the migration agency has an area of specialization. There are many different types of Australian visas. Some migration firms support applicants that want to apply for all types of visas while others choose to specialize. In the latter case, it only makes sense to select a visa agency that supports the type of application that you want to pursue.

Once you have found an agency that can assist with your particular visa application, the next step is to analyse its packages and fees. A good migration agency should not only have reasonable fee structures, but should also comply with the average charges that the Migration Agents Registration Authority recommends. So, when asking for a quotation from a potential migration agency, ensure to compare with MARA published fees.

Apart from finding a reasonably priced migration service provider who can support you with your specific visa application, ensure you do a little background check on the company. What are other customers saying about the migration agency in testimonials? How long has the firm been offering their services? Ideally, it is best to settle for an experienced migration agency that has a high success rate with Australian visa applications.

Lastly, only consider hiring a registered migration agent. In Australia, it is illegal for any agency to provide migration assistance if it is not registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA).

Why Hire a Registered Agent

Some people may ask, ‘why should my migration agent be registered?’ Well, there are several reasons why MARA registered migration agents should be your number one choice when seeking help with your Australian visa application.

It is wise to choose a registered migration specialist because:

  • Such agents must take a comprehensive test in Australian Immigration law, pass character/criminal history checks and abide by the MARA code of conduct. Registered agents are also required to attend continuous professional development workshops in order to maintain their registration annually.
  • Registered agents have sound knowledge of migration law and practice. Their expertise and experience helps to minimize or even avoid delays that occur due to lack of knowledge in Australian migration legislations.
  • They do not overcharge for their services but instead comply with migration agent fees suggested by the MARA.
  • MARA certified agents are required by law to act professionally. As a result, they never give false claims about your chances of success when applying for an Australian visa.
  • The Department of Immigration and Border Protection recommends applicants to hire registered migration agents

Ultimately, hiring an accredited migration agency is in your best interest. This ensures that your rights as a visa applicant are fully protected by Australia’s consumer protection laws. You also get to receive professional visa application assistance from certified professionals who are knowledgeable about migration laws in Australia. In case you run into problems with a registered agent, you can file an official complaint to the MARA office. To verify whether a migration agent is registered, ask for their registration number and run a search on the official MARA website.

Whether you are seeking skilled migration or want to apply for permanent residency and unite with your family in Australia, Moves Migration promises to handle your visa application in a professional and efficient manner. As a registered and MARA compliant migration agency in Australia, our company has your best interests at heart. We pride ourselves in providing honest, professional and efficient visa application services to anyone interested in obtaining all the social rights and legal privileges of being a permanent Australian resident. Our strong values, ethics and in-depth expertise on Australian visa application procedures have enabled us to become the trusted and reliable migration agent Australia has come to know.




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